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How to set up a comfortable campsite?

For those of us who love camping, setting up the most comfortable campsite is the most essential item of your entire adventure. We have learned over our many camping adventures where and how to improve your camping area's comfort.

There are many topics and items to consider when choosing the perfect campsite. These items will help us sleep better and allow us to survive foul-weather and maximize your and your family's safety. Knowledge of these items is gained through experience, but here we're going to discuss some of the top things you consider. These items are essential for the first time tent camper and are the cornerstone of the best camping experience.

How to set up the most comfortable campsite? The top items to consider are the following:

  • Choose the location of your campsite carefully

  • Your sleeping and eating areas should be separate

  • Keep a clean campsite, and your trash should always be kept away from your primary area

  • It would help if you stored food high off the ground, away from wildlife

  • Check for high overhanging branches that could be dangerous to you or your tent

  • Pitch your tent over a bed of pine needles

  • Always face the door of your tent away from other campers

  • Pitch your tent with the smallest cross-section facing the wind

  • Never pitch your tent downwind from your campfire

Combined, these items will afford you the most comfortable and safe campsite. By paying careful attention to these items, you will elevate your overall camping comfort. Also, you will help to ensure safety for all while getting back to Nature.

How to choose the perfect camping area?

The perfect campsite location is your first and most important consideration for an enjoyable and safe camping adventure. Here you want to choose a site that is Elevated, Flat, and dry. This location is the first consideration to the perfect campsite.

There are other factors that you will also want to consider. Next, your campsite should be near water, but not too close. A good benchmark is 200 feet. This proximity will give you access to the essential component of our being.

It is best if your campsite is North or South facing. Also, shade is another useful component to consider. This factor will help to keep you cool in the heat of summer.

Another important item to consider is the distance to the restroom. You don't want to trek a mile in the middle of the night to use the restroom.

Why should sleeping and eating areas be separate?

Here you want to be sure you have located your sleeping and eating/cooking areas separate. There are two main reasons for the different locations.

The first deals with safety. You don't want local wildlife interfering or putting you and your family in danger. Some wildlife, like raccoons, can be a nuisance. While others, bears, are a dangerous proposition. Keep in mind that a bear can smell up to 20 miles. Take the time and be safe.

The second reason deals with the comfort. If your tent is too close to your cooking area, you will have odors lingering in your tent for hours. While not dangerous, this can detract from the enjoyment at your campsite.

Clean your campsite to ensure safety?

Once you choose that perfect location, be sure to inspect the area for items like branches and stones that could be hazardous to you and your family. Not only can these items pose a danger, but they can also damage your equipment, such as your tent.

There is nothing that will threaten the quality of your camping trip than a damaged tent or sleeping mattress.

Additionally, you will need to keep your site clean during your stay in the wild. Trash and waste should be cleaned daily and kept away from your site. Yes, you will have to walk a distance to dispose of your items, but this will help ensure that you won't have any unwanted company in the middle of the night.

Store food high

Storing your food high in a tree in a bear bag is the best method to keep you safe and your food out of the reach of wildlife. This practice is a must if you are camping off-grid such as at a State or National Park.

Pick a spot with no branches over your tent

This topic is for your own safety and ensures that you don't damage your tent and equipment by a falling limb. Picking a shaded location is a good choice for your tent, but also pay attention to the branches and limbs in the immediate area.

Picture tent over a bed of pine needles

You may not consider this an important item, but it will make the floor of your tent more comfortable and keep you warmer in colder weather.

The only consideration here is for you to pick out the twigs, stones, and pine needles. By do this, you will improve the comfort inside your tent without posing damage to the floor of your tent.

It would help if you always faced your tent door away from other campers

By facing your tent away from other campers, you will improve your privacy and ensure you don't have an embarrassing encounter with your camping neighbors.

Why should you position your tent with the smallest cross-section facing the wind?

Some tents are more susceptible to wind damage than others. While offering you great space and headroom, Cabin Tents also have flat walls that will catch the wind like a kite. It would help if you always faced the smallest cross-section of your tent into the wind to help minimize the potential for wind damage.

Do not set your campsite downwind of your cooking fire

This location not only deals with odors in your tent but also that smoke will fill your tent. Not only will all of your clothes smell like smoke, but you will not enjoy an excellent level of comfort inside your tent after your fire, leaving that lingering odor.

Once you've considered all of these items in evaluated the area you will be camping, you can choose the perfect location. These topics will help you to have a fantastic adventure by avoiding wildlife and keeping it safe. They also help to ensure the privacy of your family while on your trip.

While many of these items seem relatively simple, they all should be considered when choosing that perfect area to pitch your tent. An Item such as shade is important to keep you cool during the summer months and out of the Sun. However, be sure to evaluate your location and the items above you. Other things, such as proximity to water and restrooms, will improve your overall comfort and enjoyment of your tenting adventure.

All of these items put together will help you to enjoy the great outdoors and have a fantastic tenting Adventure with your friends. Strategic planning will also help to keep you and your family safe.

We are Family Tents Pro, and these campsite items will help you have the best camping experience for you and your family. We also have more information on our website at www.familytentspro.com. Here you can view top lists, product reviews, and other educational articles to help you have the best camping experience possible.

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