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Best 2020 Family Tent for Hiking The Coleman Montana 6 Person Family Tent

Updated: May 2, 2020

Today we will be talking about our pick for the Best Family Dome Tent for Hiking. For this purpose we have chosen the Coleman Montana 6-person tent. This 6 person Family Dome Tent is just what you need while you and your family are out hiking and need a quality dry place to spend the night. This Family Tent is large enough for 6 adults to sleep, it is also small and light enough to be carried while hiking and backpacking.

We here at Family Tents Pro.com love tenting and love to help you with all your tenting needs. Whether you love to tent by a lake in an alpine forest or by the beach in the tropics, or even your own backyard, we have you covered. Lets go ahead and get on with the review for this awesome tent.

We are also Amazon Affiliates and clicking on the hyper-links my result in us receiving commissions. It is our mission here to provide you with information that will help you make the best purchase decision based on pricing and product quality and durability.

The Coleman Montana 6-person tent is made from Polyester Taffeta 75D with a fiberglass pole construction. This 12’x7’ 6 Person tent is a good value for the money and will last for years to come. While offering room for 2 queen size bed’s and a center height of just under 6 feet, this unit offers the comfort and protection that we have all come to expect from a name like Coleman.

With inventive amenities that include the e-port technology where you can supply power into the tent without running a cord through a window or door. This entry point can be closed when not in use and is just above the floor. In addition, the floor is a tub style base that is a tarp material and helps keep water out of the bottom of your tent thereby keep you and your gear dry. Finally, the storage pockets aid in organizing the interior of the tent so you can find you important items when you need them. In addition, they will by dry.

Another key innovation are the Angled Windows. They allow you to keep the windows open during rain. The angled design keeps the water out while still providing ventilation within the unit. This feature, along with the D-Style Door, which has its’ own awning, helps provide improved ventilation. All of these items helps make your camping experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

Other improvements include:

*Tub-Style base comes up on all sides to stop water from entering the tent.

*The Protected Seams. These seams are inverted so that the stitching is on the inside of the tent, aiding in keeping rain out of the tent.

*Wind Strong Frame with improved strengthened fiber-glass poles and guy-out triangles

*The zippers are protected from the elements helping to improve rain resistance.

Instructions are part of the storage bag, not just a piece of paper that will get lost or rip. Also, initial setup on this tent take 15 to 20 minutes, but once you got it down, set up averages around 10 to 15 minutes. While this setup can be done with one person, it is easier and quicker if you have two. In addition, the extra person saves stress on your poles during the setup phase.

Next, choose you campsite carefully. While the Coleman Montana 6-person tent is a good quality tent, it does help to set it up in the shade. Without the sun relentlessly beating down on you and your tent, it will be a much more enjoyable experience. All of this will aid the ventilation and increase your comfort. While the angled windows are an improvement, ventilation is always and issue inside tents due to low airflow. This is a good place to use the E-Port to bring electricity into the tent so you can operate a fan to help move the airflow around the tent.

Another item to set up is trenching. While this unit does offer a bathtub style bottom, it is not invincible. Check to footprint area for setup for sharp items that could penetrate or pierce the bottom, causing it to loose its watertight feature. Once set up, you should trench around to help divert water from the tent. This will help you to remain dry.

Once setup, you can notice that the large D-shaped door offers good entry and air, however there is no window opposite the door which does restrict cross ventilation. In addition, one other downside is that the shape of the tent and where the poles are located increase stress on the door zipper making it feel restricted while opening and closing the door. One solution here is to use both zippers and meet them in the middle.

Two queen size air beds will fit nicely into this spacious interior. You can certainly move around comfortably inside the tent as the center height of 5’8”. Additionally, 2 Adults and 2 small children have ample room within the space with extra to spare. Another note here is that while mentioning the space, the ventilation is also improved on this space. This is aided by the angled windows an the D-style door.

The Coleman Montana 6-person tent is weather tight and roomy. After several days in rainy weather, only a couple drops of moisture could be found. Whether this was from penetration or humidity, it was amazing to see this small amount of water inside. Water was also kept out from the interior of the tent by means of the tub-style base with its tarp material. This kept the floor dry, just what you need. The awning above the door also aided in keeping moisture out. Lastly, keeping us dry and comfortable throughout the rain, was the Rainfly. It was the hero sheltering the tent from the elements. During dryer weather, the fly can be removed for improved ventilation and light with minimal effort.

The Coleman Montana 6-person tent has been improved to resist stronger winds so this is no longer a concern. However, as with any tent, winds in excess of 25 mph need to be taken seriously by any tenter. While Coleman has improved the fiberglass poles, it is always essential to take into account your camp site location. You should look at where your tent will be located in times of rain and wind. Be mindful of what is around you and this tent will treat you right.

Once our trip was over, came the task of breaking down and storing the tent for our next trip. Disassembly was quick and painless. As always, folder your tent back into the bag is always a challenge. We will wrap the rainfly into the tent like a burrito. This method saves on space and improves your changes of getting it correct the first try. . A slightly larger bag would have made this easier, but the size is acceptable. With everything inside the bag, including poles, stakes, tent and rainfly, this assembly will weigh around 19 pounds. Nice and light. Perfect for car camping, hiking and backpacking. Just right.

The Coleman Montana 6-person tent is definitely a great value for the money, Coming in at under $200 (currently at $111 on Amazon with an ongoing sale). Over the years, we have purchased and used many styles of tents from dome to cabin. This unit fit nicely in the middle. Ease of setup, and disassemble, Overall useful space, Ventilation, Construction, and Weatherproof makes the Coleman Montana 6-Person tent a great buy. The Coleman name have always been synonymous with outdoor life and camping. Staying to their roots and adding innovations that improve you camping experience.

For the reasons above, this is why we chose this Coleman Family tent as our 2020 choice for Hiking tent of the year. Coleman has again provided us a product that is both affordable and durable that can be used year after year.

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