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What Ice Fishing Tent Is Best For Me?

Ice Fishing is a right of passage for many of us. Not only does it offer us relaxation and entertainment, but for most, it is a social experience. Many of us icefish with friends and family in large groups, making it a weekend experience. Sometimes, this social experience turns into the chili cook-off or the neighborhood fishing derby. Either way, if you want to see the enjoyment in the sport, you need a quality shelter.

What Ice Fishing Tents are best for the weekender? You will note that there are many manufacturers of Ice Fishing Tents. Top Brands include Eskimo, Outsunny, and Trophy Strike. All of these brands offer easy assembly hubs systems and fiberglass poles, Windows and Doors for Ventilation, and a waterproof and snowproof structure that will protect you and your party from the weather. Finally, they can all be disassembled with minimal effort, so you can pack it up and take it with you.

Many of us remember the time in our youth of dragging the Ice House onto the pond where it would remain for the season. The structure provided us a place to gather, socialize, and fish. These houses were typically made from wood and were very heavy. Mounted on skis, you pushed, pulled, or dragged this beast to your particular location.

Today, things are the same, but different. There is a new breed of Ice House out in the market. It offers shelter and convenience. They are designed similar to our summer camping tents, but with winter in mind. The manufacturers also provide needed items that go hand in hand with Ice Fishing. These items include winter style tent material, a section of flooring that can be removed for fishing, more robust fiberglass polls to withstand winter winds on the lake, easy setup and takedown for convenience in the cold, and a carry bag to contain all of the valuable components safely.

Now, let's have a closer look at these components.

How is the Ice Fishing Tent Assembled?

These Ice Fishing Tents will typically use fiberglass poles and a hub-design to complete your fishing shelter's assembly. This assembly is very similar to the instant cabin tent where all the poles are connected to the tent. You simply slide them into place and clip them to make them secure.

Does the Ice Fishing Tent Have a Floor?

No, usually, there is no floor in your Ice Fishing Tent. Some manufacturers may include an optional floor that can be folded up or removed for your fishing.

What Material can I Expect my Tent to be made of?

The tent material can be a poly-blend or a high count woven thread designed to keep heat in and weather out. You should look to see if your new tent offers you an insulated layer to help keep the heat in. Proper planning here can mean the difference between you stay warm or catching a chill inside the tent.

How many people will it take to assemble my Ice Fishing Tent?

You need to look closely at this item. Two and Four-person tents with an instant tent design can be assembled by one person easily. However, if you opt for larger, more cumbersome tents, like multi-room tents, you should plan on two persons to set the tent up properly without damaging the unit.

Does my Ice Fishing Tent Need a Reliable Carry Bag?

Yes, a carry bag is a crucial component to your Ice Fishing Tent. This bag provides you a means to carry you tent to the middle of the lake but serves another purpose. This purpose is to keep all of the tent components safe and organized for each excursion. Please be sure that whatever brand you purchase includes a quality carry bag.

Does my Ice House Tent Need Ventilation?

It would help if you considered ice house tents that offer you removable windows and doors. These items allow you to open your tent on those beautiful sunny days on the ice. They also provide you with a secure and weatherproof shelter when the winds kick up, and the temperatures drop.

Put all of these items together, and you have one fabulous Ice House Tent. This shelter will be the center of your fishing camp and social gathering.

To give you some market ideas, we've pulled together three different units for your consideration. Each model has its pros and cons.

Top Choice, High-Quality Great Insulation

Eskimo FatFish Series Pop-Up Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

You can find this top of the line Ice Fishing Tent from Eskimo on Amazon, where it has a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating with 637 reviews. This tent is available in several sizes and prices, but the 3-4 person tent will cost you $320.

This Ice Fishing Tent provides you with a dual-material tend construction with insulation between the layers. It will keep you warm in the cold and wind.


  • 600 DENIER ILLUMIDARK GRAY INTERIOR – this Material darkens the interior by using a light-blocking PU backing allowing you to spear and site fish inside the tent. All you need to do is close the windows and doors, and darkness surrounds you

  • MORE FISHABLE AREA – This Ice Fishing tent provides more fishable space by utilizing a flared, wide-bottom design

  • FULLY INSULATED – The IQ Insulated Tent Fabric is 35% warmer than a comparable non-insulated shelter. It offers two layers with insulation sandwiched between the Material.

  • STRONGER HUB DESIGN - The FatFish 949iG Ice Fishing Tent features an all-metal ball-and-socket design hub in addition to the larger fiberglass poles.

  • PORTABILITY – The entire tent easily fits into an oversized cinch sack duffle bag that can easily be carried on your back to the middle of the lake. You can get the entire tent to the perfect fishing spot with little effort.

Middle of the Road Ice Fishing Tent

Trophy Strike 106706 Ice Shelter - Two Person, Durable, Flame-Retardant Shell with Windows

This Ice Fishing Tent is designed for two persons. It will cost you $150 and holds a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform.

Other features of this affordable yet well-engineered Ice Fishing Tent:

  • It offers you a quick setup, so you are not stuck out in the cold, struggling with the assembly.

  • The tent is constructed of tough 300 denier material that is also fire retardant.

  • The wide snow skirt cuts down on drafts into the tent's interior.

  • Flexible Poles and the hub design give you durability in the harshest conditions in addition to the easy setup and takedown.

  • Ice anchors are included to keep your Ice Fishing Tent where you left is on the ice.

  • Quality storage bag keeps all components safe and handy in one location for quick assembly.

Economy Ice House Tent

Outsunny 4 Person Waterproof Insulated Portable Pop-Up Ice Fishing Shelter with two doors

The Outsunny Pop-Up Ice Fishing tent will cost you just under $140 for a four-person version. That lots of space for little money. Now, don't worry, it comes with quality materials and design. This ice-fishing tent holds a 3.8 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform and comes in two colors – Black, Blue

  • An easy setup is achieved by pulling on the roof. After all, this is a pop-up tent. Then pull out on the sides to complete the construction. You'll be fishing in minutes. It will take you longer to drill the hole.

  • This Ice Fishing Tent provides you with two doors zipped for your convenience and two triangular windows to shed some light inside the tent.

  • The tent material is 300D Oxford fabric, a waterproof, durable material that is resistant to wind, rain, and the cold elements of winter.

  • Quality Carry Bag so you can keep all components together and organized for that best Ice Fishing Trip.

These Ice Fishing Tents give you a great view of the Pop-Up Ice Fishing Tents available on the market today. We've offered you a look at three different levels of construction. However, while the Outsunny Tent is listed as an economy, it is still a well-constructed Ice Fishing Tent. Just the size and price moved it to this category.

All three of these tents will serve as an excellent Ice Fishing Shelter, so throw one on your back and hit the frozen lake. Take some time and enjoy the great outdoors.

We are Family Tents Pro, and today we've given you some information to help you with your Ice House Tent choice for the upcoming season. We have more information on our website at www.familytentspro.com that will also point you in the correct direction for the best product.

Please also be aware that we may earn a small commission should you purchase through any of our affiliate links.

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