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What Are The Best Activities Inside Your Tent While Family Camping?

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

We all know camping puts you in touch with nature, but I've had times when we needed something for the family to do inside the tent during poor weather.

What are some entertaining activities for the family during a rainy camping trip? Over the years, I've found that card and board games always fill the time with fun and laughter. Art activities are also a great choice. These items will not only keep everyone's mind off the rain but will fit easily into your camping cinch sacks for quick packing.

These games will gather the family around the table or under the awning for hours of enjoyment and engagement. I know that it is an old school, but these entertainment sources will not only promote some thought from the family, but most of these games require no electricity, so they are perfect for camping in your tent. Here, your family will not only pass the time quickly, but you will find that this time together has allowed you all to get to know something more about each other.

From this standpoint, you can pass hours by using this simple camping games. Whether you are playing cards, Board Games, or Arts and Crafts, these activities are just the start. Smaller children may not want to play card games, while this may be the adults' choice. These same younger children might prefer to color in coloring books or draw.

You might even want to consider puzzles as your choice of rainy entertainment. You can choose a design or picture to you liking and then spend hours with the family completing the picture. When done, this goes back in the box, and away you go, ready for the next trip.

Card Camping Games for the Children and Adults

There are many different types of card camping games, from cribbage to canasta to poker. These tend to be more adult orientated games, so small children will still need their own entertainment. Like most of us, games like poker are usually played for betting stakes. It would be best to think about fun items like tootsie rolls or chocolates to keep the betting friendly and straightforward.

There are also card games for children to play. Camp Games for kids like UNO, War, and Go Fish can offer hours of diversion for your younger children. You, too, will enjoy this time being close to the family and see how it has grown and come together.

As a parent, it was always fun to sit with the children and play these camp games for kids. Our game was still UNO. This self-contained card game has a specific deck, and the gameplay is basically matching cards and removing from the deck.

Now, if your children have no interest and card games and are amused by other means, the adults can have hours of fun with card games, including Poker, Bridge, and many other titles. These games are typically pasted down through the family, so you may only know how to play a few.

Growing up, my family played poker and cribbage, but no bridge. I have no idea how to play bridge even though it is a popular card game. I'm sure you will find the same workings in your family. Now is the perfect time for you to share a few of these card games with your older children so they too can pass them down when the time comes with their children.

Board Games

Here you can also find board games for children like Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land. You can also find matches based on an older audience. These games require more thought and planning. Games like Scrabble and Monopoly are perfect examples. We have spent many an hour playing Monopoly trying to see who the big tycoon will be in the end.

Arts and Crafts

This activity is well suited to your smaller children as they might not have the level of focus to complete a card game or a board game. Here you can simply offer coloring books and crayons. To this day, I still enjoy coloring my favorite characters. There is something relaxing about watching a picture take shape with color and definition that offers a sense of completion.

Other simple crafts could include string art, paper airplanes, and even cutouts and stickers. These all offer the younger child a great time looking and completing the project while still using their creativity. You can buy these craft kits that come in a drum, sort of a pick, and go type of craft kit.

The only rule here is you want these crafts to be easy to pack and move. You don't want to bring the whole pantry full of paints and brushes. A simple item like markers, colored pencils, and crayons are worth their weight in gold on a wet camping trip.

You can encourage your children to draw items from memory or your current surroundings in nature. Things like landscapes, birds, flowers, and trees are all easily achievable for you and your children. Then you can take the time to color them in.

Another suggestion is to start these drawings and colorings and move them around the table, so everyone gets to add features to all of the pictures. These actions will encourage all of the family to partake, and you'll probably get some great family laughs in the end. Wait to see the result as everyone will have a different view.

Etch A Sketch

This tool is a toy from our childhood. However, it is perfectly suited for camping, especially for your younger children.

This craft item is a drawing tool in a self-contained shell. You have two knobs to move your pointer around the square screen to draw a pencil looking line on the net. Trust me, this one toy or tool can wash away hours of rainy time. The more you do this drawing, the better you get.

Once done, you simply shake the pad to erase your work and start all over with a blank slate, so to speak.

This craft tool is perfect for camping as it is simple and self-contained. It is no more extensive and thicker than the average laptop computer, so that you will have no problem fitting this tool into your camping arsenal.


We all remember doing puzzles as a child at our grandparent's house, or at least I do. This activity can be for the beginner with large sized puzzle pieces or the experienced puzzle professional. These challenging puzzles can come in sizes from 10 to 5000 pieces or even more.

In the end, puzzles can supply you and your children with hours of entertainment. This project is perfect for the whole family. It also promotes planning and coordination, and these items are great for young and old.

Puzzles are small in size when they are disassembled, so they are straightforward to pack. They are also an item that you can leave in your camping gear for the next trip. Usually, when these are out of sight, they are out of mind. I mean, they won't be missed when you are home, and the children are busy with their daily routines.

In the end, You have many alternatives that are easy to pack and will take up little of your valuable packing space. All of these items can entertain the entire family, from adults to children. Many of these options can be played or completed by younger children and parents. An item like puzzles and coloring will entertain almost everybody in the family.

We are Family Tents Pro, and we've spent a lifetime camping. We try to pass this information on to you to help you have the perfect family camping trip no matter the location and no matter the weather. We have other information on our website that will also help you to that perfect family camping trip. Head over to www.familytentspro.com and see what other tips that can improve your tenting and camping experience. We may also earn a commission should you choose to purchase through one of our affiliate links.

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