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Is The Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin Tent a Great Family Tent?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

This article is our review of the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Tent. It has 4.2 stars on Amazon, with over 200 reviews. The Coleman name has been synonymous with camping and outdoor activities for many years and is a trusted name.

Welcome to Large Tent Pro.com. Our mission is to read the reviews and technical data on a variety of tents and styles to put this information in a concise report so that you can make an educated purchase on your next Large Tent. Please also keep in mind that we are Amazon Affiliates, so typing on any of the links will take you directly to the Amazon Page, referencing the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Tent. Please also know that we may receive a commission from Amazon, not the manufacturer, so our review is unbiased and will lead you to the best product for your needs.

This family tent is a large 9 person cabin style tent. Please note that this is not an instant cabin style tent, so assembly is a bit longer. This family tent will take approximately 30 minutes to set up and is best with two people. This multi room tents measures 14’ x 10’ and is 84” tall. This cabin style tent weighs in at 36 pounds, so this tent is not for hiking and backpacking. It is better suited to a more traditional campsite near the car.

Set up, while a more complex than the instant cabin style tents, has continuous sleeves for the poles so that they can be threaded with minimal effort. The poles conveniently snap in place at the base. Also, the sleeves and the poles are color-coded to help with the setup. The poles are fiberglass and are of good quality. We didn’t find any complaints on the poles.

This multi room tent has a tub style base made a good tarp material to help protect from items poking through the tent’s floor. Also, we recommend laying a tarp under the tent for added security. Once down, the tent and lead lines need to be staked to the ground. Additional trenching is also recommend as this helps divert water from your family tent. Keep in mind. We recommend purchasing good quality stakes. This step will guarantee a great setup. Please note that the most valuable item you can do to keep water out is to choose your tent site carefully.

Another item is the rainfly. Good sized and made of good quality material, this is great for keeping the rain and moisture out of the family tent. The material for the overall cabin style tent is also of good quality. The roof is made of mesh, so when the rainfly is off, you have a great view. This mesh, along with the floor vents and six windows, makes for great ventilation. Customers comment positively on the ventilation and this family tent's resistance to rain and moisture. This multi room tents and rainfly are part of the WeatherTech system designed to help keep you dry. It also uses Inverted seams to hide the needle holes on the inside of the cabin style tent. To further aid, the zippers come with a cuff to increase the waterproof nature of the zippers. Also, many of the reviews that we read stated that the customers also applied waterproofing to the tent. This is a wise belt and suspender approach.

The interior of the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin Tent is spacious. It fits two queen beds easily and will accommodate two adults and two children easily with gear. This product is a lighted family tent, with the light and fan in the center and the illuminated switch at the door. It is powered by the CPX - 6 rechargeable cartridge or 4D batteries. Batteries sold separately.

Also included, as with most new family tents on the market, is the e-port system. This system allows you to run an electrical cord into the tent and keep the moisture and buts out.

Another great feature is the partition wall inside the tent. This divider allows for a separate room from the sleeping quarters. This wall gives your children or animals their own space, or use it for a sitting area for you to put chairs and a table making this the perfect mult room tent.

So, some items that we did learn from the reviews.

*Customers love the large size of this tent. Large and roomy.

*Priced around $230, there is a lot of tent for the money. Most tents are around $200, so you are paying the additional for the light and fan. Not a bad investment.

*Rain resistance is excellent. There was a minimal issue with moisture in the tent, due to ventilation and weatherproof nature. The rainfly is a great size and installed correctly. It will keep the water out and reduce snagging with the zipper.

*Zippers are functional, but adding beeswax will help operation. Also, there was some issue with the zippers snagging on the rainfly. You will need to make sure that you adjust the rainfly appropriately.

*While this unit boasts a height of 84”, this may also make it vulnerable to wind gusts and damage to the tent. Most reviews gave good reviews to this issue, but there were a couple of occurrences.

*An additional door would be helpful. With only one entrance, setting up can be slow. A lot of family tents in this size come with two doors. However, the one door does keep this multi room tent warmer in temperatures under 60-degree weather

*Coleman customer service is not the most helpful in the industry.

* Carry bag is the right size. No problem putting back into the bag, however, the bag is lightweight.

*Overall construction is excellent and durable, as you would expect from Coleman Products

To sum up, The Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin Tent is a good quality cabin style tent with the Coleman name. It is spacious and durable. The price is affordable. The Light and fan feature is an added bonus. Available on Amazon so you can take advantage of their shipping and customer service. This may be an advantage over Coleman’s customer service.

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