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Best Instant Cabin Tent for 2020 CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

The CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent is our choice for Best Instant Cabin Tent for 2020. This nine-person tent is Manufactured by CORE and is listed as an instant cabin design. It holds a 4.6 out of 5-star rating with over 1000 reviews on Amazon. The footprint of this unit is 14’ by 9’ and is 78” tall. A Large Family Tent of this size will be very comfortable for the majority of adults. In addition to this, all of your children and gear will fit nicely, leaving room to walk around. There were many reasons we chose the CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent the best in this category. The thoughts below will outline why we feel this is an excellent choice for the best cabin tent.

Welcome to Family Tents Pro.com. We are here to provide you with the information needed to make an educated purchase decision on your next tent, whether it is a Dome or Cabin tent. We read the reviews and technical knowledge and compile it into a concise summary that will make your purchase one that reflects your needs and requirements. Also, please note that we are Amazon Affiliates, so the links contained in this review will take you directly to Amazon. We may receive a commission from Amazon, not the manufacturer, so that our analysis is unbiased and can be trusted. Our mission is to educate you on your purchase.

Set upon this Large Camping Tent is foolproof. The telescoping poles are attached to the top of the tent, so extend them out, clip them to the tent, and lock the tent’s bottom. One comment here is that the center pole did ‘t rest on the ground initially. After a time, it did come to rest. Keep in mind that with the assembly of any tent, we strongly urge that you install a tarp under the tub-style base’s footprint. This tarp will help the bottom from getting punctures and tears—something we never want to happen when we’re out on our camping trip. Besides, it was a comment from several customers that the base on this tent is rather thin, so better safe than sorry as we're always trying to make waterproof tents.

Now, our recommendation is to buy heavy-duty tent stakes as this is the next step. It would be best if you made sure the tent is secure, and the stakes supplied are weak at best. They are cheap and bend very easily, so more substantial stakes will help.

Finally, install the rainfly to make this waterproof tent. The rainfly is well-sized, and installation is excellent. The only complaint that we could find is that is should have incorporated an awning for over the door. During heavy rains, the water runs off the fly into the door and the tent.

Assembly of this Large Camping Tent takes under 10 minutes with just one person. Even though this is a fantastic feature, we recommend two people. This adds stress to the tent components when only one person is trying to raise the tent. Teamwork always works best and will help this best cabin tent last longer.

On the other hand, disassembly takes around 5 minutes with one person. Unhook the poles, slide them up, lower the tent, roll it up tightly, and then install it into the storage bag provided by CORE. Just make sure that you roll the tent up inside the rainfly, they will not fit if they are rolled as separate items, and there is not enough room in the bag.

Once up, the CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is large and has five windows that zip closed. The comment here is that they might be a little lower in the tent wall and that once unzipped, the fabric hangs down in your face is you are on an air mattress. It also has 2 Doors. The main door is a T-Style door with two zippers. This door is the entire end of the tent, so moving more substantial items in and out is easy. The other door is a D-Door located on the side. This door allows entry into the tent without opening up the entire unit. This door is especially handy in rainy weather, helping keep the interior a waterproof tent and keep you dry. There were only a couple of issues with the zippers, but overall they seemed to perform well. Also, the tent structure didn’t seem to stress the zippers and make it hard to operate. All seemed well in this area.

A separation curtain also comes in this Large Family Tent. It allows you to divide this tent into two separate rooms making this a multi room tent. This feature is ingenious, as you can now have sleeping quarters separate from your living space. Maybe it’s a room for you to eat or place for the children to play. Either way, it is worth the effort.

This Large Camping Tent accommodates two queen beds, two adults, three children nicely with gear. It could also contain a maximum of 9 sleeping bags. Also, it includes the E-Port feature that allows you to run electricity into the tent. When not in use, this port can be closed, making it water-tight.

Holding up in the rain is a plus to this tent. Almost all of the reviews indicate how well this Family tent holds up in the rain. CORE has worked hard to provide improved their seams by heat-treating them. This feature helps keep the rain out in a variety of methods making this a water proof tent.. The seams, in addition to a well-planned rainfly, certainly make the difference. We also encourage you to trench around the footprint of the tent. Trenching will aid in keeping water from penetrating the bottom of the tent and overrunning the tub-style base. Also, this Family tent can handle winds from 20 to 25 mph—a definite plus.

Excellent ventilation is a plus of this best cabin tent. You have a great view of the moon and stars when the rain fly is removed. Also, it has vent ports at the base of the tent. These vents encourage the upward movement of air. Keep in mind though all of this ventilation comes with a price. This tent is undoubtedly cooler in colder weather and, therefore, harder to heat. It will keep you out of the wind and dry, but sometimes ventilation is not a plus. Temperatures under 60 may not be ideal for this tent and your family in this multi room tent.

Price-wise, this $220 tent is worth every penny. It certainly is a value at this price level. It is ideal for your family camping needs. As it weighs over 30 pounds, we recommend this for site and destination camping. It is a little heavy and bulky for actual hiking and backpacking. Customer service is also a plus as it is sold on Amazon, so they are always there to help you should a need arise. This feature also improves your shipping options, especially if you are a Prime customer.

In Closing, The CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a large family tent that should be considered. It is large family tent and affordable, so lots of bang for your buck. However, some areas could use improvement, such as thicker fabric for the tent. Even with this is does seem to hold up well, and customers enjoy it. It is a great multi room tent that can be set up by one person, but we recommend two to help. The compact design with the self-contained poles is what makes the difference and is what aids in the assembly. This Large Family Tent should serve your family camping needs well over the lifetime of this waterproof tent.

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