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How do I Charge My Cell While Camping?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Getting Back To Nature and camping off-grid is the unique and exciting experience that many of us enjoy.

While hiking at Mountain Trail camping in a remote fishing location or hunting location, we all still need some Technology level. Whether it be that favorite fishing app, bird-watching information, GPS, or map, your cell phone is the perfect tool. It's small, lightweight, and fits virtually anywhere.

This handy tool cannot only be used for guidance but also your go-to item for an emergency. If you get lost or hurt, your cell phone is your connection to the real world.

This information leads us to the question of: how do we keep our cell phones charged while camping? There are many methods, including:

  • lanterns and flashlights with charging ports

  • hand cranks that include radios and NOAA weather radios

  • battery packs

  • solar chargers

  • camp stoves with a thermoelectric generator

All of these items come with a cost. When measuring cost, we also need to include such things as weight size and functionality. So let's take a look at the different methods and see which one piques your interest.

Lanterns and flashlights with USB ports for charging

Many different options are available. Many of these lanterns also collapse into handheld flashlights. This ability makes these lanterns multifunctional and handy to have around the campsite or on the trail. Charging to your phone is provided by a USB port, making it simple to use while moving around or in a stationary position.

The WSKY LED Lantern is the perfect choice offering you 2000 lumens for under $20. This Lantern collapses into a handheld flashlight, so you'll be you'll be sure to have the light you need Wherever You Are.

Hand cranks are the foolproof way to charge your phone while camping in the wild and off-grid.

Fos power offers a hand crank radio and Noah weather radio that is ideal for camping in the wild. A USB port provides charging. Simply plug your phone in and crack. Your phone will be charged off the internal battery, and while cranking, you will be charging that very same battery. This fantastic product is available for under $40.

You can find these hand cranks as stand-alone charging stations or as NOAA Radio. This charging option is a perfect method to charge your cell phone and get updated alerts on weather and other essential alert topics.

Charge your phone with a battery pack.

Battery packs have been around for many years now. They're the perfect way to bring additional power to charge your phone while out on the trail or at the campsite. They do not physically recharge themselves. They do provide you with a source of power to keep your phone topped off.

The AYE way battery-pack supplies you with 26800 Mah of power to keep your cell phone charged up and ready for use. This product is available for under $40

Solar charger

A solar charger is a perfect way to keep all your batteries charged at your campsite. This charger can be used in conjunction with the battery pack, or you can simply plug your phone directly into the charger and let the sun do the work.

The solar chargers are simply used lightweight, and some are collapsible. Small and straightforward, they easily fit into any piece of camping gear.

The Addtop solar charger is available for under $50. It offers you 25000mah of power. The solar charger folds out so that you can catch more of the sun's rays and decrease the charging time of your phone.

The Urby phone charger looks similar to a cell phone but a battery pack with a solar charger. This excellent tool is available for under $50 and offers you 30000mah of power.

Wood burning camp stove with a thermoelectric generator.

Yes, today, we can even charge your cell phone of a wood-burning camp stove. While cooking your mail, you generate power via a thermoelectric generator. Simply plug your phone in cook your meal in charge at the same time.

While this method is more expensive than most, the BioLite camp stove is available for under $250. It offers you convenience well cooking around the campsite. Small and lightweight, it is an excellent choice for the on-the-go camper.

As you can see from the above information, there many options to charge your cell phone while camping or hiking. These items are all small in size and lightweight and therefore make them the perfect choice for the on-the-go camper. They offer flexibility but charging your phone with a USB port that keeps things simple and easy.

While Prices range for typical lanterns, batteries, packs, and solar chargers for around $50, a wood-burning camp stove is the latest technology it will cost you in the neighborhood of $250.

While the wood-burning camp stove is the latest and greatest technology, it is always changing.

All of these methods will provide you the power you need to keep your cell phone charged. You may also want to couple these items together to provide energy and also to replenish energy. It would be best to consider a solar charger with a battery pack or even the multi-tasking NOAA Weather Radio.

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