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HikerGarden 8 Person Dome Tent

Updated: Jul 25, 2020


Welcome to FamilyTents Pro.com. Today we will be reviewing the HikerGarden 8 person tent. We read all of the customer reviews and technical information on the product so that you have one place to make an educated decision on your purchase. The links located within this review will take you directly to the Amazon page for this product. Also, we are Amazon affiliates, and we may receive a commission on your purchase. Besides, other articles on this site will offer insight into other size tents and education about differences.

The HikerGarden 8 person tent is a well-constructed large Pole Dome tent with rainfly. Upon purchase, all components such as a tent, tent stakes, rainfly, and carry bags are included. All reviews on this tent boast about its construction and land it with 4.7 stars on Amazon. Keep in mind that the only negative reviews that I found indicated that the purchaser had not used the tent yet and only issued it a 3-star rating for that reason.

The unit measures 16’by 9’. With a center height of 6 feet, this roomy tent can accommodate three queen size beds; however, two mattresses with four to six occupants is perfect. The interior of these large family tents also comes with a curtain so that you have an additional room separate from the sleeping area. This area can be used for children to play. You could also set up a table and chairs for relaxation within the tent.

Ventilation in this family tent is fantastic. There are five windows, the main door, and a mesh ceiling. With the rain fly off, ventilation is perfect. Also, you gain a great view of the Milky Way in the Nighttime Sky. The mesh windows are also a plus allowing airflow throughout the tent. Besides, the windows come with covers that zip closed. This covering makes the windows weatherproof, adding one more item to keep the rain out.

Another feature is that the interior has pockets for your small valuable items. It also boasts a lantern hook in the center of the tent. In addition to this, the easy tent also features an E-port which is becoming very common in large family tents today. This feature allows you to run electricity inside the family tent in a convenient manner. When not in use, this port is watertight.

As for leakage, this large family tent is excellent. After reading reviews from several customers who took the easy tent out and experienced heavy rain, no leakage was found. This fact is partly due to the construction of this large family tent, and the operation of the rainfly. Besides, all seams on this unit are heat-treated to keep water out, and the tarp style bottom aids in keeping you and your equipment dry. This tent has also been tested, and its’ waterproof index is over 1000mm. Also, this tent has been designed to withstand stronger winds, allowing for the total package.

Setting up is also easy for this 8 person tent. Instructions are included in the carrying bag. Besides, the sturdy fiberglass poles are color-coded. Match them to the color codes sleeves on top of the tent and assemble. This coloring greatly aids in setup. While it takes 10 to 15 minutes to set up, It is more comfortable with two people due to the sheer size of this unit. Two people make it much easier to thread the poles and hook them to the base of this family tent. Also, keep in mind that this large family tent needs to be well staked. This construction will significantly add to its overall rigidity.

Seams on this family tent are tight, and as stated above, heat-treated to make them waterproof. However, the construction material of this comfortable tent is relatively thin. However, there is a double layer of material on top for heat resistance during the day. This item is a great bonus. Keep in mind that we would not recommend this tent for winter use. It is perfect for spring, summer, and fall camping. While remaining dry, this was no mention of problems with this unit in heavy winds. The poles’ strength is the plus here as this unit has been designed to withstand stronger winds.

The zippers on this family tent are heavy duty which is a great bonus. This quality helps in many areas, including the fact that they will not bind or get stuck. Construction of this easy tent removes stress points from the door zipper, which means you will not be stranded outside the tent during bad weather. The windows also boast the beefed-up zippers, meaning that they will last.

The weight of this large family tent is slightly under 17 pounds, making it an easy tent for hiking and camping. The carry bag is also around 20 inches long and is the right size. Once again, trying to get the tent back into the bag is a challenge, but not unachievable. It does take a little time. Probably twice what it takes to set the tent up. But once packed, everything is secure and safe.

This easy tent is great for family tent camping. The large the spacious room allows for sleeping equipment as well as your normal gear. It also will allow room for your children or your fur babies to play.

Supplied by Amazon, this allows for Amazon's customer service and awesome shipping. Price wise the HikerGarden 8 Person tent is around a $160. Well priced for a tenth of this size and quality. This tent is relatively new to the Amazon Marketplace, being available for approximately one year and 6 months. Well having under 20 reviews, all reviews that I read talked about the ease of setup and the ability to keep rain out. In addition, customers raved over the spacious interior of this unit. There was no mention of faulty polls or sticking zippers or leaking windows. These are definite pluses. Time will tell but this easy tent seems to be one that will last for trips to come whether it be for camping, fishing or hiking.

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