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The Construction and Parts of your Family Tent

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Let's take a look at the components of your Family Tent. Knowing these items will improve your knowledge and allow you to improve speed on your setup and also to be able to overcome issues as they arise.

So with this in mind, lets get started. While there are 3 basic types of tents out there, The A-Frame, The Dome Tent and The Cabin Tent. All 3 have a some similarities.

First, they are all made of a type of waterproof cloth or material. Second, they all get their shape from poles designed to hold them up and keep their shape. Third, They all have some type of base. This base is usually made from a tarp type material and provides a barrier between you the camper and the ground. Lastly, they all need to be held to the ground. They all use a similar means, tent stakes. The stakes are slipped through cloth sleeves on the exterior of the tent and pounded into the ground.

Another important component of most tents, is the rainfly. This item is the most important item against you fight to stay dry while camping. Both Dome and Cabin Tents contain this item. The rainfly basically is laid on top of the tent and clipped to the tent or uses guide ropes and hooks to attach to the tent. Location and alignment of this is very important as this item's main purpose is to keep water out of your tent.

Items to be concerned with your rainfly:

  • Holes, punctures and tear. Always brings a waterproof repair tape just in case you need to make a waterproof tent repair.

  • Alignment on the Tent. This will help insure that you stay dry. Be careful to read instructions and pay attention to any help the manufacturer gives you for installation, such as color coding

  • Proper use of guide ropes to hold your rainfly to the ground. The importance here is that if not properly installed, you may cause stress on the tent door and windows. This stress may cause the zippers to stick or bind. In addition, there is a possibility that you can get the fly stuck in the zipper, so be careful.

Probably the next or equally important part of all tents are the poles. These little babies are what provides the overall structure of your tent, whether it is a A-Frame, Dome or Cabin Tent. Poles are generally constructed of fiberglass, however so upscale tents supply these in aluminum. They are usually interconnected with string or elastic to aid you in their assembly. Our recommendation is pay attention to the structure of the poles when you purchase your tent. Without these, you will literally be in the rain and out of luck. Also take care to store these properly and take good care of them.

If one of your poles does break, your best bet is to contact the manufacturer and try to get a replacement. Others can be purchased, but Pay attention to the overall length of the pole as the length is what provides the structure of the tent.

Next up are the Zippers. These are very important as they are located on the doors and windows of your Family Tent. They also pay an important part in keeping the weather out of your waterproof Tent. So, before you purchase your tent, take time to research the zippers on your tent.

Please also note that zippers do tend to stick, so one remedy we have found that works is using bees wax on the zippers. This will improve performance and increase the life of your zippers and the Family Tent overall.

Lastly, another extremely important component of your Family Tent is the Base. Most waterproof tents today provide what is called a tub style base. Frequently made out of a tarp style material, this base also comes up 3 inches on all sides to provide protection from water and rain. Its primary function is to keep you dry. However, damage can occur, such as a branch goes through the base. The solution we use is to lay a tarp underneath the tent. This greatly improve the resistance to a tear or puncture.

Just to mention one last item that is very important, but not really a part of the Family Tent, the tent stakes. These items hold your tent down and help to reinforce the structure especially in bad or windy weather. Unfortunately, most manufacturers provide inferior stakes. So, do yourself a big favor and go out and purchase some good sturdy stakes. In the end they will be worth to additional effort.

In closing, we have broken down the main components of all tents. All are equally important to the structure and longevity of your Family Tent. Please pay attention to the quality of these items and inspect them frequently. So from familytentspro.com, happy camping.

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