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What Should I Consider in a Waterproof Multi-room Tent?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Core – 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Core – 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

When you're out on that next camping vacation, a question that should cross your mind is: What is the Best Multi Room Tent for your family and What is the Best Waterproof Tent. These two topics combined are the pinnacle of Family Tents. So let's dig in and explore the possibilities.

What are the key items to consider in a Multi Room tent. Several areas of concern come to mind.

  • Number of Room Dividers that are included.

  • Tent Amenities, e-port power entry, storage pockets, storage loft, number of windows and doors

  • Level of Water Proofing and sealed seams

  • Ease of Assembly, Dome or Cabin Tent

  • Rating for Number of Campers for Occupancy

With all of the fantastic alternatives for Multi-Room Tents on the market today, we look for some key components to consider a product for this question. First, How many rooms does the new Multi-Room Tent offer? Some options come with 2, 3, or even four rooms. There are Multi Room Tents with screen rooms, bedrooms, and even storage rooms.

Another great topic for my new Multi-Room Tent is what amenities are provided with the tent? Some of the most popular items on the market today include:

  • E-Port - This item is an entry point within your Waterproof Tent to bring an electrical cord inside while maintaining the tents waterproof status. These inlet usually are below the windows but above the tub-style base. Also included with the inlet is a cover that can be closed when not in use. This port helps keep water and insects out of your Multi-Room Tent.

  • Lantern Hooks and Loft Storage – I put these two items together as they usually go hand in hand. If your tent has loft storage, it will most likely have a lantern hook. The Hook allows you to hang a lantern inside of your Multi-Room Tent to provide light. The Storage loft will enable you to keep your valuable goods and papers out of the way and dry.

  • Tub-Style Base – This component is part of the construction of your Multi-Room Tent. Its primary purpose is to provide a tent with a sturdy base to ensure that your new Large Tent is a Waterproof Tent. This base is typically made of tarp material and usually comes up 3" on the sides to make a tub shape. This shape keeps water out of the bottom of the tent.

  • Windows and Doors - Within your Multi-Room Tent, you are going to need ventilation. Windows, doors, and mesh provide this ventilation at the top of the tent. The Windows in your Waterproof Tent will provide screen for circulation of air. Also, they need to have a tent material cover that can be zipped closed in bad weather. Same for the doors in your Large Tent. It is great to have a front and back door in your Mult Room Tent. Usually, a T-Door in the front that opens as wide as the tent and a D-Door for the back of your Multi-Room Tent. In addition to ventilation, these doors provide excellent access to move in and out of your new Large Tent. Also, be sure that these doors will be sufficient to make this a Waterproof Tent.

  • Awnings over doors and windows – These amenities are not always standard, but if you do find them on your Multi-Room Tent, they are worth the price. These items will help keep the sun and rain out of your Waterproof Tent, making your camping experience more enjoyable.

Another vital factor to your Multi-Room Tent is the ability to assemble it at your campsite. Typically, the larger the tent, the more challenging to assemble. So, you need to pay attention to how many people to erect your large tent.

One fantastic option is the Instant Cabin Tent for 12. These Cabin Tents are easy to assemble because the tent poles are already connected to the top of the tent. This design means you fold down the poles in the base where clips are provided to anchor the poles. One person can assemble large Multi-Room Tents, but two makes the process easier and more enjoyable.

These Multi-Room Cabin Tents can have up to 4 rooms, so they are a great alternative. Another Great Option would be a Multi-Room Dome Tent. These Large Tents can also be assembled easily by two people. It is challenging to construct a large dome tent with one person due to the tent poles' flexing that crosses over the top.

With the above criteria in mind, we have two options that will fit your need as a large Multi-Room Tent and a Water Proof Tent.

Core 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent- $299.99 Sleeps 12 people with 18 x 10 footprint. This Instant Cabin Tent assembles in under 5 Minutes. It comes with two room dividers providing you with three living spaces in this Multi-Room Tent. Wall ventilation at base of tent and mesh roof. It comes with T- Door in front of the tent and D-Door in the back. Lantern hook and loft are included. Also, there are storage pockets on the walls of the large tent for personal belongings. Finally, this Waterproof Tent includes an awning over the main T-Style Door, adding to comfort.

Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent- $154.99 Sleeps nine people with 16 x 9 footprint. This Extended Dome Tent can be assembled by two people in under 10 minutes. This large tent has a center height of 72 inches, so you will never feel cramped. Options included with this tent include advanced air vent ports on the side of the Waterproof Tent, E-Port to bring electrical supply inside the tent, and wall storage pockets for your personal goods, Storage Loft, and Lantern hooks for added Convenience. This fabulous Dome Tent has a mesh ceiling for star gazing and ventilation.

These two tents brought to you by CORE Equipment, are well crafted and provide you with a quality Waterproof Tent. Both options offer lots of living space and lots of headroom for tall people or someone who has claustrophobia. These Large Tents have great amenities and bring Waterproof Tents to the next level.

CORE Equipment also stands firm behind their equipment with a 1-year warranty. This warranty provides you with confidence that this piece of quality camping gear will last for years to come.

These Large Family Tents provide you space and comfort to go out into the wild or car camping to enjoy your favorite areas, Wildlife Parks or Beaches. Your imagination is the limit.

We are Family Tents Pro.com, and we're here to help you with your next camping purchase. We review the products and reviews and provide the information to you in a format that you can understand. We may also earn a small commission should you purchase an item through one of our links.

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