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Top 3 Family Dome Tents for 2020

Updated: May 2, 2020

The Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent, the HikerGarden 8-Person Dome Tent, and the NTK Super Arizona 12-Person Dome Tent.

Today we will be reviewing the Top 3 Family Dome Tents for 2020. The Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent, the HikerGarden 8-Person Dome Tent, and the NTK Super Arizona 12-Person Dome Tent. For further information, we have provided individual reviews for each of these amazing tents. Each of these Large tents has strength and weaknesses. Here we will be comparing and making recommendations for your unique camping experience.

We are Familytentspro.com. We provide you with the information and recommendation on Large Family Tents so that you can make the best choice for your purchase. We review the technical information and read the reviews so that we can have all this information available for you in one place so that you can make your educated decision.

Also, keep in mind that we are Amazon Affiliates and may receive a commission on your purchase. In addition, being Amazon Affiliates allow us to be unbiased and not linked to just one manufacturer. This allows us to provide you with the best information possible so you can make your educated decision on your next Family Tent. So lets get down to it..

The Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent, the HikerGarden 8-Person Dome Tent, and the NTK Super Arizona 12-Person Dome Tent are all Large Family Dome Tents. They all follow the similar construction for dome tents where fiberglass poles are inserted into sleeves on the outside of the tent from one side of the tent to the other. This give the tent its dome shape.

The Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent has some Pros and Cons. So let’s look at them now.


1. 4.3 out of 5 stars

2. Price aggressively at around $130

3. Large Family Tent with 12’ by 9’ by 72” high footprint. Allows you to use 2 queen airbeds comfortably. Basically, 2 adults and 1 or 2 small children fit great into this tent.

4. Small and light enough for backpacking and hiking, 20 lbs.

5. Easy setup. Takes under 10 minutes to assemble tent and install rainfly.

6. Pockets, loft and lantern hook are all included

7. Closable entry point for electrical cord, allowing you to bring power into the tent


1. Fiberglass poles are on the weak side and the strings break. This alone, caused the 4.3 star rating. Needs thicker, stronger poles

2. Zipper on front door binds due to stress on the zipper from the pole location

3. Overall construction material is thin. Mainly see this in the tub-style base. This allow items to puncture the bottom of the tent, allowing water in.

4. Overall Weatherproof is good, however the rainfly needs to be in the proper location

Next up, the HikerGarden 8-Person Dome Tent. This Family Dome tent has Pros and Cons of its own, so lets take a closer look.


1. This large family tent has 4.7 stars out of 5. The negative reviews were from individuals who had not used tent at the time of their review

2. Well Priced at $160. You get great construction, large size and good quality for a great price

3. This Family Tent has a footprint of 16’ by 9’ by 6’ high. This great size allows for 3 queen size beds. The 72” height allow for you to stand in the center of the tent. Keep in mind that this is a dome tent, so height decreases as you move towards the edge.

4. Perfect for hiking, backpacking and all around camping. This Family tent is only 17 pounds and fits nicely into its 20” carry bag. Small size, not bulky.

5. E-port to bring electrical cord into the tent, This port is waterproof when not in use.

6. Pockets and lantern hook add convenience

7. Mesh ceiling allows for awesome views when the rainfly is off. Also, coupled with the floor vents, the ventilation is great.

8. Large door for great access

9. Room divider included is the perfect way to make great use of your space

10. Tent is extremely weatherproof. This you will greatly appreciate


1. This large family tent has only been on the Amazon Market Place for under 2 years.

2. Only had 20 reviews. The only negative review was a 3 star and was posted before the tent was even used.

Finally, lets take a closer look at our final choice, the NTK Super Arizona 12-Person Dome Tent. This massive dome tent is awesome for larger families and still is easy to assemble.


1. 4.5 stars out of 5 stars with 52 reviews

2. 10’ by 20’ by 6.9’ high. Massive size for 3 adults, and 3 children.

3. Divider Curtain to make 2 rooms out of this Large Family Tent

4. Awning incorporated into the rainfly keeps rain from entering the door system

5. 2 Large d-style doors make entry into this tent easy and efficient.

6. 1 year warrantee on the fiberglass poles

7. Pockets, loft and lantern hook makes for better use of the space

8. Tub-style base keeps water out, tent is weather proof


1. Good tent but priced high at $470.

2. More difficult to set up. This large tent takes at least 2 people to set it up.

3. Windows only zip from the outside. Not handy in the rain.

4. Zippers are weak. For this price we expect sturdier zippers

5. Tent stakes of cheap quality. You should purchase good quality stakes, especially for a tent this size.

6. Storage bag is good size, but cheap quality and the zipper is a big weak point.

These 3 dome tents, The Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent, the HikerGarden 8-Person Dome Tent, and the NTK Super Arizona 12-Person Dome Tent, are all excellent tents and are our top three choices for Family Dome Tents in 2020. They each have strengths and weaknesses, but in the end, they all have good construction, great resistance to rain and weather. All offer space with additional items to make your camping stay more enjoyable.

In the end it boils down to what is most important to you for your camping trip. Also, the type of trip you will be enjoying plays a large roll in your decision. While these 3 tents are all large family tents, they are all unique. For a greater breakdown of each tent, we do have individual reviews on each with even more data. This will help you make your decision for the purchase of your Large Family Tent.

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