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NTK Super Arizona 12 Person Dome Tent

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Today we will be reviewing the NTK Super Arizona 11-12 person Dome tent. This Large Family Tent has a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon with 52 reviews for $470. Let’s take a closer look at this rather pricey but very spacious 12 person tent.

We are Familytentspro.com. We are here to do the leg work, read the reviews, and technical information. We then put this in a format that you can look at and make a purchase decision based on the facts that are relative to you. Also, please be aware that are Amazon Affiliates. Therefore we may receive a commission, should you choose to make a purchase based on our information. Now down to it.

The NTK Super Arizona Dome tent is a spacious Family big tent on the larger side of the dome tent style. It states that it will house 11-12 people, but from experience, this number is more like a family or 4 or 2 adults and three children. This number of people will still allow you to move around the multi room tent with ample room. Coming in with a footprint of 10’ x 20’ by 6.9’ height, this is definitely on the larger side of Dome 12 person Tents. In turn, this Large multi room Tent has a great ceiling height. Keep in mind that this will be in the very center of the multi room tent. As you move to the outer edges, the ceiling height will fall away, Welcome to one of the downsides to dome family tents

This Family Tent is assembled in a traditional dome family tent style. It inserts the fiberglass tent poles through the sleeves on the outside of the tent. Once both ends of the poles are locked into the base’s grommet holes, the dome style is achieved. Keep in mind that NTK offers a lifetime warranty on the poles. This warranty is unheard of in the market, and they are the only manufacturer that I know of to do this. Also, an awning is included that is part of the rainfly system. This awning helps keep water out of this waterproof tent during poor weather. Keep in mind that assembly of this easy tent or any dome tent approaching this size, requires at least two people, especially while installing the rainfly. One note here is the family tent stakes. Your new tent must be secured to the ground for the overall performance of the waterproof tent. Items such as sticking binding zippers, sags, and water leaking into the base can all be contributed to not correctly anchoring your tent.

Another factor and a key component to help you enjoy your new Family Tent are that the tent must keep you and your gear dry. This model from NTK comes with a tub style bass. This item is a high starting point as it is made of a tarp style material and comes up 3” on the tent’s sides, thereby keeping water from rolling into the family tent. We recommend laying a tart under your tent so reduce risks of punctures to the bottom of the tent. Another important item to add here is that we recommend trenching around your tent. This belt and suspenders approach only adds security.

This Family Tent, once assembled, boasts 2 D-style doors and three large windows. The doors and the windows combined with the mesh ceiling creates impressive air ventilation. The windows, doors, and mesh ceiling certainly keep small insects out of your living quarters. The two doors allow convenience entering and leaving the big tent. Also, adding to the comfort of your camping experience, this multi room tent provides you a room curtain, allowing you to create two rooms of living space. This divider increases your comfort and enables you to have sleeping and entertainment rooms. It will enable you to bring your furry pet.

A couple of other extras included with the NTK Super Arizona Dome tent are pockets for your valuables, a gear loft, and a lantern hook. These little perks could also increase your comfort just by keeping track of the items that matter.

Once your trip has ended, you will reverse assembly. Again, one person is best. When the tent is flat on the ground, you need to roll the family tent and rainfly tightly and fit them into the provided storage bag. Reviews indicate that the tent fits back into the bag with minimal effort.

Pros to the NTK Dome Family Tent:

1. Sleeps 11 to 12 people

2. Under 40 pounds, this makes it lightweight and suitable for hiking and backpacking

3. Full 1-year warranty on the fiberglass poles

4. 6-Month Manufacturer Warranty on the tent

5. Heat Welded seams to increase rain resistance

6. 2 doors and three windows for excellent ventilation

7. Available on Amazon

8. Under 30 minute setup

9. Spacious and Weatherproof.

Cons to the NTK Dome Tent

1. Tent Stakes supplied are of poor quality. You should purchase good quality ones.

2. This multi room tent is hard to set up with poor instructions. Takes at least two people to assemble

3. Zippers seem lightweight. Wish they were of more durable quality

4. The storage bag is good, but the zipper on it splits easily and should be stronger considering the size of the 12 person tent

5. Windows on the family tent only zip close on the outside of the easy tent. Not convenient in bad weather.

6. Good tent, but priced a little high.

In summary, the NTK Super Arizona 11 to 12 Person Dome Tent if a large Family Tent that is very spacious and well built. The double construction material, rainfly, and awning make this tent very useful in the rain. It is sturdy in winds of up to 30 MPH. With an industry-leading warranty, this Family Dome tent will serve you well. It is light enough to be used for hiking, backpacking, or car camping. While this tent is on the pricier side, it comes with the available options in the industry. This tent will serve you well.

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