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What are the Best Pop Up Tents?

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

At the Beach, Picnic, or even Trailside, we need a quick and easy method to get quality shelter from the sun and rain with little to no effort to set up. This style of small instant tent needs to be portable and easy to handle. I'm referring to pop up tents, which are very simple and easy tents to build.

What are the Best Pop Up Tents? These instant tents can be set up in seconds, by simply pulling it out of the storage bag. These easy tents need to be lightweight and portable, as well as waterproof and durable. These instant pop up tents can be used in many ways such as on the trail, for shade at the beach, a playhouse for your children, or even a shelter during your family camping trip. The lightweight construction of the best pop up tent makes this design the perfect alternative for all of the destinations I've listed here and many more.

So, when it comes to the Best Pop Up Tents For Sale, we have four options for you to consider. All of the easy tents listed here are pop up tents by design. Additionally, you can build any of these four instant pop up tents in under 30 seconds.

Pop Up Tent - Automatic Instant Tent - Portable Cabana Beach Tent - Fits 2 People - Windows and Doors on Both Sides - Water Resistant, UV Protection Sun Shelter - Carry Bag Included

Visit the Abco Tech Store

First up on our list for the best pop up tent is the Pop Up Tent from Abco Tech. This waterproof tent holds a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform and is also listed as an Amazon Choice product, so you know that it offers you quality at a great price. This product is priced at $49.97.

EFFORTLESS CAMPING – This easy tent Pops open into a ready-to-use form in no time at all. You can also store this tent as easily as you opened it. The Abco Pop up tent is ideal for casual camping, car camping, picnics, and even sunshade at the beach. This instant pop-up tent comes in a size of 88.6" Length x 47.2" Width x 37.4" Height and will easily accommodate 1-2 persons.

DOUBLE DOORS – Doors are provided on the left and right sides of the tent. You can get in and out merely on either side. The combination of the inner zippered screen plus the outer zippered nylon layer gives this pop up tent the ability to easily switch from a high breathable tent to the total privacy that you need for a great night's sleep.

HIGH BREATHABILITY – In addition to the two doors, this pop-up tent includes two mesh windows on the front and back that add further to the instant tent's air circulation. When you need privacy, you simply lower the nylon flaps over the windows for privacy. As this is a choice for Best Pop Up Tents, with the windows and doors open, you have air circulation on this tent's sides.

CARRY BAG & ACCESSORIES – This pop up Tent comes with a durable carry bag that's the ideal place for storage of the tent and carrying it anywhere you want to go. Also, it includes a small pouch for accessories that is a great way to keep them organized. This tent occupies very little space in the trunk of your car trunk, allowing you to take it everywhere. You never know when you might need this tent on the beach or at a picnic.

GUARANTEE – The 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE is included so you can feel confident in the purchase of this fantastic and useful pop up tent.

The Instant Pop Up Tent from Abco Tech Store is the perfect choice for so many different venues. With the easy to set up design, you can take this easy tent anywhere. Under the Stars or at the Beach, this tent will provide you with the views and the shelter you need to enjoy the great outdoors.

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

Visit the Coleman Store

Next on our list of Best Pop Up Tents is from Coleman, an industry leader in the camping and tenting marketplace. The Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Tent we are looking at holds a 4.3 out of 5 stars on the Amazon Platform. Again, being a camping equipment leader, this easy tent is also an Amazon Choice. The price for this instant tent is $82.

This instant pop up tent from Coleman is just what you would expect. It is made from a quality 185T 68D Fire and water-resistant polyester, and you can assemble this camping tent in 10 seconds. This easy set up as the tent poles are preassembled into place, which allows you to pull out and enjoy this best pop up tent.

Waterproof Tent Floor – The Taped floor seams keep you and your gear dry even when the ground is soaking wet.

Multi-position rainfly – The rainfly offers you the perfect balance of protection and ventilation and can be adjusted on the tent for the best result in any type of weather.

Tent measurements – This pop-up tent's footprint is 7 feet 6 inches by 4 feet 5 inches with a 2-foot 11-inch center height. Perfect height and size to crawl out of the sun or rain.

Protected Seams – This instant tent includes Inverted seams to increase weather resistance by hiding needle holes inside the tent.

Wind Strong Frame – This Coleman Tent is engineered to be a more robust, more durable wind responsive frame. The redesigned guy-out triangles and poles are the cornerstone of this redesigned framework.

Zipper Protection – The provided zipper cuff increases the water and weather resistance to protect you from the weather's elements.

Waterproof Floors – This Coleman Pop Up Tent uses Coleman's patented welding technology that not only strengthens the floor but eliminates needle holes and thereby reduces water entering the tent.

This Coleman Pop Up Tent is the perfect on the go tent. With the ability to set it up in 10 seconds, you can use this easy tent at the park, car camping, and trips to the beach. The preassembled poles make this set up possible. This tent offers you a waterproof tent by including taped seams, adjustable rainfly, and a waterproof floor. This instant tent can provide shelter for up to two campers that need to get out of the weather.

ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent 3 4 Person, Beach Tent Sun Shelter for Baby with UV Protection - Automatic and Instant Setup Tent for Family

Visit the ZOMAKE Store

Now, the ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent is a fantastic alternative that can be used on the trailside while hiking or even that essential baby shelter at the beach. These easy tents have an excellent 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform. This tent is an Amazon Choice product and, therefore, a top choice for your tenting needs. You can purchase this tent at $79.99.

These unique pop up tents for sale can be used for general camping in clear weather or as your children's secret playhouse. The assembly can be complete with little to no effort in seconds. No need to wait for lengthy set up as this easy pop up tent has everything you need—no need to fumble with complicated instruction and poles.

Ventilation& Blocking Mosquitoes – This easy tent provides you with two mesh-covered doors, 2 mesh-covered windows. Another great perk is that they have included an extra big mesh roof sky window for improved ventilation and fantastic views. The windows and doors use a high-density mesh net that allows fresh air to circulate while keeping those troublesome bugs and insects out.

Tent Size – This pop-up tent is an open-sized tent that comfortably provides room for 2 to 3 adults. You can fit four is needed. This venue is perfect for the family to rest on that family hike. The easy tent size is 95 x 71 x 39 inches and can hold a queen-sized mattress (80*60 inch).

Material – The tent is durable and sturdy and constructed of 190T PU-coated silver ANTI-UV polyester fabric. This instant tent is perfect for the beach as it provides you with a UPF 50+ Sun Protection.

Carrying bag With the installation instructions – The installation instruction and carry bag are included for your convenience. The durable carry bag allows you to keep all the components of this pop up tent in one handy location, ready to go on a moment's notice.

Warranty - Should anything go wrong with your tent, you have up to 90 days from purchase to request a completely free replacement.

The ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent is the perfect tent for you to take to the park, picnic, or the beach. The easy pop up design allows you to pull it out of the bag and it's ready to go. Tent stakes are included for those windy days.

Sun protection is an enormous advantage with this best pop up tent as the tent material is rated for an SPF 50. It is the perfect shelter for your baby or children at the beach in direct sunlight. Also, the sunroof that is included with the unit on the top of the tent can be closed or even removed.

In addition to shade at the beach, this instant tent is perfect for picnics, trips to the park, even camping on the trail. Just note that while this tent will offer you protection from the rain, this is not the tent's best attribute. It may not hold up well in heavy rains.

All the components you need, the tent, bag, and tent stakes are included for your convenience. This kit will allow you to experience the outdoors and give also give your children a great place to play as their playhouse. Once they're done, you can simply pick it up and fold it back into the bag.

OT QOMOTOP 4 Person Pop up Tent, 9.5' ×7' with 50" Center Height, 10 Second Setup Instant Tent, Rainproof Tent, 4 Ventilated Mesh Windows, 2 Mesh Doors, Family Camping Tents(Blue)


Our final choice for the best pop up tent is the four person pop up from OT QOMOTOP. If you follow us, you know that QOMOTOP is almost always one of our top picks. We love the attention to deal and pride that they put into each product they offer. This pop up tent has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform, no surprise. This easy tent is priced at $89.99.

Tent Set Up – This instant pop up tent takes just 10 seconds to pull out and set up. It will take you only 1 minute to pack it up and put it in the bag.

Tent Size – The OT QOMOTOP Pop Up Tent will hold up to four adults or one queen-sized airbed with ample space for all of your gear. The tent measures 9.5'X7'X50".

Ventilation – There are four mesh windows, two on each side, on this pop up tent. Two Doors with Mesh and Nylon Panels are included for privacy and to keep the insects out. The doors' French Door style works excellent, alongside the roof windows, to keep condensation to a minimum. Used carefully, you will stay dry and warm while using this best pop up tent.

Weatherproof Design – The pop up tent provides you with taped seams along the sewing lines adding to this waterproof tent's ability to keep you dry. Even in heavy rains, you will remain dry and safe. Additionally, this pop up tent has been tested and can withstand winds up to 35 mph after adding the guy lines and stakes. Keep in mind that you can use this tent for shade a the beach, but it is not an Anti UV Shelter.

Unique Door Opening – The double doors on this pop up tent resemble French windows after unzipping the flaps. You can zip or unzip each window separately, giving you total control of the tent's airflow. This chore can all be done inside the tent, so there is no need to get wet on the outside.

Components Included – The OT QOMOTOP 4 person pop up tent includes four guy ropes, eight tent stakes, and the 39.3" X 39.3" X 2" carry bag. This bag is the perfect item to keep this convenient pop up tent safe and ready to go on your next trip. Not to mention, you will always have the stakes and ropes if you need them while on your travels.

Again, the OT QOMOTOP 4 person pop up tent is an excellent choice for you and your children. It makes a great playhouse that is easily set up and packed away. It is also perfect for picnics and trips to the beach. Used on the trail, this tent has excellent ventilation and will keep you dry and comfortable. Together, these items are why this fantastic pop up tent is on our list for the best pop up tents.

of similarities. All of them can be set up in under one minute while pack up time varies. The QOMOTOP and Coleman models are the best choices when weatherproofing is needed. The ZOMAKE pop up tent is rated for sunblock at an SPF 50 level, so this would be your best choice for the beach. The Coleman and Abco Tech products are both listed for two persons, while the QOMOTOP and ZOMAKE are listed as 3 to 4 person tents.

Every one of these pop up tents is an excellent choice for the best pop up tents. They all are durable and made to last season after season. These quality tents will allow you to enjoy the outdoors with your family. Whether at the Beach, On the Trail, or In the Park, any one of these pop up tents will serve you and your family well.

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