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Amenities to your Next Family Tent

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Amenities to look for in your New Family Tent

Tent manufacturers today are adding all sorts of items to your Family Tent to help improve your family camping experience. These items help enhance the quality of your experience and to enhance comfort during your stay. In this time of GLAMPING, even tenting has come up with some things to move to a more luxurious mode of stay.

We are Familytentspro.com. We review the technical information and read the reviews for you. We compile all of this information into usable information for you to make an educated decision on the purchase of your next Family Tent. Please also keep in mind that we are also Amazon Affiliates. We could receive a commission if you choose to purchase based on our recommendations. But, being Amazon Affiliates allows us to provide you with unbiased information on your next Family Tent. We can utilize many different types, styles, and manufacturers of Family Tents.

With that out of the way, Lets’s get to it.

Several items are at the top of the list when it comes to details to help improve your Family Tenting Experience. These items are becoming more frequent and are found good quality manufactures.

· Room Dividers: These items are a tarp-like sheet that you can install in the interior of the Family tent to divide it into available rooms. Some large Family Tents have 1, 2, or even three-room dividers. You can then separate your living and sleeping spaces. You can even make space for your children to play or for your pets. The Installation of these screens is easy with the use of hooks and zippers. Please also note that while these dividers separate the rooms, they are not soundproof.

· Luggage Lofts and Lantern Hooks: These additional items help organize the interior of your tent. The upper loft allows you to keep valuable items up high and out of harm’s way. Also, the lantern hook is just that, and you can install a lantern in the middle of your Family Tent, providing light all around the tent. You can buy Family Tents that contain interior lighting and a switch, but this comes at a price. In some tents, this adder can cost upwards of $200 or more, much more than the cost of a lantern. So, in turn, this hook is an excellent addition for basically no additional charge.

· Side Pockets: These are located on the sidewalls of most Family Tents, whether it is a Dome or Cabin Style. These provide a place to put your everyday valuables such as phones, wallets, watches, etc. Usually, mesh in construction. They allow items to breathe, so moisture doesn’t overcome your personal belongings.

· Awnings: This additional item is provided on some Large Family Tents with extra shade on the inside of the Family Tent. Besides, this item also improves the weather resistance as it helps keep rain from penetrating the tent at the door. Whether it is a T or D-Style door, this item is the belt and suspenders approach. Well worth the effort.

· Side Vents and Mesh Ceiling: The purpose of these items is essential to Family Tenting today. They help provide ventilation that will keep you comfortable in warm weather. Also, the mesh ceiling gives you the view of the night sky, weather permitting.

· SunBlock Material: Yes, some Family tents are explicitly designed to keep the sun out. In these tents, tent walls and rainfly material is designed to keep up to 90% of the sunlight out. For the additional cost, this feature will help you be cooler in direct sunlight, so depending on where you are camping, this feature might be of benefit to you.

· Modified Footprint: This item boils down to the overall layout of the tent. Most Family Tents are square in design. Whether they are large or small, Dome or Cabin, this is the standard. Some Tents, however, come in different footprints. These allow for additional spaces, just like the purpose of the room dividers. A couple of tents have a central room, with an extra room on either side of the central chamber. Other Family tents can have footprints that allow for areas for sitting and even garages.

· Screen Rooms: In addition to the above amenities, some manufacturers offer a screen room so that you can sit outside and enjoy nature while not being attacked by mosquitoes and pests. This added perk is what we all look forward to and need. Usually, we have to get a raging fire going to help keep these little pests at bay, but with the screen room, we can sit back and enjoy.

· Lights with a wall Switch: These items come specifically in Lighted Family Cabin Tents. The light is installed in the center of the tent, and the light is defused throughout using panels. Also, a light switch is located inside the main door. This switch will allow you to turn the light off and on upon entry and exit. This light is usually power by D style batteries or a power pack that is sold by the manufacturer. The power packs come with a designated charger. Still, you are limited to use the manufacturer’s product and to be honest. They are usually a point for disappointment.

· Fans: In addition to lights, some manufacturer’s include fans. These help with ventilation in your family tent. However, as with the integrated lights, these come at a cost. It is usually more cost-effective to bring a fan specifically for this purpose.

· Garages: Yes, some manufacturer’s even include a garage. This room may seem a little over the top, but if you think about it, there a lot of things that you bring on your family camping trip that could utilize this amenity. Items like bikes, coolers, and toys would all work great in this space.

The bottom line here is that there are a lot of options to consider before your purchase. Many of the above items are considered standard on many Family Tents today. Others are specific to certain types of styles and sizes of tents. Keep in mind that usually, the larger you go, the more of the above items will be available. Thus, you should pay particular attention to the items that you feel would be most important to your Large Family Tent. You can see many different sizes, types, and styles of tents located on our website located at familytentspro.com. Family tent reviews are found under the review tab. Also, we have chosen many different tents for Best Of categories.

So, we hope that this information will help you make the perfect choice for your next Family Tent. Until next time, happy tenting.

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