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How Can I Make My Tent Waterproof?

Great question, isn't it. Your out in the woods or at the beach, and you think you have the best waterproof tent until the rains hit. You have leaking in the seams, water at the door, and rain through the zippers. Your waterproof tent is no longer living up to your expectations. Your entire family camping trip is on the line.

What can I do to Waterproof my tent? You can take many precautions before your camping trip to make the best waterproof tent. Apply Seam Sealer to all seam and zipper covers. Add beeswax to zipper to weatherproof them and make them more weather resistant. Also, Add a tarp above your waterproof tent to help your rainfly shed water. Finally, pay attention to your tent's location regarding low lying areas in your campsite so that a stream doesn't flood your tent.

As you can see, some of these items will help you improve your waterproof tent by considering the location and shelter offered to your waterproof tent. You can do other things by adding sealants and products to help your family tent shed water and keep the water from penetrating the interior of your tent.

Will Waterproofing the Tent Seam with Seam Sealants Keep Me Dry?

First, when you get that new Family Tent, don't just assume that it is the best waterproof tent. At a minimum, I always advise that you should apply a suitable quality seam sealant to all of the seams and zipper covers in this new tent.

These are usually the weakest location on your new waterproof tent that will leak. Direct rain will penetrate the stitching and eventually leak. Sometimes this issue is even due to heavy rains.

Applying seam sealer to all seams on your tent and rainfly will significantly improve your odds of staying dry, even in driving rains. Also, don't forget those zipper covers. They will also leak over time and cause dripping into the tent's interior. The majority of these products are liquid-based, that you can squirt on the seams and zipper covers.

These products can be found under many names, but familiar names include Coleman and Kenyon Seam Sealer. These products are readily available, and my advice is always to be sure to have a bottle handy on every camping trip. You never know when you will need this product to help keep you dry.

Should I Apply Sealant To My Entire Tent?

My gut response is "yes." First, I consider the addition of spray sealant extra protection. Yes, the rainfly is designed to keep the tent dry. However, even the rainfly can leak. Also, in driving rain and wind, the rain may penetrate the interior of your tent under the rainfly.

My advice is to take the time before your first camping trip with your new family tent and spray the tent and rainfly down thoroughly with a water repellent. There are many on the market. Names like Scotchgard, KIWI, and Gear Aid can provide you with quality water-repellant products to keep you dry.

Some of these products will be sprayed onto your tent and fly with an aerosol, while others use pump action. Regardless, they offer you the products to keep you dry. You need to apply these products to the rainfly, tent exterior, and even the floor of your tent. Also, pay special attention to the corners, as these areas can also be a weak spot in your new family tent.

After spraying the sealant to your tent and rainfly, you will need to let it dry as most of these are Polyurethane based waterproof sprays. Once completely dry, you are ready to roll your tent and head for the campsite.

Again, just as with the seam sealer, it's always a good idea to have a can of this waterproofing agent on hand. You never know what the weather will bring to your family vacation or family camping trip.

Other than Sealers, How else can I Keep My Tent Dry?

There are other precautions you can take to keep your tent interior dry in wet weather. First, I would suggest bringing two tarps with you on your family camping trip. You will place the first tarp under the tent so that the tent is not in contact with the wet ground. The Second tarp you will put above your rainfly to help keep water from overpowering your rainfly.

This simple application of the two tarps gives you the additional coverage and confidence to handle whatever the weather throws at you.

Location is another critical part of keeping your tent interior dry. It would help if you were sure that you are not setting up in a stream or at your campsite's low point.

This issue sounds simple, but I've seen a family set up a site in the low area and have the water from a hard rain flow through their children's tent in the middle of the night. Now, everything they own is soaked, and everyone is miserable.

If your entire campsite is low or if you have any question if water can penetrate your tent, you need to dig a trench around your tent. Yes, like days of old, you're creating a mote. This bank and ditch will help to divert the water around your tent, keeping your dry. This little extra effort will ensure that no matter the weather, the interior of your tent will not have a river running through it.

The Products

Seam Sealers

Kenyon Seam Sealer Bottle, 2-Ounce

Price: $8.48


  • Aqueous urethane coating to waterproof your tent seams

  • Handy, convenient applicator tip for easy application

  • End leaky joints and seams in your new family tent

Kenyon Seam Sealer is a water-based product with 75% fewer petrochemicals than their original formula. The easy application spreads evenly and is non-flammable. The Kenyon Seam Sealer will provide you with waterproof stitching holes and seams. This product penetrates and coats your seam and stitching to offer you a long-lasting waterproof barrier.

Coleman Seam Sealer

List Price: $9.99


  • Waterproofs seams on tents, tarps, backpacks, and more

  • 2-oz. bottle with a foam applicator pad

  • No mixing required

  • Fast-drying water-based urethane formula

Help keep the rain from dripping through those stitching holes and seams on your tent. The Coleman Seam Sealer is a fast-drying, water-based formula with a built-in applicator pad that will keep water from leaking through the seams and stitching holes.

Tent Fabric Sealer

Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield, Repels Water, Two 10.5 Oz Cans (21 Ounces Total)

Price: $23.50


  • Safe for use on polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, leather, suede, and more

  • Creates durable protection from the elements with just one application

  • Ideal for use on outerwear, rain gear, umbrellas, patio furniture, outdoor gear, backpacks, luggage, canvas tarps, boat covers, and more

  • Repels water during use and in storage

  • Fabric maintains breathability

Scotchgard is a well-known name to keep items clean and dry. Apply this product to your tent and rainfly to provide you extra protection from water penetration into your tent. This product ensures that your tent's interior and your belongings stay dry on your family camping trip.

Texsport Polyurethane Waterproof Seam Sealer for Tents Backpacks and Outerwear Repair

Price: $14.07


  • Seam Sealer ideal for tents, backpacks, outerwear, and all other synthetic fabrics

  • Colorless, washable, flexible. Odorless when dry

  • Reduces fading caused by the sun

  • Profession Strength, Protects new or cleaned fabrics from water or dirt

  • Non-toxic and odorless when dry

Texsport is the perfect product to ensure that no water wicks through the rainfly and tent fabric. Thoroughly spray the exterior of your tent and fly, then allow it to dry completely.

GEAR AID Seam Grip TF Tent Fabric Sealer for Waterproofing, Clear, four fl oz

Price: $10.95


  • Seal up to 85 sq. ft. of nylon tent floors, rainfly, and tarps with this tent sealer; previously known as Tent Sure

  • Restore old PU coatings that are flaking, sticky, or degrading with this effective tent waterproofing and seam sealer

  • Dries to a long-lasting coating that is nearly invisible and flexes with nylon

  • Provides a water-tight seal that will keep you dry in the rain

This non-aerosol tent fabric waterproof formula will keep you dry in the worst of weather. One application is all you need to keep water from wicking through your tent and fly.

With the proper application of the seam sealers, tent fabric sealers, and adequate placement of your tent, you can stay dry even in the worst weather. Small steps ahead of your trip will help you to enjoy an entire vacation, no matter the weather.

We are Family Tents Pro. We try to provide you with the tips and information to make the perfect family camping trip in your new waterproof tent. We've offered you these tips and knowledge to ensure that you get the best possible camping experience.

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