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Best Large Family Tent for Destination Camping for 2020 Core 12-Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Core 12-person Straight Walled Cabin Tent

Today we will be discussing our choice for the Best Large Family Cabin Tent for Destination Camping in 2020, the Core 12-Person Cabin Tent. Another great product manufactured by Core Equipment, this Large Family tent can be used as your home away from home on your next extended stay camping trip. This amazing tent provides ample living space for you, your pet and your children, not to mention all of your gear.

We are Familytentspro.com. We review the technical data and read the reviews so you don’t have to . We compile this information so you can have the important information at your fingertips so you can make the best choice for your next Family tent.

We are also Amazon Affiliates. This allows us to give you and unbiased review as we are not obligated to any one manufacturer. This means that we may receive a commission should you choose to purchase your Family tent based on our information. Now, let’s get down to it.

The Core-12 Person Cabin Tent is currently listed on Amazon for approximately $299. This amazing Large Family Tent has 4.5 stars out of 5. The overall rating of this tent is based 330 reviews. This product is yet another step forward for Core Equipment and will serve you well on your next family vacation at some destination excursion.

Assembled in under 20 minutes, this large family tent is designed as a straight walled tent. It is best to assemble with two people due to the overwhelming size. Fortunately, they have thought of assembly and have color coded all of the poles so that you can simply match them up and insert them into the color coded sleeves on the tent. This greatly simplifies the procedure for this massive tent. Keep in mind the the overall foot print of the portable home is 16’ by 11’ by 86” high. Another crucial step is to properly stake the tent down to the ground. This helps with the overall structure and stability of the tent. Then you would install the rainfly which is of a good size and construction. The final step is to the guide wires. Now you are good to go.

The interior of this massive tent has the awesome ability to be divided into 3 rooms with the use of the 2 tent material room divider curtains that are provided. Also keep in mind that another amazing perk is that the center height of this tent is 80” and this allows you to stand up and roam throughout the entire tent. Think of it as your portable hotel. The 3 rooms can be used for sleeping, entertainment and a room for your pet. Nice, right. Also, please note that this Large tent can accommodate up to 3 queen beds comfortably. Perfect for the extended stay family camping vacation.

Another great item with this tent is its amazing ventilation. It have vents all around the base of the tent, 6 windows spread out around the frame, and 2 Doors. Most of all, this massive Large Family tent has a mesh ceiling, so with the rainfly off you have awesome ventilation and an amazing view of the stars and the night sky. All of this means that you will sleep like a baby. In addition, the 2 doors, one T-Door and one D-Door offers advantages in addition to just ventilation. They allow you to enter with ease and bring your gear into the tent with little difficulty. All this means your comfort is improved and so is you camping experience.

Core has also included some additional great amenities. Included are storage pockets for your valuable, a gear loft, lantern hooks so you have a central light and even an awning over the door. This great feature helps keep the water out. To further help keep water out, this Family Tent has a tub style base which comes up 3” on all sides. This base is made of a tarp material and is durable. Keep in mind that we also recommend adding a tarp under the tent for added strength and security. This helps keep rocks and sticks from penetrating the bottom of the tent.

Now down to the reviews. After compiling the information, we have listed the pros and cons of Core 12-person Cabin tent.


1. Very spacious and well received with occupants. Over 70% of the reviews love the size. Also, the 2 room dividers, making 3 rooms, is an awesome feature.

2. Setup of this Large Family Tent is easy, but will require 2 people based on its size. The poles are color coded to make the job easier. Simply insert into the sleeves and raise the tent.

3. Rain resistance is great. The rain stay out while your gear and your family stays dry. The rainfly, awning and covered windows all improve the resistance. In addition, we also recommend that you add a water repellent for even better water resistance.

4. Convenience items and extras such as the awning over the door, lantern hooks, gear loft and pockets all help make this tent more enjoyable by offering little extras that make the difference.

5. Instructions. Finally a manufacturer who provide instructions for setup that you can actually follow.

6. The tent disassembly is also easy and the tent rolls up and fits into the carry bag.

7. Pricing is amazing. You get a lot of tent for under $300. Hard to find in the market place today


1. Strong winds could be a problem due to its large size. While this is a sturdy tent, Winds above 25 mph can cause damage to the poles.

2. Zippers tend to stick and bind as with most large tents. . This can be eased by adding bees wax. Another way to help reduce the binding is to re-stake the tent and take tension off the zippers. Reduction of stress should help with the binding.

3. The Tub-style base is a great feature, however, the tarp material is relatively thin and is prone to puncturing. We advise adding a tarp under the tent. This will give you an extra layer to keep sticks and stones from puncturing the base.

4. As with most manufacturers, the stakes are cheap. Most manufacturers tend to include these budget tent stakes that should be replaced immediately. Go buy yourself some quality stakes. This reduces the stress of assembly so you can get to your vacation quicker.

5. This Large Tent is not for hiking and backpacking due to the fact that it weighs around 50 pounds. It is heavy and bulky.

6. A Tent of this size requires 2 people to assemble. This is important or you will most likely damage the poles trying to perform this task by yourself.

To sum up our choice for Best Large Family Cabin Tent for 2020, the Core 12-Person Cabin Straight Wall Tent is a large and spacious. With the ability of being divided into 3 rooms, it allows you the flexibility you need on your family vacation. In addition it is a well constructed Large Family tent. It is especially comfortable during your extended stay. This tent is weatherproof assembly goes off without a hitch. This 3 season tent is great for destination and car camping. It just to bulky and heavy for backpacking. At a $299 price tag, you get lots of tent for this amount of money. Just what we're looking for in our Large Family Tent. Also, available on Amazon gets you their excellent shipping options and their customer service, which is always a bonus. For all of these exciting reasons, we have chosen the Core 12-Person Cabin Straight Wall Tent as our choice for Best Large Family Cabin Tent for Destination Camping in 2020.

Hope you enjoy

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