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What Are the Top 6-Person Dome Tents For Camping?

Family camping requires us to have a good quality, a waterproof tent that can withstand whatever weather that is thrown your way. Many manufacturers can provide you with a quality 6 Person Tent that will keep you and your family dry, safe, and comfortable on your family camping trip.

What are the top manufacturers of outstanding quality 6 Person Dome Tents? Coleman, NTK, Core Equipment, and Mobihome are all leaders in this market. Additionally, Ozark Trail is also an up and coming contender in this market. You will find innovations, including waterproof seams, screen rooms, interior lights, and even a convenient port to bring electricity into your tent while still retaining the ability to keep you dry.

Coleman, A Name in Camping that We All Know and Love.

Evanston Camping Tent with Screened-In Porch Price:

This six-person tent is a traditional style dome tent but with a twist. This polyester taffeta 75D constructed family dome tent offers you not only exceptional shelter from the weather but a screen room to separate you from the insects.

Price $120.00

This family dome tent uses a conventional pitching style to setup in under 15 minutes.

Additionally, this 10x9 roomy interior has the 10x5 screen room directly connected for your convenience and comfort while out on the camping trip with the family.

This weather and waterproof tent provide welded corners and inverted seams to keep the water out and comfort inside the tent. The included rainfly offers the extra waterproof tent protection that you need and deserve.

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

This 6 person tent is yet another Coleman Product, and this dome tent also offers you a screen room. Similar to the Coleman Evanston Camping Tent, this family tent offers you a 10x5 screen room and a 10x9 family camping area.

Price $209

However, this 6 person tent utilizes a fast-pitch design and will set up in under 7 minutes and boast a 5'8" center height.

You and your family will stay warm and comfortable with the Coleman WeatherTec System and is constructed of a durable Polyguard Fabric and a strong frame that will last you for years.

Coleman Classic Dome Tent for Camping

This Coleman 6 Person Dome Tent might not offer you a screen room, but this tent offers you darkness. The Dark Room Technology helps to block 90% of the sun. This darkness will help you to sleep-in on those lazy days of summer. This same sun-blocking technology will also help keep the tent's temperatures, even under the bright sun.

Price $165

  • This Coleman Tent will also provide you sanctuary from winds up to 35mph.

  • Finally, Coleman also provides their E-Port Technology to allow you to bring a power cord into the interior of the tent. This opening in the tent can also be closed when not in use.

  • The classic Dome Tent Design provides you a 10x10 footprint with 6ft of height at the center of the tent. This size allows you to fit two queen-size airbeds to offer you and your family of 6 comforts.

Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent with LED Light System

Finally, we come to the Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Dome Tent. This Coleman Tent is constructed from 75D Polyester Taffeta and will give you ample room for your family's Two Queen-Sized Air Mattresses.

Price: $195

Not only is this Coleman tent a waterproof tent utilizing the Coleman WeatherTec System, but it also supplies you with an interior light located in the center of the tent for your convenience and safety. This LED light has three brightness settings and delivers a maximum of 100 lumens.

You can now enjoy all the benefits of the Coleman name and quality in this 12'x10' tent that can be constructed in 10 minutes.

Core Equipment

CORE 6 Person Dome Tent 11' x 9.'

This 6 Person Dome Tent from Core Equipment will give you and your family a fantastic camping experience. The 11'x9' footprint allows for two queen air mattresses and your gear. Not to mention that the waterproof polyester construction includes sealed seems and a completely taped rainfly.

Click here to see on Amazon

Price: $120

  • The spacious waterproof tent boasts additional features that help to improve your overall camping experience.

  • CORE H2O Block Technology to keep you dry, even in heavy rains.

  • Tub Style Base gives you confidence that the interior floor of the tent will stay dry.

  • This tent comes complete with stakes, a rainfly, and a carry bag for your convenience.

  • This waterproof tent also supplies you with excellent ventilation with adjustable floor vents and a mesh ceiling.

  • A gear loft with a lantern hood and storage pockets helps you organize the tent's interior and get your essential items off the floor.

  • Rain resistant windows and doors are also included for your convenience and safety.

  • The Core 6 Person Dome Tent is an excellent choice for your next waterproof tent for your first or next camping adventure.

Instant Setup Extended Dome Tent


Mobihome 6 Person Tent Family Camping Quick Setup, Instant Extended Pop Up Dome

The extended dome tent from Mobihome comfortably sleeps six persons while providing ample room for two queen air mattresses. Additionally, this extended dome tent is also an Instant Quick Up Tent, meaning that this family dome tent can be set up in minutes.


  • This quick up tent is erected by rolling out the tent, lock the poles and pull the drawstring rope.

  • Rainfly is constructed of 190T Polyester

  • The floor is made from Watertight PE material that forms a bathtub style construction that helps keep the water from seeping and running into your tent's interior.

  • This Dome Tent Design offers you a D-Style entry door and three windows for great ventilation.

  • Heat-sealed seams and taped rainfly work hard to keep you dry and comfortable. The door and window seams are also taped to keep rain from penetrating the interior of the tent.

  • Tent measures 13.5'x7' with a center height of 55". Ample room for the family to stretch out or get that perfect night's sleep. Two parents and two to three children fit great in the spacious interior.

Great High-Quality 6 Person All-Around Dome Tent

NTK Colorado GT 5 to 6 Person 10 by 10 Foot

The Colorado GT is the perfect waterproof tent for five or six family members. It boasts a 5'7" center height. The double door utilizes a two-way zipper for convenience. It also uses the pin-and-ring assembly system for quick and easy setup, even in the worst weather.

Price: $169

  • The NTK Colorado GT offers the ultimate family protection from rain and water, penetrating your tent's interior. The rainfly is constructed of a double layer of 190 polyurethane laminated polyester fabric. In addition, this same rainfly will also provide you with a 50+ UV rating.

  • This tent boasts that it is 100% waterproof. The double layer of fabric achieves this waterproof level, and that the rainfly provides complete coverage of the tent. This double coverage renders it utterly impervious to leaks.

  • Another essential weatherproofing item is the heat-seamed thermoplastic sealer that covers each and every stitch. This sealing ensures that you and your family will stay dry no matter the conditions.

  • The final weatherproofing item is the Bathtub Style Floor. However, this is no ordinary bathtub style floor. NTK has constructed its tub-style base with an Anti-Fungal Polyethylene with a silver-coated inner layer tt designed to protect you from leaks and water seeping into the tent's interior.

  • NTK utilizes what they refer to as Nano-Flex Technology Heavy Duty Frame. In simple terms, they have made their tent poles from virgin material that makes the tent poles ultra-strong. The bars are then tipped and interconnected using a rust resistant gold/chrome plated ferrule system for improved performance. Additionally, they didn't overlook the elastic cord. NTK has included an extra-strong cord that will perform well and is exceptionally durable.

NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person 9.8 by 9.8

The NTK Cherokee GT is a similar version to the Colorado, almost an exact replica. One difference is the ceiling height is 0.2" taller than the Colorado. The Cherokee boasts a center height of 5.9' and offers you a fantastic camping experience for the family.

Price: $170

This waterproof tent utilizes NTK's 100% waterproof technology with the 2500mm water column rainfly and heat-sealed seams to keep you dry. It also provides you the same 50+ UV rating while using their nano-flex durable frame design to supply you with extreme durability.

I mention these points to stand out for this family dome tent. However, this model utilizes all of the design features of the NTK Colorado GT

NTK Indy GT XL Sleeps up to 6 P

The Indy GT tent boasts a spacious European design that offers you an 8'x8' footprint with a center height of 6.2'. All of this space is provided to you in an easy setup tent that uses the NTK Pin and Ring Assembly System. This system helps you set your waterproof tent up quicker to spend more of your vacation time enjoying your trip and family.

Price: $190

Not only is this an easy assembly tent, but you also have an entry awning with two poles. This awning also protects the interior of the tent from sun and rain, a perfect combination.

You also get other standard NTK features such as the tub-style base, extra-thick virgin fiberglass poles, and the extra thick elastic shock cords to add to the setup's simplicity.

Another feature of this NTK Tent is the use of an ultra-slim polyester micro-mesh that will protect you from small insects and mosquitoes. An additional bonus to the material is increased ventilation as it lets the airflow into your tent.

Economy 6 Person Dome Tents to Keep you Dry


Camping Tent 2/4/6 Person Family Tent Double Layer Outdoor Tent

Price: $99

Moon Lence is another excellent choice for a starter-tent. It provides you ample space for up to 6-persons in its 8'x7' by 5' height. While this tent is slightly smaller than the other options on the list, it will still provide you a comfortable shelter for the family camping adventure. This lightweight tent is easy to set up and easy to carry.

Assembly for the tent is done by inserting the two-shock cord connecting poles. Additionally, once your tent is set up, it will provide you with outstanding protection from what the weather throws at you. It is constructed from 190T PU tent material that provides 1000mm of water resistance while also blocking the sun's harmful rays.

This double layer tent includes one large D-Shaped door with dual zippers, two windows, and one ground vent. All these items help to increase the ventilation within the tent, making your trip more comfortable.

Finally, correctly setup with tent stakes and guy ropes, this tent is genuinely wind resistant and is an excellent choice for camping in windy climates.

Ozark Trail

Ozark Trail 10' x 9' Instant Dome Tent, Sleeps 6

Ozark Trail has always been an affordable dome tent for typical three-season camping. This Instant Dome tent boasts a center height of 70," allowing you to move around and stand in the center of your tent. This 6-person dome tent has a 10' x 9 footprint, which offers ample room for the family for a great camping adventure.

Price $99

Just to put it out there, the first tent I ever owned was an Ozark Trail, and I have to say I was delighted. It went through many weekends and week-long beach camping adventures in Maine, and it was worth every penny.

You get proper ventilation with two roof vents, bathtub style floor, and electrical cord access even at this price.

Additional Features:

  • Sleeps up to six persons

  • The tent fits two queen-sized air mattresses.

  • Provides adjustable floor vents to make the tent's interior comfortable in any weather.

  • This waterproof dome tent is an instant setup tent. This title means that you can set this waterproof tent up in a matter of a minute. To achieve this, tent poles are pre-attached to the tent for simplicity.

  • The tent provides you with two windows and two-floor vents.

  • Tent stakes and a convenient storage and carry bag are included so that you can safely store your family tent in the offseason.

  • Tub style base keeps water from running into your tent and keeping water from penetrating the bottom of your tent.

We've offered you a great list of 6 Person Dome Tents to keep you and your family dry in whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. We've given you options for economy pricing and excellent quality tents, including Coleman and NTK.

Take a breeze through the list and look at the options. You will find several traditional 6-person dome tents, some with sunblock, some with screened-in areas, and even an instant setup extended dome tent. These options cover a broad array of the dome tent arena.

We are Family Tents Pro, and we offer this list of excellent dome tent options so you can enjoy a fantastic family getaway. This one item can make or break your camping adventure. However, any of these tents will go that extra mile.

We also have more information on our website to help you make the best camping adventure possible. Head over to www.familytentspro.com and see how we can help you have the best possible experience. We also may earn a small commission should you purchase through any of our affiliate links. This commission allows us to continue to bring this information to you.

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