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What are the Best Wood-Burning​ Camping Stoves?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

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When I often think of camping, I can say that I do not often think of eating as part of the experience, but it a big part of the experience. With that in mind, I start to think about how you could cook or prepare meals while on a camping trip. Ultimately I decided to look for the what were the best wood-burning camping stoves out there. There some models out there, but reviews are slim compared to other types of stoves, but then I found them, the Ohuhu Stainless Steel Back Packing Stove and the Unigear Wood Burning Camp Stove. These had everything that I was looking for, and I am very excited to share them with you.

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The Ohuhu Stainless Steel Back Packing Stove

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One of the best wood-burning camping stoves.

Right out of the gate, I have to state that this is a wood-burning camping stove. This is a great resource to have when camping for two very distinct but essential reasons. The first is that you don't have to worry about carrying your fuel with you whenever you go camping. Fuel sources like propane can make the cooking process more comfortable, but it is just one more thing you will have to carry as you travel to your camp or hiking. Being able to just pick up your fuel source when you reach your camp is more preferable to having to lug around a propane canister, but keep in mind propane is easy and faster to use.

The other factor that you should consider from the fact that this stove uses wood, the footprint that you are leaving behind. It does not cause extensive damage to the environment to pick up a few twigs on the ground, to begin with. You also have to consider the resources that go into making a tank of propane. The factor that this wood stove is convenient is excellent, but the fact that you can also use it lower your impact on the environment is a superb knowledge to have. After all, if you are going camping you want to go camping, then you want to be immersed in nature, not harm it.

Another great advantage of using this wood burning stove is that being wood powered, you don't have to worry about running out of fuel. Since you can bring this stove along with you and find any wood or leaves and just use those as an energy supply. This is a good source of fire for both cooking and warmth because of this.

Folding camp stove

This stove is easy to transport because it is a folding camp stove and a wood-burning camping stove. This stove folds up so quickly that it comes in its own bag, and once you are done letting it a cool down, you can put it right back in your pocket for safekeeping. This makes it suitable for camping and good for hiking with heightened ease of mobility for whenever you travel.


Besides being good for both the environment and for your hiking and camping needs, there are a few other design features that we should talk about. One is that this stove is actually made from stainless steel. This is good for durability as it means that the stove won't melt under the heat of your own campfire. Another impressive design feature for this stove is the three-arm base support system that keeps the stove upright on uneven terrain. During other conditions, that would be difficult for a regular camping stove.

Potential cons

If there are any real cons with this wood-burning camp stove, it can be an adjustment to cook with a stove this small. I am used to cooking on a far larger stove, so I think it would be a significant adjustment to a smaller platform like this. This stove still cooks excellent and is very useful for camping and hiking, but this is just something that you should keep in mind as you purchase.

The Unigear Wood Burning Camp Stove

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A wood-burning camping stove that uses other fuels

This is my pick for the alternative choice for one of the best wood-burning camping stoves. It is a wood-burning camping stove as well as being a folding camp stove. The Unigear stove is not only limited to the use of wood as a fuel source, though. Instead, it can use any number of available fuels that you can bring on a camping trip. The stove can use anything from wood chips to leaves to gas. This redundancy level is excellent for camping or hiking trips of any length because you will always be able to use the stove no matter where you are and what fuels you have access to.


The stove itself is constructed from stainless steel for a reliable and robust stove easy to travel with. A few things to note about this structural design that we should talk about before you buy. One is that due to the stainless steel grate design used, this stove is more massive than the average and maybe a little weighty for long journeys. The second is that this folding grate style means a small room for your cooking ware, but there still isn't much. The other thing is that this grate design is what lets you use these multiple forms of

Potential Cons

Like we had mentioned before, this seems to be an excellent all-around great folding camp stove, and this product is worth that rating. The critical thing to remember that no product is perfect, and this one is no different. The more significant weakness of this particular stove is that it is a good deal heavier then you might think it is. This means that it is still easy to carry it is not like carrying thin air, and I may be better to stow this stove as an attachment to your bag to make it easier to carry.

Good cookbooks for camping.

So you have a stove, but the question then becomes, "what are we going to cook?" Well, to help with that, I have scoured and gathered some cookbooks that are explicitly meant for camping and some ones that I think may just be useful while you are out on a camping trip. I have strived to make it so that these would be helpful resources on a camping trip, depending on the kind that you wanted to take.

Easy Campfire Cooking

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The first book on our list is going to be Easy Campfire Cooking written by Peg Couch. This book is the right choice if you are looking for some simple recipes that you can do on fun camping trips. This book is best for those that are planning a light getaway where you'll still have access to a general store or a town to get food in. This is a fun, and creative book that uses essential and straightforward recipes that I think would be great for a family camping trip.

The New Camp Cookbook

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Next up, I have found The New Camp Cookbook by Linda Ly. This is good if you want to go camping, but you prefer to eat a meal that has some extra appeal when it comes to both style and taste. There are many simple meals in this book that have given a once over to improve both their visual style and taste. This book is also beneficial because it has more than a few vegetarian recipes for those whole like to go camping but don't enjoy the traditional hotdog and chili style dining experience. This book seems to fit well into the family outing/week camping vacation group, and if that is where you are heading, you may want to give this a try.

Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast: a Cookbook

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Lastly, here we have Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast: a Cookbook by Hank Shaw. This book takes into the process of how to cook and prepare food for yourself while out in the wilderness. The recipes include items that you can forage like nuts and berries all the way up to recipes for game that you can catch in the woods. This book applies to those going all out into the woods and is either fully camping or on a hunting/fishing trip.

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