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What are the top first-time tenting mistakes?

Tent camping can be an enjoyable and fun activity are you and your entire family. Whether you want to take that first-time camping trip to the mountains or to the ocean, there are some pitfalls to avoid.

These items can make a break your first-time Family tenting Adventure. Pay close attention to these items to increase your overall experience if you take them into account while planning your family camping adventure.

What are the top 15 first-time camping mistakes?

  • Bring the correct clothing for the temperatures.

  • Don't forget the rain gear.

  • Bring a complete First-Aid kit.

  • Choosing the wrong location to set up your tent is a crucial mistake.

  • Bring methods to charge your electronics and batteries to keep your items charged.

  • Bring a weather radio.

  • Bring an extra tarp.

  • Don't forget the sunscreen and bug repellent.

  • Don't overpack as you'll be moving these items to your campsite.

  • Bring the right mattress or cot.

  • Store your food correctly.

  • Dispose of your trash away from your campsite.

  • Bring a hatchet and shovel.

  • Bring Good Footgear.

  • Bring a comfortable chair for the campfire.

If you remember to address all of these items when planning your family tenting adventure, you will undoubtedly increase your overall first-time camping experience.

As first-time campers, it's easy to overlook some of the necessities when you will be off-grid or camping at a campground. This list doesn't mean that you shouldn't consider other items like medical needs and other essential things in your daily life, but if you've addressed these items, then your off on the right foot.

Let's look at each item and see how they can improve your first-time camping experience.

Bring the right tent for your first-time camping needs.

This item is one of the most significant decisions you'll need to make. Several different styles of tents can increase your family's comfort while camping. It would be best to consider where you will be camping, the temperatures, and how many people in your party.

Remember, most tents you see on the market are 3 season tents and not designed for cold weather. Take this into account.

Another major factor is the number of people in your tenting party. The number indicated by the manufacturer, say a six-person tent, will be comfortable for four people. No matter what tent you choose, take the manufacturer's number and deduct two. This formula will leave you ample space to comfortably fit inside the tent on your first camping adventure.

Don't forget that rain gear.

I know when we all plan our vacation, we hope for great weather. We all also know, but this is usually not the case. The weather is fickle and can change quickly. When tenting, you'll still need to move around your campsite or maybe even head out for the day for attractions. Bring that rain gear, rain hat, rain jacket, and good quality shoes to keep you dry and comfortable even in rainy weather.

Bring a great first-aid kit for that unexpected injury.

Things happen when you're camping, Bug bites, scrapes, and even Burns. Bring a first-aid kit that addresses is all these items. It's also great to have pain relievers and allergy medications to help address what might come your way while on your family camping adventure.

Where should I set my tent up on my camping site?

This item is as essential as the tent you bring. Remember to avoid low-lying areas where water will pool or where running water will run through your tent during heavy rains.

Also, while you might want to take shade into account to be out of the direct sunlight, look out for large high branches that could fall on your tent and cause injury to loved ones and your tent.

Charging your electronics and providing fresh batteries is prudent.

Some of us like to camp off-grid or in locations that don't offer us power at our campsite.

For this, you'll need to bring fresh batteries and a method to charge your cell phone and other electronics that you'll be using well camping.

There are many charging methods, including battery packs, solar lanterns with USB ports, and even NOAA weather radios with a hand crank are available to charge your small electronics with little effort.

Take into account what you'll be charging, and bring an item or items that will address the power needs during your first time camping Adventure.

Always bring an NOAA Weather Radio

As I said earlier, the weather changes quickly. It would be best if you kept me updated on the latest alerts and weather conditions. An NOAA Weather Radio is specifically designed to give you the best-updated information.,

These weather radios work in all 50 states, with over 1000 transmitters providing you up-to-date information.

They will also provide you with other alerts such as terrorist attacks and other items you need to be aware of while on your first-time camping adventure.

Also stated earlier, these radios can be purchased with a hand crank charging system. This system not only keeps your radio charged but allows you to charge other small electronic devices at your campsite with minimal effort.

Bring a spare tarp.

This item is almost as essential as your tent. I always place a tarp underneath my tent to ensure that small branches and Stones don't penetrate my tent's base allowing water to enter.

A spare tarp can be used as a tent or an awning. It's also the perfect item to cover your rainfly should something happen to it, say a ripper a tear.

Bring sunscreen and repellents.

These items are easy to forget while you're trying to pack up the goods and get on the road. You'll be out in the woods, so you'll need a good insect repellent to keep the flies and mosquitoes from biting.

There are many brands, types, and styles. These types range from sprays to lotions to repellents with DEET. In addition to this, you can purchase repellants with no DEET and even all-natural repellents.

Choose the best product for your needs for an item that you are familiar and comfortable with. Don't be afraid to use it.

Sunscreen is also an imperative item to have on your first-time tenting trip. Even in Cloudy weather, you can get a severe sunburn. This burn will significantly impact your tenting adventure and cause discomfort. Remember, 30 or 50 SPF are great choices to keep the sun's rays I'm causing your skin damage.

Don't overpack.

You're going to be lugging this stuff to your campsite and storing it inside your tent. Or maybe you'll be leaving it in your car. Either way, you'll have to walk it to your tent and deal with storing it.

While you want to address the weather at hand, please don't overdo it. However, you will most likely need one of everything, including sweatshirt sweatpants, maybe even jackets.

Bring the right sleeping mattress.

While on your first-time camping trip, you want to get some rest. Your days will be filled with excitement, so your nights need to be filled with a great night's sleep. There are good quality cots on the market that will provide you comfort. Try them ahead of time to see how comfortable they really are. You can bring also bring a mattress to lay over the top or foam pad. These items will significantly improve the comfort of your cot.

Air mattresses and air mattresses on frames are also a great idea. If you are camping in a single location throughout your trip, these air mattresses help improve your sleeping comfort. They can be purchased to provide you the proper level of firmness through connected pumping systems.

Store your food correctly.

Even if you're camping at a campground, you'll still be out in the wild. Wildlife and small animals are always around.

Store your food in scent-free bags. This step makes it difficult for the animals to smell and will not attract them to your site. Keeping your food high off the ground is also another good practice on any tenting adventure.

Remember, you don't want Little Critters inside your tent, so never store your food inside your sleeping quarters. I learned this the hard way. While you might think this is a convenience for cooking, when that Critter enters your tent in the middle of the night, it is anything but a great experience.

Dispose of your trash properly.

If you're at a campground, this is relatively easy. Take Your Food daily to the dumpster or trash location.

For camping off-grid in the woods, take your trash at least 50 to 70 feet away from your campsite. Some people say you should bury your trash others don't. Even if you bury it and it's too close to your site, animals will find it. This trash makes your campsite the perfect place for the little animals to hang out and have a great day.

Always remember to bring a hatchet and shovel.

These two items are essential for setting up your campsite. The hatchet can chop wood for that perfect campfire, but more importantly, it can be used to drive your tent stakes into the ground.

The shovel is essential as you'll need it to dig trenches around your tent should you be in an area where you need to divert water.

You can purchase these items individually or as a single unit. There are many different styles and types on the market. However, never forget these essential items.

Bring good Footwear

Whether you're hiking or heading to the beach, you must keep in mind what your activities will be in plan accordingly. If you're going to be trudging through the woods hiking boots are the best alternative. Please make sure they're comfortable and flexible and offer you support.

Bring the perfect chair for that campfire experience.

At the end of the day, you want to relax around the campfire with the family. For many of us, this is the focal point and a great place to relax. It offers a location to share the day's excitement and reconnect with the family.

This activity has dramatically increased with some comfortable camping chairs. Whether using bag chairs or foldable chairs, bring something comfortable to you. If you're an individual with back issues, bring a chair that offers support.

In the end, this item will help improve your overall comfort and first-time camping experience. Again the fire pit is to send Central Point of your campsite, and you will spend time there, so be comfortable.

We are Family Tents Pro and we offer this information to you so you can have an amazing first-time camping trip. These points of interest have worked well for my family over the years and will provide you with the knowledge and insight you need before heading out for that great tenting experience.

We also have more information on our website at www.familytentspro.com. Here you can view other educational articles, top lists and product reviews. All of this information is compiled so that you can have an amazing tenting experience.

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