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How Good is The Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Welcome to Family Tents Pro.com. We are here to take the work out of reviewing your tenting options. We take the time and effort to read the reviews and compile the information in one place to make an educated purchase for your camping needs. We are also Amazon affiliates, so clicking on the links will take you right to the Amazon page. We may receive a commission. Please also keep in mind that we do not receive a commission from the manufacturer so that our reviews and recommendations remain unbiased.

Today we will be reviewing the CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent. This tent is a large pole dome style tent measuring 12’ by 9’ with a Center Height of 72 inches. It is large enough to accommodate three queen size beds but is most comfortable with two. A family of two adults and two kids and your gear fits nicely in this footprint. Very spacious and comfortable.

Set up with this tent is very easy. This setup takes approximately 10 minutes in good weather and daylight to complete. Other Pros to this large family tent include ample door ground ventilation so that the hot air can escape through the top of this large family tent. Also, the top of this easy tent is mesh so that with the rainfly off, you have a view. Hanging hooks and bags for your gear and light are great additions. However, the hanging storage bags’ locations will all water to penetrate this large family tent if the rainfly is not adjusted correctly.

The center height of 72 inches is also an absolute Plus. This height will allow most adults to stand tall in this easy tent. Besides, it has a closable entry point for electrical. A nice feature in today’s world. When not in use, it doesn’t allow water to penetrate the interior. Another pro to this family tent is the price. For around $130 on Amazon, this is a lot of tent for the money. Coupled with Amazon’s shipping and customer service, this is a definite plus.

Finally, coming in at 22 pounds, it is still light enough to take with you on your hiking or camping trip. As always, it comes with a storage bag for your convenience. However, most people would agree it would be nice if the bag were 20 percent larger, making it easier to store this easy tent in the bag.

However, after researching many customer purchases, there are few shortcomings with this large family tent. First, the zipper for the main door Is a poor design. The pole location causes stress on the upper corner of the door, so the zipper is tight or gets caught, basically locking you out of the tent.

This stress is not good and bad weather. Customers have tried adjusting the stakes and footprint, but this issue remains. This stress did also cause a couple of instances where the zipper seam split, making it not waterproof at the door. Getting snagged on the rainfly also seems to be a common complaint; however, properly adjusting the rainfly does help.

Next, the polls made of fiberglass either break or the strings that hold them together snap. The complaint is that they should have included more substantial, more durable poles. These poles are a big problem during setup. The manufacturer has been excellent in replacing these parts, but this doesn't solve the problem when you're in the middle of nowhere camping. This item was the number one complaint about this family tent, causing its average to be 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Another item of concern is the rainfly. At the same time, this is large and does cover the tent and keeps the rain out. However, it is not self-adjusting, so that you have to adjust it to make sure that it covers the windows adequately. If not, the windows will be in danger of allowing water will penetrate the inside of the tent.

Another point is that the window needs a zippered cover so that rain comes through bad weather, especially during strong wind.

With regards to the poles again, strong winds can be a concern, primarily due to the overall height of this unit. 25 mph seems to be the cut off here. Under that number, and this family tent performs excellently.

Finally, the overall construction seems thin—the flooring, which is a tarp design and not thick enough. If not careful, the foot of your cot will go right through it. Just be vigilant here with regards to your surroundings while setting up. The overall material for the easy tent also seems thin and should not be used in colder weather. In the other direction, if it is hot, the rainfly installed allows little ventilation in the interior. Now granted, with the rainfly off, you have a clear view of the sky and ample ventilation. This feature is incredible in clear weather, leaving you beautiful views inside the bug-free area.

Overall, during some heavy rain, there was some minor leakage on the floor and a couple of seams. Overall, it did stay dry in torrential rain. The seams on this unit are heat-sealed from the rainfly to the ground, which is a plus.

This CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent is a beautiful large family tent. However, construction could be better. Pay attention to your polls and where you are pitch this tent. Treated right, it will survive. Putting a tarp down under it will help ensure that the base of the tent remains true. Being very large and spacious does outweigh some of its shortcomings. The price also helps in this area being relatively inexpensive for the size of this unit. This product would be the right choice for the occasional camper—a great starter or weekend tent.

Image source: CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent, Amazon,https://www.amazon.com/CORE-Person-Extended-Dome-Tent/dp/B016N7DFMI/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Core+9+Person+tent&qid=1581646102&sr=8-2

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