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CORE 12 Person Lighted Cabin Tent

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Today we will be reviewing the CORE 12 Person Lighted Cabin Style Tent. This Large FamilyTent is 18’ x 10’ with a center height of 80 inches. It has 4.5 stars and costs around $400. Come with us and look and see what this Family Tent has to offer.

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Now, let’s get into the review for the CORE 12 Person Lighted Cabin Style Tent. As stated, this is a very large tent at 18’ x 10’, allowing you to bring the whole family. It easily handles three queen air beds and six adults. It comes with two-room dividers allowing you to make three rooms in this Large Multi room Tent. Sleeping quarters for parents and children and an entertainment area would be a plus during your trip.

As stated in the title, It is a lighted multi room tent with a Light in the center. It also uses diffusion panels to spread the light throughout the tent and rooms. It is powered by 4D batteries or a power pack sold separately. The light is a 950 lumens light with three separate settings for your comfort and convenience. It also has a wall switch next to the door to control the lamp.

Another feature is the H2O block technology and taped seams. These, coupled with the rainfly, help keep the water and moisture out of the family tent and your gear. As always, we recommend treating the multi room tent with a water repellant to add more security in this area. Rain resistance on this tent is excellent.

The CORE 12 Person Lighted Cabin Tent comes with a T-Door in the front that allows you to walk into the easy tent. This door also makes it easy to bring your gear into the tent and set up. There is also a D-Door at the back for even more convenience. Also, the front door is covered by an awning to help keep the rain out and a mat that secures onto the tent to help keep the dirt and mud out.

Ventilation in this large family tent is also good. With lower vents at the floor and the mesh ceiling, air can circulate freely. However, in warmer weather, it’s good to bring a fan to help move air.

Setup on this cabin style tent is also good. Keep in mind, a tent of this size usually takes two people for the installation. Set up in made easier with telescoping poles and took under 10 minutes with most saying 5 minutes is the benchmark. The easy tent stakes are also included, but the most tent today, you should plan on purchasing good quality stakes. This aide in the structure, security, and weather resistance of this Large FamilyTent.

Please note that the CORE 12 Person Lighted Cabin Style Tent comes with a One year warranty from the manufacturer. Being available in Amazon Prime, you also have access to customer service, which is always a plus. Also, shipping is no problem.

Complaints 1 seam at top starting to tear bad zipper latest cheap batteries don’t fit right excellent rain resistance. They recommend sealing tent room dividers very thin.

Pros to the Tent:

1. Rain resistance is good

2. Awning is great

3. Light is a nice feature with 3 settings

4. Storage bag is good. Tent fits easily into it

5. Ventilation is good with vents at base and mesh ceiling

6. Doors front and back make entry easy.

7. Very Spacious, Large Family Tent

8. Easy to assemble and disassembly.


1. Couple of reviews mention problem with bad zippers from the get go.

2. There was a mention of rain penetration in heavy rain, however most reviews stated that the rain resistance was good

3. Weight is 50 pounds so this tent is not for hiking and backpacking. It is bulky.

4. It only had approximately 20 reviews so not a large pool of reviews

5. Assembly of a tent this size does require 2 people. 1 person is not really and option.

To sum up, The CORE 12 Person Lighted Cabin tent is of good quality and very spacious. It is a Large Family Tent the has 3 rooms. Rain resistance is good. With ample room and great ventilation, this is a great tenting option for a party of 6 to 8 people who are planning on car camping or extended camping.

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