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What are the worst camping mistakes you can make?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Camping can be the perfect adventure for your family and friends. This unique way to relax is ideal for reconnecting with family friends while taking advantage of nature. Avoiding camping mistakes should always be a first concern.

However, some things are frequently forgotten and can undoubtedly destroy your amazing camping Adventure. These forgotten items will not only affect you and your family but can also affect your camping neighbors. Some of these items can be solved with certain equipment types, while other things are solved by planning.

What are the worst mistakes I can make camping?

You need to plan and research how you’ll be spending your camping Adventure no matter your destination location.

There are several items to consider that will lessen the camping experience for you and your family if overlooked. These items include:

  • research on where you’re camping

  • charging your gear

  • picking the perfect site location

  • bringing the correct tent for your location and style of camping

  • carrying a first aid kit

  • bringing an NOAA Weather Radio

  • choosing the appropriate dress for your location

  • how to handle bad weather

  • forgetting to relax

By taking into account all these items, you will undoubtedly have a fantastic time in the Wilds. Whether you’re camping in a campground, state or national Park, or off-grid, these items are essential for a great camping experience. Many of these items are common sense but require you to research to determine precisely what is needed for your best tenting experience.

Bring a great first aid kit to avoid Camping Mistakes.

You never know when accidents will happen. From a burn while cooking dinner, bee stings, scrapes, and cuts, or multiple insect bites, a good first aid kit will help you to head in the right direction.

Your first aid kit should include everything you would need to treat almost any cut, scrape, or pain. From painkillers to bandages to topical creams, your first aid kit is your lifeline to a good time camping.

There are many options for a great quality first aid kit at a good price. You don't need to carry a trunk to address all the potential situations. A stand kit will solve most situaltions and fit nicely into your car or truck.

Camping Mistakes can be avoided is you always bring an NOAA Weather Radio.

This weather radio specifically keeps you informed about weather emergencies or even terrorist attacks. In today’s world, we never know what’s going to happen. It would help if you stay connected, and this tool allows you to do this. Also, this necessary tool offers you a location to charge your phones and pads. Many NOAA Radios also include a hand crank to charge the unit should the power fail. Just what you need in an emergency.

And NOAA Weather Radio is specifically designed to receive alert information broadcast on over 1000 radio transmitters located throughout the country. These transmitters send out information based on the location so that you can be updated in a timely manner. Most of the information is updated every five minutes, seven days a week.

We have a full article on the importance of NOAA Weather Radios. This article will outline the advantages and needs for this important piece of camping equipment. Check it out so you can stay safe and avoid camping mistakes.

Bring the right tent for your location, time of year, and style of camping to avoid camping mistakes.

Bring you the right tent is critical to improving your camping experience.

Whether you’ll be camping in a Dome Tent or cabin tent or an instant set up tent, you need to correctly size your tent. Remember, a tent indicating that it is sized for six people means that four people will fit comfortably inside the unit. Always reduce the tent’s recommended number of occupants by 2 for a tremendous tenting experience.

Also, be aware of the type of weather you’re camping in. Some tents work better in certain conditions.

Dome tents

These tents will stay warmer and have a better wind resistance due to a lower profile and rounded corners. This dome tent will work better in cooler weather or windy weather than many other tenting options you have.

Cabin tents

This great family tent will offer you more space, separate rooms, and increased headroom. These tents are great for long-term family camping, taller campers, and warmer weather due to increased ventilation.

Instant set up tents

This tent is a version of a cabin tent. These tents can be set up in under 5 minutes. However, These tents will weigh significantly more than the other two options and therefore will be harder to carry around. They are not an option for hiking but are an excellent choice for family camping and extended camping.

Pick the perfect site location for the best camping experience.

In picking your site location, pay attention to items such as the amount of shade you’re going to get if big branches are overhead that could snap off and damage your tent or injure if you or your family, and the typography of your campsite.

Be sure to consider the location of your tent on your site. You never want it to be in a low-lying spot where water can pool or run through your tent in the middle of a heavy rainstorm.

Also, be aware of Neighbors, the location of the bathhouse, and the showers. Also, knowing where the trash will be disposed of is a must.

These items combined will afford you the perfect tent location and increase your level of joy while tent camping.

Research where you’ll be staying will help avoid camping mistakes.

Here it would be best if you did some legwork to find out the climate and weather for the week or weeks that you’ll be camping.

You can plan for the worst weather and bring the proper clothing to stay cool and dry.

Another research item not to forget is the local attractions and entertainment to help improve your camping experience.

From hiking trails to fishing to amusement parks or the ocean or lake, Knowing about these locations will help fill your day with enjoyment and excitement.

Camping mistakes are avoided by bringing the proper clothing for your climate and location.

By doing the proper research, you now know what clothing you need to bring with you.

Remember, you need to account for any weather. However, don’t overpack.

You should bring light, loose-fitting clothing to help reduce the effect of insects. Also, be sure that this clothing is not brightly colored like oranges, reds, and yellows. Insects are attracted to these colors, and they will distract you from the day’s fun.

Another top tip is always to remember to bring your rain gear. The weather is fickle and can change in an instant. Having rain gear will allow you to stay warm and dry no matter your location.

Finally, consider proper Footwear. Flip flops don’t work well for hiking. Consider your activities on your camping trip and bring the appropriate Footwear. It should offer you support and comfort, especially if you will hiking on this tenting adventure.

How to handle bad weather.

It never fails. You always end up with a couple of days of rainy or cold weather. This weather may not allow you to enjoy some of your outdoor activities. Be sure to bring games, puzzles, and activities that you can do in your tent to amuse everyone at your camping party.

These simple games and activities can become a tremendous amount of fun and memories for the entire family to bond. When choosing these activities, take into consideration the amount of room that you have to pack these items into your car.

With todays increase technology, you might want to consider a hand-held game system or Pad to increase your enjoyment in these uncomfortable days. Not only can a Pad offer you entertainment, but you can also use it to supply some enjoyable music to serve as a great backdrop to your gameday.

Don’t forget about charging your electronics to avoid camping mistakes.

In this world of cell phones and pads, we always need to keep things charged. There are many ways to do this, from battery packs, solar chargers, lanterns with USB ports, and NOAA weather radios with hand cracks.

If you are camping off grid and NOAA Weather Radio with a hand crank or a hand crank charging station is the best method to keep everything charged and ready to go. No need to rely on the sun. You can charge your electronics with the hand crank on the radio.

Our electronics are essential on our camping adventure as we can use them for bird watching, fishing, and to find and keep track of our location. Always remember to include a method to keep these items charged and ready to go.

Our article "How do I charge my cell phone while camping?" will provide you with some of the best and useful method to charge your cell and other electronics while on your camping trip.

Don’t forget to relax will avoid camping mistakes.

Sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking. Don’t forget to take time out of your hectic busy camping schedule to enjoy these items. Nature still amazes me even today.

Sitting around the campsite sharing stories and goals is another fantastic way to reconnect with your family, friends, and nature. This activity will pass the time quickly, especially if you sit back and relax.

Hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities also allow you time to recharge and enjoy nature. Step back and take a look around you. Camping is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and enjoy nature and all that it has to offer..

We are Family Tents Pro. This information is based on our more than 20 years of camping experience from tents to RV’s. Our hope is that this information will make your first camping experience more enjoyable and provide you with the desire to go it over and over again. By remembering these essential items, you can set you and your family up to have an amazing time.

We have more information on our website at www.familytentspro.com. Here you can view product reviews, top lists, and other educational articles.

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