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How Can I Make My Tent a Homey Tent?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Almost everyone can experience tent camping and have a homey. This enjoyable activity takes the stress away from the day-to-day hustle of your everyday life allows you to relax and participate in activities the increase your overall enjoyment of the world around us.

While some of us don’t mind roughing it when we go tent camping, some people would rather have some homie amenities to improve the overall experience.

How can I make a homey tent?

Many items can be considered to bring that comfort level inside your tent while on your camping Excursion. These include:

  • Picking the right tent

  • Bringing lights for inside and outside of your tent

  • Bringing candles to set the mood

  • Bring a dining table and chairs with a tablecloth

  • Pick the perfect sleeping method

  • Bring comfortable sheets and blankets instead of a sleeping bag

  • Bring a coffee maker for that vital cup of coffee in the morning

  • Bring a mirror

  • Bring comfortable chairs and a side table for relaxing around the fire pit

  • Bring a portable speaker so you can play music to set the mood.

  • Bring an outdoor rug for an added level of comfort.

These items may seem a bit excessive to some campers, but if you’re someone who wants that homey touch and to feel more at home while you’re camping in the woods or at the RV Resort, these items can make the difference.

How do I pick the right homey tent?

This question depends on your method of camping. If you’re hiking or backpacking, you want a small or do more pop-up tent. If you are camping in an RV Resort or Campground then you have options such as a large Dome or extended Dome Tent cabin tent or Instant Set-up Cabin Tent, or even a Bell Tent.

Check out our article on Uses For Canvas Bell Tents and see how this tent can be a great option for your perfect homey tent.

No matter your style, you still need to size it appropriately. Remember, the manufacturer indicates that a specific tent might sleep 6. For a comfortable feeling inside your tent, you need to deduct two from this number. Choosing a tent for six people will really sleep four people comfortably.

Keep the sizing in mind. Also, consider how long you will be staying in your tent. If you are staying for an extended period, you might want to oversize your tent, so you have extra room to live in and move around. This sizing will give you the needed space to relax and enjoy all the perks of tent camping.

Another good option is to choose any of the tent styles above that also offer a room divider offering you multiple rooms in your tent. Many of these tents offer room dividers so that you can section off your tent for different purposes. Maybe you want your children in one room or use this additional room for a dining area. This extra space is up to you but can also help to give you that homey feeling.

Why should I bring interior and exterior lights for my homey tent?

Decorating your site and the interior of your tent with lights will give you that perfect flair for style and make you feel more at home. You can use string lights or table lamps, or even solar patio lights. Spread them around. Decorate with a sense of style and flair to achieve that perfect homey look. These lights will not only offer you a level of comfort but can also provide you the needed light to read, play games and even put on your makeup.

Candles are also an excellent consideration. Candles will not only give you a warm light but can also give you a homie aroma. Pick the candle that fits your style best but be sure it is a solid, sturdy candle and that it is not likely to tip over. Jar candles and bucket candles tend to be the best with their flat bottoms. Please stay away from tapers, as they do tend to tip over. And never leave your candles lit while unattended.

Should I bring a dining table and chairs with a table cloth for a homey tent feel?

These items will give you a more relaxed feeling while eating and sitting around the campsite. This area will be the perfect location to eat your family meals and share the excitement of the day. This table is the ideal stop to play some fun camp games, card, and board games.

When choosing your table and chairs, keep in mind that you will be lugging these to campsite, so they need to be lightweight and portable. Plastic folding tables are a great alternative as they are durable and lightweight

While most campgrounds off your picnic table, these tend to be bulky and uncomfortable, especially if you plan on spending time at your campsite. Playing games and relaxing requires a good comfortable table. It’s just what you ordered.

How should I sleep on my homey tent trip?

My advice here is to pick works for you. Take some time and experiment between pads, cots, and air mattresses.

  • Sleeping pads will offer you the lowest comfort level as they are nothing more than a layer of foam to keep you off the ground.

  • Cots can be a good alternative as they are lightweight and portable. Again, these can be uncomfortable, so be sure to bring a mattress to put on top of the cot to increase comfort.

  • Air mattresses and Air mattresses on frames will offer the highest level of comfort. You have to flexibility to adjust the amount of air to make the bed soft or firm. These can also be double high giving you that feeling similar to your bed at home.

My preference has always been to sleep on a good quality double-thick air mattress. These beds position you higher off the ground, giving you a closer feeling to your bed in your home.

Bring sheets and blankets versus a sleeping bag for a homey tent feel.

When we all think of camping, we think of the sleeping bag. While these bags can come in many shapes and sizes and even sleep up to two campers, they tend to be bulky and hot and not as comfortable as sleeping in your bed at home.

Bring comfortable sheets and blankets to help you relax and feel more comfortable. With these home-style sheets and blankets, you can use what you need. You have the flexibility to go with just a sheet or a sheet and blanket, depending on the weather and temperature. Sleeping bags don’t give you this option. You either have them on your body or off.

Bring a coffee maker for that perfect cup of morning coffee.

For my family, this is essential. We all started the day with a good strong cup of coffee—no need to go to the camp store. Now you can brew what you like, maybe it’s decaf, or perhaps it’s French roast no matter the type, you can brew what you want when you want it.

Bring comfortable chairs and a side table to sit around the fire pit for a homey tent atmosphere.

Here you can choose from fold-out chairs, bag chairs, and even inflatable chairs. These will give you an outstanding comfort level and allow you to sit and reminisce around the fire for hours on end. Another great item to bring along with these chairs is a side table—perfect for setting your drink or snacks down.

Bring an outdoor rug for your homey tent on your next camping trip.

This outdoor rug not only adds comfort to your campsite but can also show a sense of style and help decorate your camp’s look. Remember, you’ll need to purchase an outdoor rug so that weather won’t affect the overall integrity. Choose the style and pattern that you like to make your campsite stand out.

Again, you will need to carry this rug to your site, so keep the weight and size in mind. While you want comfort, you don’t want to make your campsite setup difficult. This setup will not start your trip off on the right foot.

Bring a portable speaker for your phone for a homey tent entertainment center.

This item is a great alternative to provide to amuse your camping party. Now you’ll be able to play relaxing or soothing music throughout the day. Also, you’ll be able to listen to news reports and sporting events or whatever Peaks your interest.

Be aware that most of these speakers will be rechargeable, so plan how you will be recharging the speaker. You can use solar, or the power at your campsite provided by the campground. Be sure to include a surge protector strip to help simplify setting up your charging station. This strip is not only convenient but will also protect your electronics from power surges.

Bring a mirror and other items to decorate the interior of your homey tent.

Yes, I know, we are camping? Not only will a mirror help your tent feel larger, but you still need to feel and look good while on your camping experience. This touch of home will add comfort while also still being functional.

You might even want to consider some other decorative items say maybe pictures or camping decorations. These items can also make your tent feel personal, and you’ll be more at home during your camping experience.

Other considerations

With all of these items in mind, you still need to consider the overall amount of equipment and personal items you are packing. Remember to pack in moderation. Chances are you’ll be lugging these items to and from your campsite. We’re not usually lucky enough to have your car at your campsite, so please keep this fact in mind while packing.

Avoid items that are overly large and bulky so that you help reduce the stress on your back while setting up and taking down your campsite.

You can create that personal homie tent site with all these items in mind but you’ve always dreamed about. While some of us are minimalist and require very little, some people will find greater enjoyment with a decorated tent and campsite.

A tent site with a homey feel will not only stand out in the campground but will help you and your family and even your pets feel more relaxed. This step will allow you and your family to have an improved tenting experience, one you will want to do time and time again.

We are Family Tents Pro, and we want you to have the best possible tent camping trip. The items listed above will help increase your comfort level and give you some great options to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

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