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Can I Camp In Walt Disney World?

Did you ever wonder if you can go tent camping in Walt Disney World, Florida?

The answer is yes. Tent campers can enjoy camping in one of Walt Disney World's original resorts. This Resort is called Fort Wilderness campground and offers you all the amenities of a great Campground plus the bonus of being right next door to the Magic Kingdom.

Camping in Walt Disney World offers you all the fun and excitement of staying in one of the world's leading theme parks. This campground is also a great way to reduce your cost of a Disney vacation while still being in the heart of the magic.

Why should I tent camp in Walt Disney World?

Camping at the Fort Wilderness Campground in Walt Disney World offers you many exciting perks and bonuses that you won't receive if you stay off property. These items include:

  • proximity to Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom

  • complimentary Transportation to and from the theme parks

  • resort amenities

  • great food

  • reduced pricing compared to other Disney Resorts and neighboring resorts.

  • Resort Style Amenities

  • Boat Rentals

  • Fishing

  • Camp store for essentials

  • Free Parking at the Theme Parks

Tent camping in Fort Wilderness is one of the best ways to enjoy Walt Disney World while still enjoying an awesome tenting Adventure. This Resort gives you the feel of a traditional campground.

The Fort Wilderness Campground is a vast Resort that will keep anyone amused while only minutes from the magic.

Let's be clear when I say huge, Fort Wilderness Campground is 750 Acres, beautiful tree-covered campsites. Camping in this Campground gives you the feeling this year in the wilderness while still being close to The Magic of Walt Disney World and the Universal theme parks.

Here, the campsites come in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on the location you choose, you could be close to eating a dining and water transportation or the main pool and Activity Center.

I can tell you first-hand that there is always something great and exciting to do at the Fort Wilderness Campground. You can fill your days by lounging at the pool or investigating this massive campground.

Disney offers many activities at this location. From shuffleboard to tennis, the hot tubs. You can always find an enjoyable way to spend your day even if you don't want to leave the campground. You can even rent a boat or go fishing.

Fort Wilderness Campground office you too convenient Camp stores to stalk you up on those essential needs in addition to the activities. You'll find foodstuffs such as bread rolls sandwich meats donuts for that morning breakfast in these stores. Also, they have some of the more crucial camping equipment needs.

How close is Fort Wilderness to the Magic Kingdom?

The Fort Wilderness Campground is roughly a five-minute bus ride to the Ticket and Transportation Center at Magic Kingdom. No need to take your car. Just let Disney do the work to get you to the Park. Not to mention, if you take the bus, you are dropped off just outside the main entrance of the Magic Kingdom. No need to go to the Ticket and Transportation location and take the ferry to the Park.

This proximity to the Park allows you to spend more time enjoying the excitement rather than driving or taking Transportation to and from other locations. It provides you more time in the Park.

What amenities does Fort Wilderness offer?

Fort Wilderness offers an extensive array of amenities from two pools, one of which is the main pool with full-time lifeguards. They also provide two hot tubs, a playground for your kids, a dog park, many places to eat, tennis courts, shuffleboard, basketball courts, and even nightly movies under the stars in their outdoor movie theater. You can also rent a boat or go fishing.

Here, you will always find something that is entertaining and relaxing, even if you don't choose to take it into theme parks. Many of us who frequent Fort Wilderness will use this as a staycation at the Resort to relax and enjoy our surroundings.

Another amenity is the overall design of Fort Wilderness. The campsites are ample in size, and many are shaded or in wooded areas. This design gives you the feeling that you are staying in a traditional Campground while only being minutes from the Magic Kingdom.

Another major perk of staying at Fort Wilderness is Transportation to and from the parks. Walt Disney World offers Transportation to any of their Parks, including two water parks and the four major theme parks. This Transportation is included in your Reservation pricing.

The Disney bus service runs every 30 minutes to and from whichever theme park or water park you choose. This simple bonus makes it simple to plan your day and get to where you need to be without having to hop in your car and drive and Park.

Is there good food at Fort Wilderness Campground?

Fort Wilderness offers:

  • The Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue, which is a long time running Dinner Show

  • Trails End which is probably one of the better buffets on Disney property

  • PJ's Takeout is the quick-service location at the main complex and a simple, quick-serve at the main pool offering you sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza

  • A food truck at the movie venue

  • Frozen food items are available at the camp store as well as Moonshine.

All of these food options will keep you satisfied. Remember, if you forget a couple of essential items, the camp store will offer you sandwich meat bread and even frozen foods such as pizzas. Just what you need for that quick snack or family dinner around the campfire.

Even if you have allergy concerns, eating Walt Disney World and Fort Wilderness is the perfect option. Disney has a long history of being allergy-friendly to those who have concerns and questions about allergy needs.

How do I get around the campground?

To make it clear, Fort Wilderness is a vast Resort. It offers campsites for tents small campers pop ups and even massive RVs, but it also includes many cabins that you can rent.

Due to the location's size, this Resort has three separate bus lines that run all around the Resort day and night long. Suppose you need to get from your campsite to the pool hop on the bus. If you need to get to the Magic Kingdom, you can hop on the resort bus and go to the boat terminal or the main bus terminal. Yes, you can take a boat to the Magic Kingdom.

Another great way to get around the Resort is by using a golf cart. You can bring your own or for a fee, around $50 a day you can rent one.

The golf cart option is probably the best and most fun option that you can choose. Here you have the freedom to drive around the Park, see everything, and experience everything on your terms.

The golf cart is also essential if you're staying at Fort Wilderness during the Halloween season or Christmas season. Many of the campers staying in the Resort during this time will decorate their sites. This campground resort is truly a sight to see.

What perks can I expect while staying at the Fort Wilderness Campground?

As I stated, there many perks to staying here at Fort Wilderness. As mentioned, Transportation around the Resort is an example.

Staying on Walt Disney World property also offers you early access to the parks. We used to know this as extra magic hours. This bonus has been modified. Now you can get to the parks 30 minutes before opening. This perk allows you extra time to get to that most important ride so that you don't miss any of the fun

Fort Wilderness Campground is only 5 minutes from the Magic Kingdom. This distance means you'll spend more time in the Park and less time on Transportation or driving.

If you're using a Magic Band, you can add a credit card to your account. The same credit card is also added to your My Disney Experience app, which is essential for navigating the parks. This credit card is linked to your account allows you to leave your wallet at home and simply travel with your magic band or cell phone.

My Disney Experience is an essential piece of your Disney vacation.

With this app on your phone, you can check wait times, book dining reservations, plan your day, and even order food and utilize the quick pick-up option.

Another great perk of staying at Fort Wilderness is Transportation to the parks Disney Parks other than Magic Kingdom. Buses run every 20 to 30 minutes to Hollywood Studios, Epcot Animal Kingdom park, and both water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

This Transportation keeps you out of the car and in the Parks.

Staying on Walt Disney World property at Fort Wilderness also offers you free standard parking at any of the theme parks and waterparks. This one item will save you $25 no matter which Park you're going to. This parking option is a perfect perk for those who want your car's flexibility or if you have young children.

What is the pricing to stay at Fort Wilderness campgrounds? Pricing varies by the sites you choose, depending on if you're tent camping or camping in a trailer. They offer sites that will also accommodate large RVs and travel trailers. Sites are also arranged in preferred and standard depending on the location within the Resort.

Campsites are designated for tents, pop-ups, and vans. All of these sites offer you a Sandy location to pitch your tent, while they also include a concrete pad to keep everything comfortable and level. Power is in all Sites, so you don't need to worry about keeping your goodies charged.

Keep in mind, though, tent sites do not offer sewer hookups, so you'll need to use the conveniently-located Comfort stations.

The Comfort stations offer you toiletry facilities, showers, and changing stations for infants. They have even included washers and dryers, so if need be, you can even do laundry. These locations are clean and well-maintained. Should a problem arise, you can always find a Disney cast member to help you with your issue.

A final perk to staying at Fort Wilderness is 24-hour customer service.

Not only is this a secure location with nightly security Patrols, but they have reservation and customer service specialists available twenty-four hours a day. This perk offers you the assistance you need should a problem arise, even in the middle of the night.

In the end, tent camping in Walt Disney World at Fort Wilderness Campground is an adventure everyone should try. It's a fantastic way to visit Walt Disney World while still offering you the excitement of tent camping.

We frequently choose this option, as we enjoy the ability to have our own space and enjoy nature while having the opportunity to take in the theme parks.

If you don't feel like taking in the Parks, you can take advantage of all the amenities or just sit around your campsite.

This fun and exciting camping Adventure Can Be Fun For All. Not only for kids but also adults like me find great enjoyment while staying in Fort Wilderness Campground and visiting Magic Kingdom whenever the mood hits us.

One last thought for you to consider. While staying in Fort Wilderness Campground, It can be a fantastic adventure for you and your family. Remember, it is in Florida. The temperatures will typically be on the higher side, somewhere between 85 and 95, not too bad temperature-wise. However, humidity does run high so that everything will feel stuffy and damp. Remember to bring that fan to keep the air moving inside your tent. This item will help improve your overall tenting experience while in Florida.

In the end, camping at the Fort Wilderness Campground by Disney is a fantastic way to spend your time camping and enjoying the outdoors. Whether you're a theme park goer or someone who just likes to relax by the campfire, this unique camping experience offered by Disney is a fantastic experience that you and your family can enjoy no matter your age.

So pack up your goodies and get on the road. You will find an adventure will be waiting for you in Central Florida at Walt Disney World Fort Wilderness Campground

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