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Top Items to Consider For Your Family Camping Trip

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Hello. Today we will be talking about what are the most important items to consider before your family camping trip. Reviewing these items can make a break your family outing.

When your planning your first time tenting trip, you need to consider factors that are both within your control and out of your control. Planning for these items will make a success of your first time tent camping and will help to improve your overall enjoyment of the tenting experience.

What are the most common items to consider before your first family tenting trip? The following items are the basics to making an enjoyable tenting adventure possible.

  • Where you will be camping, iff-grid, national park or campground/resot

  • The weather forecast where you will be camping, precipitation, temperatures

  • Bring the essential camping items, tools, food, clothing

  • Choose the best tent for your camping party size and style, dome, cabin, instant cabin tent

We have gathered this information from our own experiences in a variety of camping destinations, advice of friends and fellow campers, and online research. This list of important items is a great starting point for you and your family, but can easily be tailored to fit the dynamics of your family and your needs.

First thing to consider is where you will be camping. Pick your Campground with care. Go to one of the review sites and check out the ratings of all types of campgrounds where you plan to be camping. Whether you're camping in the mountains, at the beach, or some other tourist destination, this first item can help you secure the perfect setting for your family outing.

Campgrounds very by size, areas they are located in, and amenities. Look for the items that suit you best and what would entertain you on your vacation. Some have pools. Some have tennis courts, mini golf and basketball. What's right for you and your family. This item will get you off on the right foot.

Next, considering where you'll be staying, look at the weather forecast for this area for your stay. Does this area tend to be more prone to rain, wind or rain and wind? In addition is it usually sunny cloudy and what is the average temperature. All these items can have a large impact on how you camp for your family vacation. It affects every item of your trip, so closely monitor this item.

Next item, What to bring. This is crucial after reviewing the weather for your stay taking into account temperature, sun or rain and wind. This will help you decide how to pack accordingly: sweatshirts jackets, shorts, bathing suits. if applicable. Remember, you want to be comfortable. Are you going to be swimming on your vacation or are you going to be hiking on your vacation? Also please keep in mind, minimalism is a plus in this area. The more gear you have, the more you're going to have to set up in your tent. Too much, and you'll feel Tight and claustrophobic. Remember you want to be comfortable so that you can enjoy the area that you chose.

Next, the tent you're going to be using. Are you going to have several small tents on the site, or one large tent on the site? Remember, just because the tent says it sleeps 6 people doesn't mean it fits 6 people comfortably. Typically, they size a tent by the number of people they can lay side-by-side and even across the feet to fill all space. For us, A party of two usually is great in a 4 or 6-person tent. While these tend to be larger and a little more encompassing to set up, the added space is well worth the added setup and help alleviate discomfort.

In addition, are you going to be using a Dome Tent or cabin tent or even the newer instant cabin tents. All these have pluses and minuses.

Dome tents have a lower profile and tend to be better in higher wind locations. They're also very good in rainy weather. Due to their lower profile, they tend to have less ventilation. This makes them warmer in cooler weather. They are also easy to set up and less bulky to carry. These tents are a good choice for all around camping. They are very portable so they are also a great fit for hiking and backpacking. Remember, the larger you go the heavier they are. Some of the larger Dome tents even come with room dividers and additional rooms for your enjoyment. Keep in mind though, if you're a tall, large person central height is typically lower than that of a cabin tent and you will spend your vacation bending over while moving throughout the tent.

Cabin tents. This could be the choice for you if you have a larger family, taller person, or if you tend to feel claustrophobic. While the footprint can be the same as a a Dome Tent, the overall feel is larger due to the fact that the center height is typically taller than a Dome Tent. The center height usually remains relatively constant to the edge of the tent. This allows for a more airy feel. In addition, you can walk around the entire tent. These tents also come with other items such as wall dividers, pockets, and Lantern hooks. All these perks are designed to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. While cabin tents can be more difficult to set up, the work can be worth the effort. These tents can be more like a hotel room in the woods. A home away from home as they are typically much larger than dome tents.

Lastly, we now have the Instant Cabin Tent. These tents can range from 4 to 12 people depending on which one you pick. Many are very weather resistant. The plus here is that they can be set up by one or two people with very little effort or experience needed. Tent poles are attached to the top of the tent, so you just fold them down. Easy peasy under 5 minutes.

Just remember. Choosing your tent is important. As important as choosing where you'll be camping. Choose the tent that is best for your situation. Dome tents work best for hiking and backpacking, cabin tents for large families and Extended Stays. All these factors will pay off in the end.

Now you know where, and what you'll be sleeping in, you can now set your itinerary. Remember you're camping. Don't pack the whole house and all the electronics to amuse you during your stay. Your purpose for camping is the getaway enjoy nature and to enjoy your family.

Please keep in mind that we offer reviews on dome, cabin, and instant cabin tents. This information will help you choose the best home away from home. Now pack up and get to it. Enjoy

We are Familytentspro.com. We are reviewers of large family tents and it is our mission to help improve your next family outing either by helping you purchase the best family tent for you situation or by giving you some helpful information to cut the worry and headache out of your vacation. Now, let’s get down to it.

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