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Top 8 Camping Tips For the Fist-Time Camper.

Fist-Time Camping can be one of the best experiences that you and your family can enjoy. This method of vacationing can offer you new options for that perfect family adventure. Maybe you want to get off-grid or perhaps an affordable way to vacation at the beach. Either way, tenting is the best medium for many camping and vacationing adventures.

What are the top tips for the first-time camper?

There are several steps to help you have that perfect first camping trip. It would help if you considered the following topics to ensure the best adventure possible.

  • Decide where you will be camping

  • Pick the perfect tent

  • The climate of the area you will be camping

  • Will you be bringing children or your pets

  • Will you be camping in windy weather

  • Do a dry-run of your trip in the backyard

  • Camp close to home

  • Decide what you will be sleeping on

  • Check the weather continually

These items all working together will help you enjoy the best possible tenting vacation, especially for the first-timer. If you pay attention to these tips, you will have the knowledge and gear needed for your adventure.

Now, let's take a closer look at each of these topics so that you can start to gather your information and build your plan for your first camping trip.

Decide where you will be camping

Planning where you will be camping for your first camping trip is an essential item of the entire trip. Here you will want to choose a location that will offer you areas of interest and a place that will allow you to relax and unwind.

For some of us, this might be the ocean or a lakeside campground. Others might consider the mountains or hiking vacation. No matter your objective, you need to research the area you will be tenting. Look for areas of interest that will compliment your tenting vacation.

Fishing, boating, and hunting might be the perfect areas of interest for you and your family. For others, sunbathing might be the ideal way to relax and unwind next to the lake or ocean. Many different hobbies are available for you to consider.

When considering the perfect camping location, you will also need to keep in mind the location's climate. The climate will affect the clothing and gear that you will bring, but it might even mean that you need a different tent style.

Pick the perfect tent

The perfect tent is the cornerstone of your best-tenting vacation. Not only will your tent offer you comfort and protection from the weather, but it is your home away from home.

To choose the best tent for your needs, you want to consider all of the following topics.

The number of people sleeping in the tent is a top consideration.

The best rule of thumb is to choose a tent that is rated for two more people than in your party. If you have a party of four, you will need a tent no smaller than one rated for a party of six. You may even want to consider a tent with multiple rooms or even a screen room for added space and comfort.

The climate of the area you will be tenting

The climate you will be camping in will also affect your choice of tents. If you are camping in a cooler or cold climate, you may want to opt for a four-season tent as these are rated for colder weather and will help you retain the heat within the tent.

This tent needs to offer you the best in comfort while on your perfect tenting vacation. Making an ideal choice is a subjective term, but you need to choose a tent that is not only large enough for your party but will also stand up well in wet and rainy weather.

Will you bring your furry friends to participate in your tenting adventure.

Choosing a large enough tent is crucial for comfort on your vacation, but will you be bringing a furry friend? If the answer to this question is yes, you will want to consider your pets' needs and your family's.

There are many styles and types of tents on the market so you can make a great choice. Suppose you feel that your pet or children will need their own space while on the trip, you should consider a multi-room tent. In these tents, you will be able to close off a room that can be used for a specific purpose. This room could be used for play or sleeping for your children or your pets.

Will you be tenting in winding weather

Windy weather always poses a unique problem while tent camping. Some tents hold up better in higher winds than others. For instance, a Family Dome Tent will have a lower profile and offers you rounded and sloping edges that will not catch and hold the wind. This design will allow the tent to survive in higher winds.

A Cabin Tent is square with flat walls that will certainly catch and contain the wind. This tent model has a higher profile so that it will offer you more headroom inside the tent. However, this higher profile is not a good thing when it comes to stronger winds. This higher profile, coupled with the straight walls, will not have a pleasant effect on this style of tent.

Do a dry run in your backyard

For the first time camper, a dry run in your backyard is a must. You will gain valuable knowledge on how to set up your tent. Not only will you gain practical experience setting it up, but you will also confirm that you have all the needed parts to complete your setup.

Know how to set your tent up is essential as you never know what will happen on your first-time camping trip. You might be stuck setting up in the rain or wind. Even worse, you could be setting up your tent and campsite in the dark. This setup is difficult for the seasoned tenter, so any extra experience setting up your tent will only help improve your camping experience.

Once you have your tent set up, you should consider a complete dry run overnight. You will get a taste of sleeping in your tent and gain knowledge of what additional items you can bring to help make your trip more comfortable.

This experience will offer you insight into the gear you might need to make your trip more comfortable. This experience might suggest that you bring a heater or fan, chairs, or a table. This information will make your family tenting adventure more enjoyable for all.

Camp close to home

Your first tenting trip should be close to home. Even though you have chosen the perfect tent and gear, you still need experience. Camping comfort comes from experience, and you will most likely not get everything correct the first time out.

Camping close to home gives you the security to head home if your trip is not working out as planned. I'm not saying to give up if it doesn't go right, but under some circumstances heading home is the best alternative.

For example, a surprise unrelenting rainstorm can make even a seasoned camper uncomfortable. So, on your first trip, you might want to pack it in and try again on another weekend. Being close to home in this situation is a great choice.

Decide what you will be sleeping on and in

Comfort while sleeping is essential to your perfect first time camping trip. It would help if you looked into your sleeping options, from pads, air mattresses to cots. Also, you want to stay warm, so what type of sleeping bag or bedding will you be needing.

Some of these questions can be answered by your backyard campout. This test will show you what to sleep on. Will a sleeping pad be enough for comfort? Will an air mattress be the best choice?

Bedding or a sleeping bag is your next question to answer. When it comes to sleeping bags, they come in different sizes and warmth ratings. It would help if you chose a sleeping bag that will be appropriate for your sleeping climate.

Also, you can purchase two-person sleeping bags that offer you comfort and warmth for the pair of you while on your first-time camping trip.

Both of these items, your bed, and bedding play a crucial role in your comfort while on your adventure. Please also consider the comfort of your children and your pets. They also need to be comfortable, or none of you will enjoy this adventure.

Check the weather and pack appropriately

Finally, you need to check the weather for the location where you will be camping. It would help if you looked into average temperatures and precipitation. Check this frequently and try to develop a pattern. Once you understand the weather, you need to consider the items of clothing and gear that you will need on your tenting adventure.

If the weather is cooler, you will need warmer clothing, blankets, and jackets. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are a must on any tenting vacation as the nighttime temperatures will typically be cooler. These temps are also why we enjoy sitting around the campfire.

Other items to consider might be heaters or fans. Wet weather might mean for you to consider umbrellas and ponchos.

Keeping a close eye on the weather is the best way to ensure that you have an enjoyable vacation inside your tent.

Now you have the information and tools to help ensure that perfect first-time camping trip. Choosing the ideal location near your home and performing a dry run with your tent and gear will help make the adventure more enjoyable.

We are Family Tents Pro, and we are sharing some of our learned knowledge that will help elevate your first camping trip to the highest level possible.

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