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QOMTOP 9-Person Cabin Tent

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Today we will be reviewing the QOMTOP 9-Person Cabin StyleTent. This spacious family Tent is relatively new to the market and has 4.7 Stars. This Large Family Tent costs $200 and is available on Amazon. If you’re camping for an extended stay or a weekend getaway, this spacious multi room tent may be an option for you and your family. Now, let’s get into the specifics.

We are Familytents.com. We read the technical data and reviews to look at the information in a concise summary so that you can make the best possible choice for your purchase of a large family tent. We are also Amazon Affiliates, so that we may review a commission should you choose to purchase this tent. The highlighted links will take you directly to the site so that you can see the information firsthand. We try very hard to help you make an educated choice.

The QOMTOP 9-Person Cabin Tent is a large family cabin style tent that can be assembled in under 5 minutes and assembled by one person. This product is an Instant Cabin Style Tent, so the poles are attached to the top of the tent and telescope out and clip to the base. Also, the rainfly is separate, and installation on the rainfly is aided by color coding on the family tent so that it will be installed in the proper location.

This easy large tent is spacious at 14’ by 10’ with a ceiling height of 76”. It fits two queen air mattresses easily and four adults leaving room for your gear.

It has bottom vents and a mesh ceiling for increased ventilation. Also, it has pockets, gear loft, and lantern hook. In addition, to help make them more efficient, It includes a partition wall utilizing the ample space by creating two rooms. You can have sleeping quarters and a place for play or table and chairs in these multi room tents.

This Family Tent also has a tub style base that comes up 3 inches on all sides and is made of durable tarp material. However, we recommend that you put down a tarp under these multi room tents for additional protection from items piecing the bottom and allowing water to enter the tent. It is also important to stake the tent down securely to keep the structure sturdy and help the base keep the water out.

The QOMTOP 9-Person Cabin Tent comes with 4 windows and a T-Door. This style door opens wide and allows easy movement in and out of the tent, also aiding you in bringing your gear into the tent. In addition, they include an entry mat that clips to the tent. This helps keep dirt and water out of the tent.

This Large Tent holds up well in the rain. With the rainfly, taped seems and good overall construction material, this tent keeps the moisture out. We do also recommend that you add water repellant to the exterior for additional protection. To also aid in the moisture resistance, the zippers on this Family tent are good with few issues of binding. To aid in this area, we recommend applying bees wax to the zippers.

Several Items are highlighted in the reviews,

1. The ease of setup is first and foremost. One person can undoubtedly assemble this tent. The attached poles here are the key. They are of good quality. The rainfly is also included and has color-coding that aides in alignment, keeping the rain out. Set this multi room tents, add rainfly, stake the tent, and secure the guidelines.

2. Disassembly is also easy. Also, the cabin style tent fits nicely into the storage bag. As with most family tents, though, the bag could be of better construction.

3. Relatively new to the marketplace, since November 2019. They have a total of 41 reviews and 4.7 stars. A great rating

4. 1-year manufacturer warranty. As it is available on Amazon, you also have access to Amazon’s customer service and shipping.

5. This large family tent weighs in at 30 pounds, making it great for car camping and extended stay camping. However, this is probably more than you would want for hiking and backpacking, but this too is not out of the realm of possibilities.

6. The provided tent stakes are not the best quality. We recommend that you purchase good high-quality stakes. This purchase will help keep your tent secure and safe. This security will increase the strength of the structure and aid this Large family tent in strong winds.

7. Ventilation is excellent in this multi room tent with the floor vents and the mesh ceiling. The mesh ceiling, with the rainfly off, offers excellent views.

The QOMTOP 9-Person Cabin Style Tent is not a household name yet. However, with proper construction, great set up and takedown, and priced at around $200, it is an excellent choice for your large family tent. This easy tent will serve you well on the Ocean or in the mountains. The weather resistance is tremendous, and its overall construction is durable. This large family tent is an excellent choice for family camping, providing room for four adults and two queen beds. This multi room tent should be strongly considered.

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