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What are the Best Roof Top Tents on the market today?

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

As Campers, we love a unique yet enjoyable family camping trip. Whether you’re an RV or Tent camper, This family experience is second to none. Even here, we are always looking for a better or new experience or an improvement your usual style. With this thought, we have different types of tent camping. You can camp in a dome or cabin tents, Nylon or Canvas Tents. You can even tent on the ground or your car, truck, or van.

Camping in your Jeep Roof Tent or 4Runner Roof Tent, you have a secure base under you while still experiencing the outdoor camping experience in a waterproof tent. What are the Best Roof Top Tents on the market today? The Roof Top Tent With Annex is a great solution. You are planning to drive your vehicle into the outdoors and stay in one location for the experience. Maybe this Roof Top Tent with Annex is the central location for your fishing or hunting trip.

With the best roof top tent like 4Runner Roof Tents or Jeep Tents, you can utilize an efficient and safe shelter off the ground and away from predators. Not to mention, that Jeep Roof tents are great if there is no clearing in sight for you to build your basecamp. Your vehicle is your camp with your four person roof top tent ready to go in this situation. This off the ground shelter is not only a waterproof tent solution, but it also keeps you off the muddy ground, especially in the muddy season in parts of the country.

Now, be aware that we may call these Jeep Roof Tents or 4 Runner Roof Tents; however, this style of best roof top tent can be used with other SUV vehicles. If your vehicle has a hard roof, you can strap on the Roof Top Tent With Annex. You are provided with the base, straps, ladders, and the waterproof tent to complete your construction. This 4 Person Roof Top Tent gives you the room and convenience that you need while deep in the woods for whatever your trip may be.

With this necessary information on Jeep Roof Tents and 4Runner Roof Tents, we can now take a closer look at the best roof top tents on the market. These options not only offer durability and quality, but they all work hard to provide you with the best waterproof tent for your money.

Raptor Series 100000-126800 OFFGRID Voyager Jeep Truck SUV Camping Rooftop Tent with Ladder

Brand: Raptor Series

First on our list is the Jeep Tent from Raptor Series. The fantastic best roof top tent has a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon platform. The pricing for this heavy-duty waterproof tent assembly for roof top camping is listed at $899.99.

The extremely popular Jeep tent comes in the standard size tent that easily sleeps, two adults. The high-density 78 by 48-inch foam double/full mattress provides you with a high comfort level on your trip. The underlying framework is designed to support a 750-pound max load.

This waterproof tent alternative sets up and closes in seconds. The inclusive and unique design eliminates the need for additional setup, thereby simplifying the process and saving you time. The included Heavy-duty telescoping 8-foot aluminum ladder allows you easy and reliable entry into your nightly sleeping quarter.

This best roof top tent is aerodynamically engineered to withstand heavy winds and shed rainwater to improve this waterproof tent’s ratings. Additionally, the heavy-duty cover keeps the tent dry and protected when the tent is not in use and stowed away for periods.

This best roof top tent’s interior boasts two hanging shoes and storage pockets that roll up and store with ease. Also, built-in air vents located on the walls have a quick-adjust control feature that allows you to be comfortable inside the Jeep Tent at all times. The interior also features a large living area and plenty of places to hang your gear to keep your space organized and optimized.

Another perfect feature is the net door rolls from the top down. This motion helps you to control the air that flows into the tent, while still protecting you from the elements. Finally, the built-in awning creates a natural panoramic view while providing shade to help control the tent’s interior while keeping the weather out.

In the end, there a few things more relaxing than heading out in your vehicle to get away from the tensions of everyday life. The Raptor series of roof top tents were designed with this in mind. Once you install this Jeep Roof Tent or 4Runner Roof Tent, you will have the comforts of home with you on the road. They will be located on your vehicle’s roof, but still easily accessible when you’re set up on your next camping trip.

The Raptor Series is rated for 750 pounds, but you should still check your vehicle roof top rack system’s rating to be sure that you fall within the limits. This roof rack system is explicitly designed to be mounted to stock roof rack systems or aftermarket rack and crossbar system. The design allows for easy setup and closes in under one minute. With this excellent roof top waterproof tent, you can enjoy the panoramic view of nature all around you for on top of your vehicle.

Silverwing SWT80S Soft Roof Tent (48” Wide)

Brand: Silverwing

Next up is our second choice for the best roof top tents. The Silverwing SWT80S Soft Roof Tent has a 3.0 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform. This Waterproof Tent for the roof of your vehicle costs $939.00. This versatile roof top tent is 48” wide and includes a 2” HDF Foam Mattress for your convenience and comfort.

Being listed as a best roof top tent means this Waterproof Tent is made from high-quality materials and fabric. The entire package mounts to your vehicle’s roof rack system and anchors in place, so no need to waste time in the field connecting the unit to the vehicle. It is already mounted when you hit the woods. The travel cover ensures that this best roof top tent is perfect when you get to your campsite.

This inclusive roof top waterproof tent includes a fully zipped door for your protection from nasty insects. The mesh windows provide the same feature. In addition, they keep the interior of the tent well ventilated and comfortable for your roof top tent stay in the woods.

The high-quality design of this Jeep Tent or SUV Tent includes two personal storage pockets for your personal items and shoes. This feature helps to keep the interior of the tent organized and operational.

The entire system is 45” wide and weighs a total of 90 pounds with the ladder attached. This important feature makes it much easier to remove the system when not in use, compared to other bulkier and heavier alternatives.

To sum up, The Silverwing Soft Roof Tent is precisely what you need to get into roof top camping. The interior of 95” by 48” illustrates ample room for two adults and their gear. The overall height of the interior is 40” so you will have no trouble moving around. Keep in mind that you can keep non-essential equipment in the vehicle, which is below you.

The set up is simple. Remove the travel cover and follow the included instructions. The overall process will average you around 5 minutes and 10 minutes for the takedown and store the components for travel. Setup time consists of installing the included rainfly, which is an essential component to making this waterproof tent the perfect choice for your camping stay.

The entire roof top tent kit includes:

  • Reinforced base

  • Rainfly for the tent with poles

  • Waterproof travel cover

  • Waterproof tent fabric

  • Thick 2” comfy foam mattress

  • Fully zipped large windows and door with screens

  • Oversized windows

  • adjustable aluminum ladder

  • two storage pockets

The tent unit requires some assembly to properly attach the entry ladder, mounting rails, and then installation on your vehicle. Please consult your vehicle dealer to confirm your roof rack system will work. In not, some vehicles may require an aftermarket roof rack to accommodate this system.

The waterproof tent fabric use is Waterproof 600D fabric with taped seams. The tent rainfly is constructed of waterproof 420D fabric. The Max recommended static load capacity (while parked) is 550 pounds combined gear and campers.

Front Runner Roof Top Tent

Visit the Front Runner Store

Our last option for the best roof tents is the Front Runner Roof Top Tent. This quality option has a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform. The price for this fantastic waterproof tent option for the roof of your vehicle $1263. Yes, it may be a little more expensive than the other options. Still, it also has some advantages to the competition.

The Front Runner Roof Top Tent has the lowest profile of any roof top tent on the market. Being only 7.8”, You will not even know it is on top of your vehicle during your travels to your perfect campsite in nature. This measurement excludes the ladder.

With it 4.3’ by 7.9’ dimensions, it will comfortably sleep two adults and gear. Remember, you can increase your space by storing non-essential items in your vehicle. The overall weight of the product is 88 pounds. This total roof top tent system also includes the mattress for convenience and your comfort.

Keep in mind that the Front Runner Roof Tent will require the separate purchase of the Front Runner Roof Rack Kit.

This comprehensive Best Roof Top Tents comes with many features and advantages over the competition. These items include:

  • Opens in a smooth motion to create your instant bedroom.

  • Lighter than all the competition on the market today, weighing only 43kgs/93lbs.

  • Includes the mattress, all you need for your perfect camping experience if to add sleeping bags and pillows.

  • The durable tent cover is made from 1000D PVC and protects your tent when not in use.

  • Enjoy unobstructed views out of all the windows.

  • Zippered privacy panels on all windows and doors allow for the privacy you need, even in nature.

  • Retractable but sturdy aluminum ladder with foot-friendly treads so you can easily access to your tent from the ground.

  • This product is manufactured with a special Oxford tent fabric (400D). This fabric is a strong, breathable, mold-resistant, waterproof, PVC coated, heavy-duty poly-cotton fabric designed for years of use.

  • The tent is mounted to an aluminum base insulated to keep the cold out when camping in fall or spring.

  • No need to install additional extrusions as it comes standard with an aluminum extrusion for securing the optional shower skirt.

  • The tent rails are supplied loose to give you the flexibility, which allows you to mount the tent onto most load bars and roof racks.

  • An easily removable HD fly-sheet tent cover (made from 200D Oxford weatherproof fabric) offers you shade during the day. This system also decreased condensation in the morning and left the windows open when it’s raining.

  • The windows and door privacy panels zip so that the opening’s size can be adjusted according to your privacy needs or pending weather conditions.

  • The windows and door are mesh screened so they can be opened or closed without letting insects into the tent’s interior.

  • A roof ventilator opening is provided for improved ventilation. This system comes with a mosquito screen that helps reduce condensation while providing a steady source of ventilation throughout the tent.

  • The interior includes two interior pockets to store your smaller gear and overhead Velcro loops that allow you to hang lights and other items.

  • PLEASE NOTE! To mount any Roof Top Tent to the Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack, you will need the Tent Mount Kit or the Tent Mount Kit / Tall.

The Front Runner Roof Top Tent is the perfect choice for a long term roof top tent for your vehicle. This system is constructed of high-quality materials and an ideal choice for a waterproof tent that mounts to your vehicle roof. This system is an excellent solution for the on the go camper.

We have now provided you with three unique alternatives for best roof top tents for camping. These include the Raptor Series Camping Rooftop Tent with Ladder, Silverwing SWT80S Soft Roof Tent, and the Front Runner Roof Top Tent. All three options are great waterproof tent alternatives, and all three offer you the highest level of quality and durability.

The advantages of roof top camping maybe something for you to consider. The flexibility and safety of roof top camping are many. It would be best if you decided which of these options work best for your style of camping.

We are Family Tents Pro, and our goal is to provide you with the best, most up-to-date information so that you can make the best camping gear and tent choices for your camping style. We provide you with current product reviews and read the customer comments always to see the most pertinent information available in the camping arena. We may also earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through one of your links. This commission allows us to continue to provide you with this service. We have additional information available on our website at familytentspro.com. You will have access to top lists, product reviews, and educational articles that will help to guide you to the best choice for your purchase.

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