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CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Welcome to Family Tents Pro.com. We are here to provide you with the information needed to make an educated purchase decision on your next tent, whether it is a Dome or Cabin tent. We read the reviews and technical knowledge and compile it into a concise summary that will make your purchase one that reflects your needs and requirements. Also, please note that we are Amazon Affiliates, so the links contained in this review will take you directly to Amazon. We may receive a commission from Amazon, not the manufacturer, so you can know that our analysis is unbiased and trustworthy. Our mission is to educate you on your purchase.

Today we will be reviewing the CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent. Manufactured by CORE, this 9-person tent is the Cabin Style Tents design. It holds a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazon and has over 1100 customer reviews. The footprint of this unit is 14’ by 9’ and is 78” tall. With this height, the majority of adults can easily walk around comfortably inside these family tents.

Set up on these large camping tents is simple. The telescoping poles come connected to the family tent, so all you need to do is extend them. Here we would recommend adding a tarp under the footprint as one weakness that we reviewed from customers was the thin base of these cabin style tents. The base’s material is lightweight tarp material, so if not using an additional tarp, please use caution so as not to puncture the bottom, which could allow water into the tent. Please also keep in mind that many customers said that the center pole in the interior didn’t rest on the floor during the initial setup. However, after settling, it rested on theses family tent’s floor, adding reinforced structure to the tent.

Next, stake down these large camping tents. Here we would also like to add that you should purchase larger, stronger stakes. This unit comes with the standard rod-type stakes that are weak and prone to bending. They also have limited holding power.

Finally, install the rainfly. The rainfly is well-sized, and installation is excellent. The only complaint that we could find is that is should have incorporated an awning for over the door. During heavy rains, the water runs off the fly into the door and these cabin style tents.

The overall setup takes approximately 5-10 minutes with one person. This setup is a great feature, especially taking into the total size of these family tents. One person can do this while the rest of the family unloads and organizes the campsite.

Also, taking down these large camping tents takes roughly the same amount of time. Then it would be best if you put it back into the storage bag. To do this, you will need to wrap the entire unit in the rainfly like a burrito. Rolling this tight will allow you to fit this unit into the bag with little stress. Once on the bag, this unit weighs around pounds.

Once up, the CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a large cabin tent with 5 windows that zip closed. The comment here is that they might be a little lower in the tent wall and that once unzipped, the fabric hangs down in your face is you are on an air mattress. It also has 2 Doors. The main door is a T-Style door with two zippers. This door is the entire end of the family tent, so moving more substantial items in and out is easy. The other door is a D-Door located on the side. This opening allows entry into the tent with opening up the entire unit. This feature is especially handy in rainy weather, helping keep the interior of the tent dry. There were only a couple of issues with the zippers, but overall they seemed to perform well. Besides, the tent structure didn’t seem to stress the zippers and make it hard to operate. All seemed well in this area.

Another plus to the interior of these large camping tents comes with a partition curtain to separate it into a 2 room tent. A nice feature so that you can separate your sleeping and living quarters or give your children or animals a place of their own.

This 2 room tent accommodates two queen beds, two adults, three children nicely with gear. It could also contain a maximum of 9 sleeping bags. Also, it contains the E-Port feature that allows you to run electricity into the tent. When not in use, this port can be closed, making it water-tight.

These cabin style tents hold up well in Rain. The majority of reviews indicated little to no leakage in a variety of rains. This lack of leakage is because the seams are heat-treated to make them waterproof. We would also recommend trenching around the footprint of the 2 room tent for added security during heavy storms. In addition to this, these large camping tents have held up well in winds between 20 to 25 mph.

While the construction of this 2 room tent is relatively thin, it has excellent ventilation. There are vent ports at the base, and the ceiling is mesh. The plus is that with the rainfly off, you have great views. The downside to this great ventilation is that you should use these cabin style tents for summer camping. Temperatures under 60 will feel very cold in this 2 room tent, impart due to the size and the ventilation.

Coming in at $220, you get lots of tent from value. However, this unit is just over 30 pounds—kind of heavy for hiking or backpacking, but suitable for weekend camping. Also, being sold on Amazon allows you to take advantage of their shipping services and their customer service, should the need arise.

To sum up, The CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a large, affordable instant cabin family tent. Construction is proper but could use some improvement on thicker fabric. It does seem to hold up well. Size is great for the whole family. Setup and takedown are easy and can be done with one person if needed. Keep in mind that two is always better with a tent of this size.

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