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What are the Most forgotten Items for your Camping Trip?

We all plan for that family camping adventure. However, sometimes we forget some of the most straightforward items that could help save that camping trip when accidents or lousy weather fall upon us. These simple items may be small in size but are also large in value.

The following camping items help to simplify the campsite set up. They also keep us warm and safe and help keep us dry while on the family camping adventure.

What are the most commonly forgotten items on the camping trip?

  • Ice

  • wood

  • Hatchet

  • duct tape

  • fuel

  • wet wipes

  • water

  • first aid kit

  • tarp

  • Tent Seam Sealer

Let's take a look at why you should never forget these essential items that will help to improve your family camping adventure.

Why is ice vital on your camping trip?

We know we need to keep our food cold for the safety of everyone at our party. Your cooler should be full, and drain the water off as you go throughout your trip. If you're going to lay a base of ice in your cooler, you need to spread a layer of salt to solidify the ice and make it last longer.

Another way to go would be to buy a cooler that provides Refrigeration. These coolers can be run off your car's electrical system, a battery pack, or a small generator. The need for this cooler depends on where you're camping, so keep this in mind on that next trip.

Wood is essential if you need that quality campfire.

I've been to many campgrounds that don't provide firewood for you to enjoy that relaxing campfire. Also, sometimes the wood supplied at some campgrounds is overpriced. Save some money and bring your own firewood to enjoy that perfect family relaxation time.

You may have also planned to do some portion of your cooking on the campfire. In this instance, it is almost essential that you bring some of your own firewood to ensure you have what you need to feed the family.

Why bring a Hatchet and Shovel?

If you remember to bring a hatchet, which you always should, you can use this to make firewood, and more importantly, it is precisely what you need to drive the stakes of your tent into the ground.

A shovel is also a top tool to have on your camping adventure. This tool is perfect for digging trenches around your tent to be sure to divert water from entering your tent. It will also help you put out your campfire and bury any human waste you might have if you are camping off-grid.

These are both inexpensive tools. Both are equally the most valuable tools in your camping Arsenal. Always have these tools handy.

Why should you always have duct tape on your camping trip?

Duct tape fixes everything. This heavy-duty sticky tape can help solve the majority of problems at your campsite. From a leaky tent to a broken handle just about anything, duct tape is a flexible say ball from many problems while you're out on that camping adventure.

Be sure to bring back up Fuel for your stove.

So, you finally make it to your campsite. Now you want to cook dinner. You need to bring whatever Fuel you'll be using. Unfortunately, this item is easily overlooked while you're packing the car. Something as simple as Fuel can cause a large problem when trying to ready that family meal.

Whether you are using a liquid fuel for your stove or a propane tank or canister, always be sure to bring a backup just in case something happens. If you are using a dual fuel stove, you can use unleaded gas from your car or truck. In this instance, be sure to bring a siphon just if you need to draw Fuel from your tank.

Why should you bring wet wipes on your camping adventure?

Today especially, wet wipes can help you to clean and sanitize almost every facet of your campsite. Not to mention, you can use them to wash your hands and tools.

It would help if you also considered bringing either another container of body wipes for your personal Hygiene. You never know when you will need to wash up. These simple wipes are a great product, especially if the water is scarce.

Should I bring water on my camping trip?

This topic depends on where you will be camping. If you are camping in a campground or resort, you will have access to water, but maybe not at your campsite. For this reason, you should always bring water carrying container to transport water to your camp.

If you are camping off-grid, you will need to bring water for the trip or start the adventure. In this instance, you should certainly bring a water filtration bag or a means of filtering stream or river water into drinking water. Many brands are available, but our choice is LifeStraw Products.

Always bring a First Aid Kit.

Even if you are heading out for a quick weekend getaway, you still need to make this first aid kit an essential item that you always have with you. The best way to be sure you have the first aid components you need is to purchase a quality kit and then keep it stocked.

I have always made this piece of valuable camping equipment a stationary item in my vehicle. This way, no matter what, I still have the first aid kit with me when I need it.

Is a spare tarp a critical item to bring camping?

Myself, I always bring at least two tarps when I am planning a camping getaway.

The first tarp is always installed under my tent to help keep the tent's floor, and my personal belongings dry at all times.

The second tarp is typically a spare. However, sometimes I might use it as shade on my dining area or over the tent for added shade or rain protection.

Either way, two tarps are the minimum number you should have with you on any camping adventure. Here an 8'x10' size is the starting size to consider. A 10'x20' is also another very useable size for shade and water protection.

Is Tent Seam Sealer a critical item to bring on your next camping trip?

This sealer is a great item to have with you on your next camping trip, especially if rain is in the forecast. Not only can you seal the corners and seams, but this product will help you to waterproof your tent's material should you be caught in rainy weather.

This sealer typically can be sprayed onto your tent before the storm to keep the rain from seeping into the interior of the tent.

As you can see, all of these forgotten items will help to increase your comfort and safety while on that next family camping adventure. From Hygiene to cooking to tent repairs, these forgotten items are essential on any camping adventure.

You need to take the time and be sure to add these items to your camping checklist so that you will always have them in your arsenal. Many of these items are just as crucial as your tent, so be sure that you pack them properly.

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