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What is the Inflatable Dome Tent?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Camping, when we say the word, we all have a different picture in your mind. Some of us might see a cabin tent in the woods of the Northwest. Some might picture a Dome Tent at the ocean, while others still might imagine a large canvas style tent during winter camping. I have to admit that this next topic didn't come to my mind—the Inflatable Tent. You can even purchase this Inflatable Tent Online at locations such as Amazon.

What exactly is the Inflatable Dome Tent? First, this is a blow up tent or and air tent. Before use, once at your campsite, you will need to break out the air pump and blow up your tent to use it. This inflatable tent is lightweight and durable, so it is an excellent option for hiking. This type is in addition to your typical dome tent camping methods.

You might also ask where I can purchase this type of inflatable tent. You can do a simple search for Inflatable tents online, and you will see many suppliers, including Amazon and Walmart. With this type of exposure, you are sure to get a great range of pricing, so take your time and check out the three options we have to offer. These inflatable tents online will give you a broad range of sizes, names, and uses.

With all of this information in mind, let's check out our first option for inflatable tents online.

HEIMPLANET Original, The Cave Dome Tent and Inflatable Pop-Up Air Tent

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This blow up tent has a 3.5 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform. This result is an excellent solid rating for a new style product that is hitting the market. At this point, this inflatable tent only has 12 ratings, showing how new it is to the market. The price for this Amazon item is $759.00

This air tent's setup needs that you only connect the tent's airframe, inner tent, and outer tent once before the first use. After the initial inflating of this tent, you will only need to unroll the air tent like your sleeping bag. Then inflate the blow up tent, anchor it to the ground with the enclosed tent stakes. This procedure will keep the air tent stable in strong winds.

To pack this inflatable tent online, you only need to open one of the air valves to deflate the air frame. Once the air is released, you simply roll up the inflatable tent and put it back into the pack sack. This packing keeps your air tent safe while in storage and ready for the next trip.

The blow up tent utilizes a one pump system. This system means that once all of the frame's air chambers are connected, you only need to access one of the air valves to inflate the dome tent. The air tent will be pumped up. You will need to disconnect the air chambers using the attached clips. This procedure aims to make the inflatable dome tent stable even if one of the air chambers is damaged. This Multi-Chamber Safety System is the perfect method to ensure your shelter will be secure and operational, even if the unheard-of hits you and your site.

Let's look at the other features of this blow up tent.

  • STABILITY - Thanks to the geodesic tent frame, it provides the structure for your tent. This structure is the reason they are incredibly stable. Even our largest inflatable dome tent can withstand wind speeds up to 110mph, just make sure you have secured the tent properly.

  • ROOF DESIGN - The tent's center becomes an additional supporting point for the tent's overall structure. This feature allows the formation of a star-shaped roof pattern that adds extra strength to the design. Another benefit is a point-symmetrical slope that offers rain to run off in 5 locations.

  • FACTS – The Packing Size is 16x13x9in, and the weight is 10.6lbs. The Ground Area of the footprint is 54 square feet.

The Cave is the name of this inflatable dome tent, HEIMPLANET. All it takes is a hand pump, and in less than one minute, your inflatable tent will be sound and ready to be pitched. This extremely stable, weatherproof tent is made from high-quality materials. The inflatable geodesic shape and structure ensures outstanding stability and easy setup no matter the conditions during your setup.

We translated the Geodesic Principle into our "Inflatable Diamond Grid" – IDG and the air tents. The inflatable geodesic structure is built from modular double-layer air beams and ensures impressive stability.

The air beams are built with a resistant double-layer construction: an extra airtight TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) bladder keeps the air inside for an extended time. The outer jacket provides support and durability. The outer jacket is made of a high-tenacity polyester fabric, which ensures extra stability and durability.

Each chamber of the IDG features a minimum of one 2-in-1 valve. Each valve has two closures. These closures include a check valve for the air frame's inflation and a big opening for letting the air out of the air beam structure. So pitching the tent and breaking it down can be done fast and efficiently.

All parts of the Inflatable Diamond Grid can be easily repaired or replaced. Even the most resistant materials damage cannot be ruled out entirely. Each of the air beams features a resistant casing and an inner bladder. This design resembles a bicycle tire and provides a fair amount of security. Should the inner bladder develop a leak, you can quickly patch the leak or even replace it if needed.

SereneLife Outdoor Inflatable Camping 2 in 1 Airbed Tent

Hiking Blow Up Air Tent Integrated Camping Air Mattress with Hand Pump |Windproof and Waterproof Tent - Camping/Hiking

Visit the SereneLife Store

Being one of the best inflatable tents online, the Serenelife Outdoor Inflatable Camping 2 in 1 Airbed Tent has an excellent 4.0 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform. The cost of this durable and comfortable inflatable tent is $209.00.

Now, this impressive integrated air mattress and tent has many features. So let's look at what this blow up tent has to offer the hiker camper.

  • STURDY COIL BEAM: This blow up camping mattress utilizes a Sturdy coil beam construction for outstanding spine support and comfort throughout your night's sleep. The coil beam construction prevents you from sinking into the center of the mattress and ensures that the bed remains firm all night long.

  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR READY: This inflatable tent and air mattress combination have a Waterproof and Windproof construction. Additionally, this air tent is specially designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. The flexible, durable design is perfect for camping, outdoor adventures, or even entertaining overnight guests in your house.

  • MADE TO LAST: SereneLife camping gear air mattress inflatable tents are made from heavy-duty PVC and polyester for reliable stability. This tent combination has a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs. It is quick and easy to inflate, and it is easily cleaned and maintained.

  • INSTANT SETUP: This lightweight air mattress outdoor inflatable tent for camping and hiking comes with a handy manual hand pump. This pump allows you to set up this air tent in just under 3 minutes.

  • COMPLETE CAMPING SET: The camping set includes the air tent integrated airbed and comes complete with the storage and travel bag, manual hand pump, and two adhesive repair patches.

This 2 in 1 air tent and an air mattress is a unique find. Typically you would need to purchase both of these items and then combine them in the field for your camping trip. Combining the tent and mattress reduces the amount of gear you will need to bring on your journey. The unique structure of this design and combination provides a high level of waterproof and windproof construction. This design ensures that you have a great stay during your camping trip.

This product is another of the tremendous inflatable tents online that we found. It is exciting and innovative. The lightweight design is perfect for hiking and backpacking. Not to mention, you will be sleeping on a great air mattress with ultra-support.

4 Person Inflatable Camping Air Pop Up Tent Waterproof for Beach, Camp, Travel, Hiking, Survival with Air Pump


Our third and final inflatable tent discussed is the 4 person blow up tent from IHUNIU, Inc. This tent has a very respectable 4.0 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform. It is also the largest offering you a camping inflatable dome tent rated to sleep, four adults. This 4 person tent is priced at $159.98.

The Inuniu Inflatable Dome Tent is an excellent alternative for backpacking as it weighs only 6.5 pounds. Additionally, it will comfortably sleep 3 to 4 adults. That makes this the perfect choice for the trail. Also, due to the air tent's ability to sleep 3 to 4 adults, it makes an ideal choice for that long-awaited camping trip in the woods or at the beach.

The included hand-pump means that you will always have an easy time setting this inflatable dome tent on your campsite or trailing edge. Simply connect the pump, fill the supports, and you are done. This process takes minutes for one person. Just what you need for your fishing or camping trip. You don't want to spend hours setting up your site. You want to get straight to the relaxation. Additionally, this 4 person tent has many other features, so let's look into what you get when you purchase this fantastic tent.

  • This air tent is perfect for hiking, backpacking, camping, picnics, and even the day at the beach. This amazing Waterproof Tent utilized a TPU Air frame and is perfectly sized for 3 to 4 Persons.

  • The set up is quick and easy on this air pop up tent. The included hand pump requires no electricity or battery so that you can inflate your tent almost anywhere. Set up takes only minutes, even for one person.

  • This item is a 4-Season Camping Tent and is constructed of 210T Oxford cloth, PU2000 Glue Strip Material, with TPU inner Materials. The structure of this inflatable dome tent provides strong waterproof and wind resistance. Additionally, the construction makes this tent anti-moisture, and the material helps prevent tearing along with the Windproof Rope.

  • Weather protected ventilation ports provide air circulation while keeping the bugs and insects out. This bug-free environment includes one door and four windows. These features not only provide you with fantastic ventilation inside the tent but a panoramic view from all sides of this blow up tent.

Other features include with this waterproof tent include several internal inflation points for your convenience, Pocket inside the tent to store your essentials and extensive storage and carrying bag so you can protect this tent while in storage and have all of its components handy for that next camping trip.

Another critical point is that the Large Side Door also includes a secondary mesh panel for ventilation and keeps the bugs out. These same No-see-up secondary mesh panels are included for all the windows on each of the four sides. These items are not the only ventilation, as there is also weather protected ventilation within the tent. While the heavy-duty zippers help you to keep the elements outside.

The overall size of this 4 person tent is 7'x8' with a 62" center height. Just what you would expect from a quality dome tent that sleeps, four adults. The inflatable dome tent's total weight is only under 7 pounds, so it is very portable.

We've shown you our three alternatives for Inflatable dome tents. They include the HEIMPLANET Original, The Cave Dome Tent, and Inflatable Pop-Up Air Tent, the SereneLife Outdoor Inflatable Camping 2 in 1 Airbed Tent, and the 4 Person Inflatable Camping Air Pop Up Tent from IHUNIU, INC.

All three of these blow up tents offer you flexibility for your camping experience. They inflate quickly and easily with hand pumps and are incredibly lightweight but heavy and quality and durable. The flexibility provided by this new style of tent is fantastic. You can take these tents on the trail, the beach, camping the woods, or use it at your next family picnic. They are easy to inflate and set up by one person, so you spend more of your time enjoying your day.

We are Family Tents Pro. We try to offer you the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on tenting and camping products to make the best purchase decision for your next camping excursion. We read the customer reviews and complete the product reviews to stay on top of the market changes. We may also earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through one of our links. This commission allows us to continue to provide you with this information. Also, we have more information available for you on our website at familytentspro.com. Here you will have access to top lists, educational articles, and additional product reviews. So, jump over to the site and see how we can improve your camping experience.

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