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Favorite Family Tent Manufacturer for 2020 CORE Equipment

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

For all of you who have been following, we have been reviewing and talking about a variety of tents and styles. From Family Dome Tents to Family Cabin Tents, we have been trying to share with your the information that we have learned for the 2020 tenting season. After reviewing many different tents from several manufacturers, one name stands out, CORE Equipment.

In our listings, CORE holds the titles of Best Family Lighted Instant Cabin Tent, Best Straight Walled Family Cabin Tent, and Best Family Extended Dome Tent. In addition, they were always in the top 3 best family tents in other categories.

In the last couple of years, CORE has really hit the scene running. This privately held company's main purpose is to bring us the best, most inventive camping equipment and experience possible. This shows in their products

The have improved areas in the industry such as water proofing technology, adding room dividers to increase usability of the interior, better quality materials, adding central lighting to a number of their tent options. So this multi room tent is certainly a top choice.

In addition to the above, they offer a wide variety of tents, from Family Dome Tents to extremely large Family Cabin Tents. All of their large Family Tent options will provide you with the space and security that you expect from a major player in this market of multi room tents.

The overall quality of their tents are consistently great. In addition, they have thought about other items to improve the experience, such as the E-Port the bring electricity into the multi room tent while still being waterproof during the entry. In addition, they offer room dividers, ample doors and windows, Lantern hooks, as well as pockets and lofts for your valuables while camping.

Quality of the fabric and tent poles is also a plus. Built for durability, these Large Family Tents are built to last. In addition, while being built to last, they are also built for as much comfort as possible. This means they offer such items as:

*mesh ceiling and lower vents for improved tent ventilation. This is what you need

for those hotter days and nights

*Awnings, screen rooms and room dividers to help you utilize your space this multi room tent

*T-Doors where possible, as these are the easiest for entry into your Family Tent

*Tub Style Base, coming up 3" on all sides to help keep water out of your Family

Tent, and to keep you and your family dry.

*Treated Seams, H2O Blocking Technology for improved water resistance at all seams making this a waterproof tent.

All of these items and attention to detail is why we feel that are worthy to be the best Family Tent Manufacturer for 2020. With improvements every year and listening to customer suggestions, they have been steadily building a product for today and tomorrow.

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