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The Advantages of the Dome Tent

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Today we will be looking into one of the most common easy tent styles available today. Dome easy tents typically house under 8 to 10 people. Construction runs by putting poles through Loops in the tent from side-to-side. This step, in turn, lifts the tent to give it its signature shape, The Dome.

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The advantages of the Large Dome tents are many. This trendy style is more durable than cabin style tents in more substantial winds as their profile is lower. However, you trade this for a lower overall Center height. Usually, you won't be able to stand up in the center or maybe in the center, but it does slope down towards the sides.

In addition to their strength in winds, they are reliable when it comes to keeping the rain and moisture out. This ability is mainly due to the critical component, the RainFly. This component is installed over the waterproof tent so that the storm doesn’t hit the Dome Tent underneath. It also provides shade in the sunlight. In addition to the rainfly, we recommend treating the tent with a water repellant to make sure that you stay dry.

Another plus, while most Dome Tents are 3 season waterproof tents, due to their lower height, they are warmer in colder weather. This feature makes for a more comfortable camping experience in Spring and Fall. Please keep in mind that you can also purchase cold weather dome easy tents. Most of us don’t need this niche tent, but they are available. Generally, they have reduced ventilation, smaller footprint, and are made of thicker or double material.

Dome easy tents are lighter and smaller than cabin style tents. This size makes them an excellent option for hiking and backpacking. The smaller, lighter carrying case is very portable and is easily carried while hiking. They can sleep up to 10 or 12 people depending on size, but comfort is reduced. Please also note, you can purchase them with separate rooms, increasing the comfort level. These are more expensive and take more effort to assemble. These dome tents will be more substantial than standard dome easy tents, but if the size is needed, it is available.

Assembly. Depending on the size of the tent. Usually, it can range from one to two people. Assembly is typically foolproof and straightforward. Often will take between five and 10 minutes to set up. The first item of installation is the installation of the rainfly. These tents are assembled by running the poles through sleeves outside the easy tent and fitting the poles into grommets at the base of the dome easy tent. This flexing of the poles provides the signature dome shape.

The poles are usually made from fiberglass for flexibility. Please be aware that the poles can be made of aluminum for added strength, although not as common with Dome tents. The poles are attached with either string or elastics. This assembly allows them to fold out and fit together to assemble. This design also makes disassembly of the tent easy. Take the poles out, fold and roll the waterproof tent, and put it in the carry bag. Away you go.

The Downsides to Dome Tents are also essential to note. They are typically smaller than cabin tents with reduced usable interior space. They also have a Lower Center Height. This height means you will not be able to stand up and roam around the tent. They also don’t have many of the perks of cabin tents, such as room dividers, and lantern hooks. However, some of the Large Dome Tents do come with them. This item depends on the size of the tent. Also, ventilation is usually less do the smaller center height profile. Also, dome tents often only come with one door, usually a D-Style Door. This style means you have the crawl in and shuffle your gear into the tent. Please note that some of the Large Dome tents do have two doors, but not as common. Also, note they will have fewer windows than cabin style tents. This design decreases ventilation and your view of the site.

Dome tents are great for on-the-go campers, hikers, and Backpackers. Being smaller and lighter, they fit into a convenient storage bag.

Most dome tents also come with tub style bases that aid in keeping water out. These bases are usually made of a tarp-like material. Thickness does vary by brand and manufacturer. So, keep this in mind. A robust and sturdy base is essential. We also recommend putting a tarp under the tent helps in this area. Trenching will also divert water away from your tent.

It is also essential that dome style tents are staked down properly. If they are not, they can roll in heavy winds, gear and all. Properly staking the tent will also keep the material taut, helping structure the door zipper's construction and proper operation. Keep in mind most manufacturers supply tent stakes that are poor in quality. We always recommend buying good quality stakes. This purchase will make things functional and sturdy and Secure. Guidelines are also essential, so make sure they are well-grounded.

Dome Style Tents are top-rated today. They are smaller and house fewer people than larger cabin tents, but they are more durable and flexible. They are straightforward to carry and are great for on the go campers. Easy assembly, portability, price, and durability make the Dome Style Tent a common choice in the camping world today. Please see our tab for reviews and tops lists. We have explored several different dome tents to help you with your decision. Once again, we are Amazon Affiliates, so we may receive a commission should you choose to purchase from Amazon, a tent that we have reviewed.

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