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Is the Wood Burning Tent Stove the Best Way to Heat My Bell Tent?

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Winter Camping is a type of camping that most probably undertake. To camp in this type of environment, you will need a Canvas Bell Tent with a Bell Tent Stove. This Camping Tent with Stove is the best option for you to stay warm and dry during these winter months. Bell Tents work great in this application as most Bell Tents already have the need Bell Tent Stove Jack for the stove chimney to go through.

There are certainly other types of tents other than the Canvas Bell Tents that will take a wood burning tent stove. The key factor for the camping tent with wood stove is the material the tent is made from. Most of the Winter Tent with Stove options include tents that are made from fabric. This feature of the Winter Tent with Stove increases the fire safety when your stove is use.

Is the wood burning tent stove a good option to heat your canvas tent?

For those of us who have used wood to heat during the winter months, we know how hot and dry this heat is during the cold winter months. The wood burning tent stoves are the solution to how to heat your canvas tent during the colder months. Tent stoves can be made from stainless steel, carbon steel or even titanium. Ultimately the wood burning tent stoves need to be light and compact so they can easily be transported and installed into your tent.

Just to reiterate, The Wood Burning Tent with Stove is the most common option for heating your tent. Usually, the wood burning tent stoves are used in Canvas Bell Tents. These tent stoves need also to be lightweight as well as durable. Some of the tent stoves are made from stainless steel, some carbon and some even from titanium.

Can a wood burning stove make your tent more homey and comfortable?

The wood burning tent stove is the perfect method to heat your tent when camping in cooler climates. This product offers you warm heat that only a woodstove can offer. In addition, by heating your tent, you can make it feel more homey and comfortable.

We all love the warmth provided by the firepit during our camping trip. The wood burning tent stove brings this heat and ambiance inside your tent to help your relax and unwind for the days adventures.

While these stove may be one of the heaviest pieces of your camping equipment, they are worth the effort if you plan on camping in colder months and climates.

For more information to help make your tent feel more homey, check out our article by clicking this link. Its filled with ideas and thoughts of how your can increase the comfort of your tenting experience and make your tent more homey.

Whatever the material for these tent stoves, they need to be packed up and moved in an instance. The Canvas Bell Tent stove is a special item that we need to keep our camping trip warm and comfortable in the winter months.

What are the top wood burning tent stove options available today?

With all of this in mind, we are going to look at three different options for the best wood burning tent stove. You can find this valuable piece of camping equipment available in stainless steel, carbon steel and titanium. We have compiled three models that you should consider for your next winter camping trip, no matter where it will be. So, let’s see how these products can keep your warm.

Winnerwell Nomad wood burning tent stove

Winnerwell Nomad Medium Tent Stove | Tiny Portable Wood Burning Stove for Tents, Shelters, and Camping | 800 Cubic Inch Firebox | Precision Stainless Steel Construction | Includes Chimney Pipe

Brand: Winnerwell

The wood burning tent stove from Winnerwell has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform. In addition, this tent stove is an Amazon Choice. As one of the Amazon Choice products, you know that the product leads it’s competitors in quality and price.

This product is a leader in its own department. The price for this wood burning tent stove is $349.00.

This tent stove is the perfect tool to keep you warm during your winter camping trips. Just imagine coming in from your ice fishing trip into your canvas bell tent to warm up from the cold. This wood burning tent stove radiating warm air to dry you off and take the cold out of your bones.

The Winnerwell wood burning tent stove is lightweight, 25 pounds, and portable. Just what you need on your winter camping trip. Whether your are staying in a canvas tent, fishing shack or bus, you can use this product to keep your warm and safe.


· This Tent Stove is made from 304 STAINLESS STEEL with precision construction. The tent stove will never rust or corrode so it is ideal in harsh outdoor environments you will encounter while you’re on your winter camping trip.

· The kit 1 stove body, 5 sections of 2.5-inch diameter chimney pipe, 1 spark arrestor, 1 ash scraper. All of the components you need to connect your wood burning tent stove and warm your tent.

· DIMENSIONS 15” x 8” x 8” (Packed); 15” x 20” x 90” (Assembled- 90” indicates total height of stove + chimney); Chimney pipe 2.5-inch diameter; 800 cubic inch firebox

This highly portable tent stove design includes the nesting 4-leg design that allows the legs to fold flat under the stove. The chimney pipe sections stow inside stove body for convenience when you’re moving during your camping. The side shelves of the stove function as carry handle for convenience as the overall weight of the product is 20-pounds total. The Winnerwell wood burning tent stove is the perfect piece of equipment for heating and cooking in small spaces such as canvas tents, teepees, yurts, shacks, tiny homes and more.

The Winnerwell Nomad Medium Wood Burning Tent Stove includes 1 wood burning stove body, 5 sections of 2.5-inch diameter chimney smoke pipe, 1 spark arrestor, and 1 ash scraper. The Nomad Stove differs from the woodlander stoves due to its rectangle shaped firebox and nesting four-leg design. The four leg stove design gives the Nomad a smaller footprint than other stoves, making it the perfect option in recreational shelters including tiny homes, vans, and bus conversions. Any situation where space is limited and a fireproof hearth area is built to accommodate the stove. All chimney pipe sections neatly stow inside the stove’s body and the side shelves double as the carry handle. At just 20 pounds with its compact size, the Nomad is wood stove built to travel into any situation.

· Winnerwell features to highlight include the beautiful glass viewing window in the stove door for ambiance and fire management. The side shelves are perfect for the perfect cooking utility. The stove includes dual dampers for controlling airflow and the burn rate. These dampers include decorative twisted metal handles.

Shasta wood burning tent stove

Shasta Vent Portable, Camping wood stove. Military style. Frontier Stove, Tent Heater, Ice Fishing, with venting & Carry case. 25 lbs.


The Shasta Vent Portable Wood Burning Tent Stove is an amazing option for heating your canvas tent on your winter hunting outing. The Shasta Tent Stove has a 3.6 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform. This product costs just $139.00. It is the perfect price for this wood burning tent stove especially if this is your first experience with the form of heat.

About this item

The Shasta Wood Burning Tent Stove is a durable high-quality portable wood stove. In addition to the stove, the kit includes 5 each sections of 15” stove pipe so you can vent the tent stove through the rooftop. A spark arrestor is also included as well as a damper in one of the sections of stove pipe. This damper will allow you to control the size of the fire by adjusting the amount of air. By using these adjustments, you can manage your stove’s flame and your overall burn rate.

The top plate is .080" thick with a removable plate for accessing the chamber. The pipe sections can be stored inside the body of the stove and the legs fold up and are secured by pins. These items help to make this wood burning tent stove portable and easy to move. A carry case, ash shelf, and hi-temp glove are included so that you have everything you need in the woods.

This is a quality, portable, wood burning tent stove. The construction of the barrel chamber is .040" Extra thick carbon steel. The top plate is .080" Thick steel plate and is also removable for access into the chamber.

The front entry door has a locking mechanism for safety, and the top plate has a removal 6" round access plate. There is a convenient carry handle that can also be used to hang a towel. A carry bag is provided with this kit. The tent stove top plate is 17.5" x 10" and it stands 20" high when stove is setup for use on its legs. You can use all or part of the vent smoke pipes that are included to match your needs. One of the vent smoke pipe sections has a damper for managing your wood burn rate.

The front access door has a removable ash-tray that extends from the front opening. The ash-tray keeps hot ash from falling to the floor and therefore increases the safety of this wood burning tent stove.

This carbon steel wood burning tent stove is an excellent choice for your portable camping wood stove. This stove is the heaviest of our options but is also the least expensive, coming in at just $139.00

NoEnName Null wood burning tent stove

NoEnName_Null Outdoor Ultralight Titanium Alloy Wood Stove Multipurpose Camping Tent Heating Stove Outdoor Survival

Brand: NoEnName_Null

Our final wood burning tent stove for your to use on your next winter camping outing is the NoEnName Null Ultralight Titanium Allow Wood Burning Tent Stove. This tent stove is made from lightweight titanium and weighs in under 20 pounds. It is available in several options including a 2 meter option with or without glass door for under $375.00. A 2.5 meter option with and without glass door is another option for under $360.00. Finally, there is a 3 meter options with or without glass door for under $390.00.

The Null Ultralight Titanium Wood Burning Tent Stove includes the stoves chimney, which is also constructed of titanium. That make this stove a complete kit. A tent stove kit that you can take in to the wilderness with confidence. The confidence that it will be able to heat your canvas bell tent and allow you to enjoy winter camping at it’s best. Not to mention that the glass door option will give you a beautiful ambiance inside your warm and cozy canvas tent.

This stove is so new to the Amazon Platform that at the time of writing there were no reviews of the product so there was no star rating. However, basic on the design and construction, as well as the materials used, this will turn out to have amazing ratings. Our main reason to include this model was as an option for size and material. As this is the only titanium stove, we thought it would make the perfect alternative to the stainless steel and carbon steel models.

Heating your tent in the winter months

In the end, The Wood Burning Tent Stove is an important and integral part of your winter camping experience. These tent stoves need to be durable, portable and lightweight. You will be moving these through whatever winter terrain you will be camping.

These stoves can be constructed of stainless steel, carbon steel or even titanium. We gave you an option for all of these materials. All the options outlined built to keep you warm and to keep you last.

So, no matter your shelter, the wood burning tent stove is the solution. It is designed for canvas tents such as bell tents or canvas cabin tents. The only requirement is the chimney jack to accept the smoke pipe.

These stoves can also be used in other styles of shelters such as ice houses, buses, and cabins. Keep in mind that no matter what, you need to adhere to the safety protocols for wood burning heat. Basically, you can install and use this wood burning tent stove in almost any situation where you need quick and portable heat to keep yourself warm and dry.

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