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What are the top Gifts for Camping Geeks?

As campers, we love the outdoors and the neat little gadgets that can help your weekend camping trips become even more enjoyable. Some are little gifts, and trinkets offer a unique perspective on our camping getaway.

What unique camping gifts are available for this year's gift season? Many gifts hit our list this year. From a picnic backpack to a vacuum insulated coffee press, to a shoe dryer, to a solar hydration backpack, all of the items on the list will help enhance your camping weekend. Some things are personal items such as a book reading LED flex light or a Leatherman Multitool, while other items will benefit your camping party. These items include the shower bag and the camping heater.

No matter when or where you love to camp, we all love our tools and gadgets when we're out one on one in nature. All of these gifts cover a variety of topics and needs, while some are just for pleasure. Let's take a look at this year's listing.

Best Gifts For That Special Camper

Shoe and Boot Dryer:

Camping in the woods and hiking trails can put your boots and feet at risk of getting wet. A USB powered boot and shoe dryer is the perfect companion for the hiker or camper. Warm and dry feet is the number one rule when out in the wilderness. This one item can help you enjoy every aspect of your camping trip or a trip down that trail.

Plug this USB powered unit in and let it run. In no time at all, your shoes or boots will be ready to hit the trail.

Shower bag:

Now you're out on your latest camping or hunting trip. It would help if you still got an excellent cleansing shower in the middle of nowhere. A shower bag made from a solar material that will heat the water will be just what you need to get that perfect shower.

Simply fill the bag, hang it in the sun. After a short time, you will have 5 gallons of hot water for showering or cleaning, your choice.

Picnic backpack:

Going out for a picnic or camping trip, why not make your adventure convenient. The picnic backpack option will offer you all the goodies you need for that perfect picnic. You are provided with a set of four. This setting includes utensils, napkins, and plates.

Additionally, you get a tablecloth, a cold food storage area, and a wine storage area. This all-in-one design is the perfect combination to ensure that you have all of the items you will need on your picnic in the woods.

Thermos, 34 Ounce Vacuum, Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Press:

If you like my family, the day doesn't start without coffee, and instant is not my choice. One trendy way today is the coffee press. This press is a great way to get excellent fresh coffee by using a press. Not to mention, you can purchase a stainless steel press from Thermos.

This Stainless Steel Coffee Press from Thermos will not only provide you with fantastic coffee, but it will hold and keep the coffee hot for up to six hours. Additionally, being constructed from stainless steel material, these coffee press containers are very durable and resist damage.

There is no need to suffer on your camping or hiking trip with instant coffee. For me, that's a non-starter. This coffee press is durable and portable, and no electricity is required, only fresh coffee grounds and hot water.

Image Portable Camping Fan with LED Lighting:

The camping fan and light is available in many different designs. Some are rechargeable, and some use batteries only. Regardless, this fan is very hand to help provide some air movement within your tent. Also, the included LED light will give you a light source in the middle of your tent.

Why spend extra money to purchase a lighted camping tent when you can buy this gift option for a fraction of the price. You just hang the fan/light from your tent's gear loft. This gift is a convenience that you should never be without when you go camping.

Mr. Heater Indoor-Safe Propane Radiant Heater:

How can you stay warm in your camping tent? Yes, you want to be safe, and an electric heater is your safest choice with a tip-over switch. However, if your camping off-grid, you might not have access to electricity or enough to power your tent heater.

For this reason, I'm suggesting an LP tent heater. One, in particular, is a unit from Mr. Heat. It offers you three heat settings and a heating element that is wholly protected for safety. Additionally, it provides you with an oxygen sensor that will shut the heater off if low oxygen levels are detected next to the heater.

There is no need to be cold and damp on your next heating trip. The LP Gas Tent Heater can help you to have a warm and comfortable camping trip.

LuminoLite Rechargeable 4 LED Book Light:

Whether you're a bookworm or camper, a flexible neck reading flashlight is the perfect choice to be comfortable moving around in the dark. It will allow you to move around your tent and your campsite by providing you three light levels from this comfortable neck flashlight.

These units are made from silicone and offer you three light levels. This control means that you can enjoy LED light for 7 to 40 hours of continuous light, depending on the setting. These units are rechargeable, so no need to bring replacement batteries with you on your trip. Simply plug the unit in, and your good to go.

Skygenius 8×21 Small Compact Lightweight Binoculars:

The Skygenius binoculars will offer you 11 times magnification. Just what you need on the hiking trip. Check out the birds or the wildlife around your campsite. These binoculars are lightweight and compact, so you can pack them easily and carry them wherever you go on your trip.

Throw a set of the Skygenius Binoculars in your backpack, so you have them when you need them. You will not even know they are there.

Leatherman Wingman Multitool:

No one should ever go in the woods without a multi-tool, and Leatherman is a name that we all know and love. These items are a collection of tools such as pliers, knives, saws, screwdrivers, files, and many other specialty tools that could be helpful on your next camping or hiking trip.

Small enough to easily be carried in your pocket or on your belt in the provided holster, the multi-tool is one of the starting-points for excellent and smart camping practices.

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0:

This camping item is a favorite of many. The pocket blanket folds out into a 4' by 5' blanket to lay on the ground or use at the beach. This brand is resistant to tears and punctures. It provides you with anchor stakes so that the blanket can be secured to the ground.

Once you are done, the blanket's pattern provides the guidance you need to fold the unit back up and fit it into the bag.

ECEEN Hydration Solar Panel Backpack:

Even though your camping in the wilderness off-grid, you still need your toys. Today, many of us use our phones and tablets anywhere, and everywhere we go. Camping is no different.

The ECEEN Solar Panel Backpack is the perfect way to pack your electronic goodies for your getaway. Additionally, this backpack also provides you with a solar panel to charge all of your tools and toy. Portable and lightweight, this bag provides you with ample space for any of your electronics.

Coleman 40-Quart Iceless Electric Cooler:

Coleman is the name for camping, and the Coleman Hot/Cold cooler is just the perfect tool. I've used this product for years with great results, and it eliminates the need for ice in your cooler. This cooler can be plugged into your car to keep your perishables safe on your camping trip.

You can also purchase an adapter so you can plug the cooler into the wall. This adapter is a great benefit so that you are not draining your car battery on your trip.

Please note that if you turn the plug at the cooler over, this cooler can be used as a warm box to keep items warm after cooking. Great for large camping cookouts. This cooler is a must for the tent camper.

CampSpark 34″ Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Sticks:

Want to cook the best hotdog in the campfire? Want to toast marsh mellows safely? The CampSpark telescoping forks are the best way to get perfectly cooked or toasted goodies at the campfire.

These forks telescope out to a length of 34" and provide you with wooden handles and constructed from stainless steel. These forks help to increase your camping enjoyment while also growing your camping safety.

All of these items will bring enjoyment to the camper on your list. Some of these items are great camping items, while others are slightly off the beaten path. All of them together make for a perfect camping trip.

We are Family Tents Pro, and we love camping. We love to geek out over camping, and many of these tools fit into this category. For this reason, we are always on the lookout for that perfect camping gift for your camping geek.

We have additional information and articles on our website at www.familytentspro.com. We have top lists, educational articles, and other blogs that will offer you many additional camping items that will pique your interest.

Please note that should you purchase through any of your Affiliate Links, we may earn a small commission. This commission helps us to continue to bring you this valuable information.

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