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The Advantages to The Family Cabin Tent

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The Advantages of Cabin Tents.

When choosing a new Family Tent, you have many options in styles and sizes. Today we will be discussing the advantages of purchasing a Cabin Style Tent for your Family Camping trip. Whether camping at the coast or in the mountains, these Large Tents can be your home away from home.

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Now, let's get down to it. Family Cabin Style Tents come in many versions and sizes. They can range from 6 to 12 people or even more. This size is what makes them excellent for family tents. They are also perfect for claustrophobic individuals, restless sleepers, people who need more space, and families. They are also great if you want to bring that special pet with you on your camping vacation.

One of the best advantages of the Large Cabin Style Tent is its size. With near-vertical walls, they have the highest ceiling height of all tents. This size allows you to stand up as you enter the tent and move around in comfort. The vertical walls also aid in keeping the rain and weather out—a great plus.

Another great plus is that most Large Cabin Tents come with fabric sheets that allow you to divide the multi room tent into rooms. This option will enable you to break the tent into many different places, usually two or three chambers, depending on the tent's size. This feature allows you to have sleeping and living quarters in your multi room Tent, making your camping trip even more enjoyable.

Next, ventilation is excellent. The near-vertical sidewalls allow for many windows and doors in your tent. Most cabin style tents also provide vents near the floor and a mesh ceiling to make the ventilation awesome. Air enters from the lower vents and leaves through the ceiling. Keep in mind that while great in warm weather, this ventilation makes these large tents cooler in cold weather. They are at best, a 3 season tent.

Tub style base is another pro. Most cabin style tents come with this option. It comes up around 3 to 4 inches up off the ground. Usually, the material is a tarp type of material. It is typically durable and helps keep water out and your gear dry. Please note that we do recommend laying down a tarp under your tent to minimize the possibility of rocks and branches puncturing the base.

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Additional perks to a Large Cabin tent usually have a gear Loft, Lantern hook, and some even come with lights. Most larger multi room tents will also have two doors, often a T-door in the front and a D-door in the back. This feature allows for easy access bringing gear in and out and entering your easy tent through the T door standing up. Other options in Large Family Tents can include attachable porches and mats to keep dirt out the easy tents attach to the easy tent and awnings to cover doors.

These Large Cabin Tents come with multiple windows. Some have covers that you zip closed on the inside and a few that zip on the outside. The advantage here is the ventilation and views of your beautiful camping destination.

Cabin tents utilize poles on the exterior to build a framework for the tent. They are made of either fiberglass or aluminum. Please keep in mind that the aluminum poles are more durable and will last longer. Most of these poles are also telescoping to aid in assembly. Sound quality is your best bet here. Keep in mind that Cabin style tents can also be instant cabin tents. This Niche for cabin tents combines the poles already assembled at the top of the easy tent so that they can be dropped down for easy setup. Most instant tents assemble in under 5 minutes. Also, you do need to install the rain fly on top. This set is usually the most cumbersome part of the installation, but also the most important. These instant, easy tent cost more but do take some of the work out of the assembly.

Staking the tent. As with all easy tents, they need to be staked down to the ground to keep the structure secure and sound in bad weather and wind. This step also adds to the tent stability by keeping the structure taunt. By keeping the multi room tent taut, windows and doors will work properly. Zippers usually bind; however, we do recommend beeswax to Aid in this situation.

As with any tent, cabin, or Dome or a style or other, please keep in mind the campsite's location. Try to choose the ground that is higher and dry—maybe shaded, so you're not in direct sunlight. While cabin tents do have excellent ventilation as with any tent, sunlight is an issue. In this situation, we recommend bringing a fan to help move air around within the Family Cabin Tent.

To sum up, If you are looking for a Large Family Tent for your Family camping trip or extended trip, the cabin style tent is a great choice. They have a spacious interior with great ceiling height. Basically, you can make a home away from home. They are an excellent choice for car camping, but not such an excellent choice for hiking and backpacking. Please keep in mind that with size comes weight and a bulky storage bag. Some can weigh up to 60 pounds. Not something you want to be carrying through the woods on a trail. They also come in a wide range of prices, all based on the size, construction, and options that you are looking for in a large family tent.

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