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Best 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent for 2020 with Sunblock by Coleman

Updated: May 2, 2020

Best 6-person Instant Cabin Tent with Dark Room Technology for 2020. The Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Dark Room Technology is a variation of the typical instant cabin tent that also adds a sunblock darkening fabric to help block out up to 90% of the sunlight out of your tent. Produced by Coleman, a leading name in camping equipment, this tent helps improve your summertime camping by helping keep temperatures inside the tent cooler. This is why this tent is our choice for sunblock tent of 2020. This tent has 4.2 stars with over 3700 reviews and at a price of $180. A great price for a great tent, a Coleman Tent, the name in camping.

We are Familytentspro.com. We take the time to read the reviews and gather the technical information so that we can provide you with a comprehensive concise review so that you can make an educated decision on your Family Tent. Also please note that we are Amazon Associates and my receive a commission on your purchase. In addition, being affiliates with Amazon allows us to have access to may different tent manufactures so we can always give you an unbiased recommendation.

Taking under 5 minutes to assemble, The Coleman 6-person Instant Cabin Tent with Sunblock can be completed by one person. The reason this is so easy is the poles are connected to the top of the tent, so all you need to do is erect the telescoping poles to create the frame. Now assembled, next you need to add the rainfly, then stake the tent to the ground to improve structure and finally install the guidelines. Keep in mind that, as with most tent manufacturers, the supplied tent stakes are of low quality. We strongly recommend that you purchase good quality stakes before leaving for your trip. This will add strength and security to your tent installation.

This Family tent has the tub style base which helps keep water out of the tent. This base is made of a tarp material and comes up 3” on all sides. This aids in the water running around the tent. Please note that we always recommend that you lay a tarp under the tent for extra protection from rocks and branches poking through the bottom. Another good idea is to trench around the tent to divert water from directly running towards you tent. In addition, please chose your tent site with care. This is always the best starting point.

The Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent is weatherproof. The rainfly keeps the top of the tent dry in rain and wind. In addition, it has welded corners for added weatherproofing and strength. To add even more resistance the WeatherTech system also provides covered seems for rain will not penetrate the seams. The Outer fabric is taffeta 150d and 150 D poly mesh.

In the area of ventilation, there are windows on three sides and one D-style door. The windows zip closed and the zippers seem to be of good quality of both the windows and door. We do as always recommend bees wax to help the zippers work even better.

With just a 6" ventilation strip on the top of the tent, ventilation is rather poor as there are no lower vents. This greatly reduces airflow and causes the tent to be warmer in hot weather, however the sunblock does help by keeping the sun out.

This tent will accommodate 2 queen beds but is best with on Queen and 2 adults and a small child. The interior of this Family Tent is 10’ by 9’ with a center height of 6’. As far as amenities, this tent comes with two storage pockets on the sides, but doesn't include a loft or lantern hook. This is mainly due to the height constraints of the center of the tent.

This family tent is lightweight at 25 pounds. That makes is great for backpacking and hiking, in addition to the typical camping uses. Just keep in mind that because it is a instant cabin tent is is more bulky than some on the market today. In addition, once you have disassembled this tent, it will fit nicely back into its storage bag.

Pros for the Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent:

1. Tent polls are of good quality and and set up is easy. Average time for setup is 2 minutes.

2. Tent material and Construction are all great quality.

3. Sunblock good. Keeps 90% of the sun out of the tent

4. There are windows on all 4 walls of the tent. Each window has 2 zippers

5. Zippers good quality.

6. Tent is very durable and holds up to 35 mph winds.

7. Warmer and cooler weather due to less ventilation

8. This tent is great for hiking, backpacking but especially car camping.

9. Tent is weatherproof and durable. Holds up under winds of 35mph

Cons to the Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent:

1. Poor door design with the D-door. Because of location and size, you will need to crawl into and out of the tent. In addition, you will need you to drag your gear into the tent. This also defeats the purpose of the 6 foot ceiling.

2. Leak complaints at seams and windows. We always recommend a water repellent for help in this area

3. Wicking rain at the tent pockets seem to be a common complaint. We again recommend a repellent to help. Also be careful not to overfill the pockets.

4. Some options on this tent don’t come with the rainfly. It is imperative that you purchase this tent with the rainfly.

5. As with most tent, the storage bag is of poor quality. The typical area in the bag is the zipper which tends to break or snag.

6. No vents at the bottom of the tent, so ventilation is poor. Only ventilation is a 6” vent at the top of the tent.

7.Due to the height of the tent there is no lantern hook or upper storage loft.

8. Another common complaint is that the zippers stick. We recommend using bees wax to help in this area.

9. Coleman customer service is not always in touch with their customer. However, you still have access to the Amazon Customer Service.

10. This tent should be sprayed with a water repellent to help your overall experience.

The Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Sunblock is a good solid family tent. With the 10’ by 9’ footprint is of good size for the small family. Assembly is quick and easy. Disassembly is easy. In addition storage into the bag is also quite simple. Pricing is fair at $180 for the Coleman name. This tent is excellent for car camping. In addition, while being larger and more bulky than other styles of tents, this tent, at 25 pounds, is still a good choice for hiking and back packing. With this Coleman Tent's ability to block out 90% of the sunlight, this makes it our choice in this category. In addition, while there are some areas of concern and a few short comings, these items can be overcome and corrected by some simple solutions. This Coleman Tent is our choice for Best 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent for 2020 with Sunblock.

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