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What are the best uses for Canvas Bell Tents?

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

There are many different types and styles of tent camping. The most popular types of tents tend to be Dome Tents and Cabin Tents. These popular styles are what you typically see in your average campground. These easy to use tents, usually made from nylon, get comfortably hold up to 12 or more people depending on the size. However, there is another option when it comes to large family tents. These large camping tents are called Canvas Bell Tents. These Large Family Tents have special use and meaning when it comes to family camping.

What are the best uses for Canvas Bell Tents? Bell Tents are a circular style canvas tent with sidewalls on the lower portion of the tent and a center pole that raises and supports the roof. They are spacious and make the perfect waterproof tent for any season. Yes, these large family tents can be used four seasons out of the years. Also, Canvas Bell Tents have excellent ventilation in warm or cold weather. They are a perfect option for large family camping or extended stay camping.

This Large Camping Tents style has many uses that include family camping, extended-term camping, four-season camping, and Parties and events. Some individuals even use this waterproof tent for a residence. Keep in mind that these large family tents are typically made from canvas and, for that reason, are very heavy and bulky to move from place to place. This weight is a reason why these Large Camping Tents are not an excellent fit for hiking and backpacking. A family-sized version of this tent can easily weigh over 100 pounds, not that portable.

The Best Bell Tent Design will have not only the circular footprint but higher sidewalls. This Best Bell Tent Design will provide you with more usable space next to the sidewalls. Additionally, it will offer more windows that improve interior light and ventilation. This same Best Bell Tent design should also include the port for the chimney vent in the roof. This feature is an essential component for keeping Bell Tents warm during winter months.

Canvas Bell Tents are perfect waterproof tents and weatherproof tents. The weight of the canvas material makes this style of large family tents very stable in higher winds. So, the best bell tent holds up under heavy rain and wind. The steep roof design helps increase resistance and make this waterproof tent even better in these poor camping conditions.

Canvas Bell Tents are allowing you to experience tent glamping. Campers glamp in RV’s and Trailers. Now you can experience glamping in these large family tents. The flexibility to design your living area is wide open. With all of the ample space and ceiling height, you can bring in furniture and belongs to help make your stay more like a home rather than a tent in the woods. This flexibility allows all the members of your camping party to get the most out of the camping experience.

With all of these points in mind, let’s look at some options of Canvas Bell Tents in the Market Today.

White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Avalon Canvas Bell Tent with Stove Jack, Bug mesh for All Season Camping and Glamping.

By Whiteduck Store

White Duck Outdoors Premium Luxury Avalon Canvas Bell Tents include the essential Stove Jack feature and the Bug mesh for All Season Camping and Glamping. This Large Family Tent has a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform. This 4 Meter tent, approximately 13 feet, is large enough for the entire family and is priced at $929.99.

These canvas bell tents are large enough to house 6-8 adults or the entire family. The signature circular design is perfect to put your sleeping equipment next to the sidewalls allowing you to use the center area for daily family use. This fact gives this style of Large Family Tent, a unique and homey feel while on your glamping vacation.

STANDARD FEATURES for this Canvas Bell Tent include the Zipped-in 16 oz. High-density PVC groundsheet to keep the inside of the tent area clean. The included 5” wide Stove Jack opening made from Vinyl Fire Retardant Material so you can install a heating stove for colder weather. A flap is also included to make this a waterproof tent when you don’t have a stove attached. Also included is the Standard Bug Mesh Door and four Windows that feature heavy-duty trouble-free military-grade YKK zippers for improve operation. All 1/4” Polyester UV resistant Dura ropes are pre-attached with triangular metal rope tension adjusters and elastic cords to make their installation and operation easier to use. The tent’s center pole and door A-Frame are also included.

4 SEASON CANVAS BELL TENTS: The generous 13’ spacious design has a wall height of 3’ & the center Peak height over 9’. This dimension makes these large family tents extremely comfortable as all space can be utilized from all angles within the Bell Tent interior. The groundsheet is a 16 oz. Poly-vinyl coated high-density zipped-in component, which can be removed. When the floor is unzipped, the wall can be rolled up and then allows you maximum ventilation and cool breeze. The groundsheet at the door entry point has a hook and eye system to keep the groundsheet flat for movement in and out of the tent.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES for this bell tent include the extremely generous height Standard Bug No-See-Um Mesh Door. This door has a three-way zipper made with high-quality PVC Dipped UV Resistant Mesh that helps you to enjoy the view, yet stay protected. The Canvas Bell Tents kit includes an extremely functional Tension cord on the door entrance and rain flap to help you keep the water out. Also included are four large strategic roof vents to ensure maximum ventilation. Standard bug mesh is included on the doors and windows to help keep bugs and insects out of the interior.

There is plenty of EXTRA VENTILATION included in this large family tent. There are a total of 10 windows in the 5-meter size of this bell tent. All of the windows are of a 3-layer feature. The heavy-duty vinyl No-See-Um mesh keeps mosquitoes and bugs out, and there is a canvas flap on the outer and inner tent door frame. Four of the windows with detachable bug mesh are used to attach a sleeping pod (not included with the tent) for additional capacity. Also, there are four utility pockets, four large vents with No-See-Um Mesh with hood. All the tent’s seams are double stitched, and the corners are reinforced for added strength and durability.

One person can pitch these Canvas Bell Tents with minimal effort. The Main Construction of the bell tent is based on a Standing Steel Galvanized Pole with Dee for Hanging Light. Also included is a Galvanized Steel A-frame for Door that allows you a broader and more accessible entrance into the tent. This entry gives you an incredible feeling which offers ample space to create a beautiful exotic stay area with hanging decorations and even roof décor.

Outdoor Waterproof Luxury Glamping Bell Tents for Boutique Camping and Occasional Family Camping Trips and Festivals and Human shelter for inhabiting or Leisure

Brand: Free Space

4.8 out of 5 stars

30 ratings | 40 answered questions

Price: $409.00

Our second choice is also a 4-meter size, but half the price of our heavy-duty option above. These canvas bell tents have a 4.8 out of 5-star ratings on the Amazon Platform. Still providing you with a quality large family tent, these Canvas Bell Tents are priced a $409.00

The Bell Tent from Free Space is an excellent choice for boutique camping and ideal for longer stay camping trips and festivals. These waterproof tents will quickly provide comfortable shelter for six adults. All the gear needed to enjoy our stay in the woods or wherever.

  • These Bell Tents use cotton canvas to provide you with the perfect waterproof tent naturally. The treatment to the canvas improves the waterproofing over the high level already supplied by cotton canvas. The treatment also increases the resistance to mold and UV rays.

  • Canvas is the perfect material choice for long term camping uses in all climates. Canvas is breathable and has a high level of durability and weatherproofing. It is the ideal construction material for 4 season camping.

  • The bell tent comes with a zipped-in groundsheet that can be unzipped at the sides. Once unzipped, you can roll up the sidewalls for extra ventilation throughout the tent, creating a bright and breezy ambiance. When the sidewalls are down, extra ventilation comes from four zipped windows and air vents at the top.

  • Free Space has even added a mosquito net door at the tent’s front to keep critters and bugs out from the interior living space. Assembly is easy and can be completed by one person. Once pitched, you can add personal touches such as rugs, cushions, and tables to increase your glamping experience.

Free Space Canvas Bell Tents are the perfect starter bell tent design. Competitively priced, these tents are a fantastic value. They are both weatherproof and durable. These canvas bell tents can make your family camping trip more like glamping in the wilderness.

Psyclone Tents Fixed Floor 8 Windows 4m/13.12ft Luxury Outdoor All Weather 6-8 Person Cotton Canvas Yurt Medium Bell Tent for Family Camping Glamping Hiking and Festivals


Finally, we are now taking a look at canvas bell tents in the middle of the price range. The Psyclone tents Medium Bell Tent has 3.8 out of 5 stars on the Amazon Platform. It is currently listed at $639.98. This 4-meter tent will comfortably provide housing for up to 8 adults, while 4 to 6 adults are more comfortable.

  • The Psyclone bell tents are made of high-quality 340 gsm polyester-cotton canvas blend with waterproof treatment on the exterior. The generous 4-meter diameter spacious design makes the tent extremely comfortable as there are no corners. Space is utilized from all angles. It is quick and easy to pack down and set up even with one person.

  • Standard features of this large family tent a groundsheet made from Heavy duty 520 gsm PVC material. The tent is constructed from a high-quality 340 gsm polyester-cotton canvas blend. The windows and door use a standard bug mesh door and windows. Other features include heavy-duty trouble-free military-grade ykk zippers for maximum functionality, as well as extra strong ropes, are pre-attached with triangular metal rope tension adjusters for improved operation.

  • This bell tent provides an extremely generous door height for easy movement in and out of the tent. A standard bug no-see-um mesh door is made from high-quality PVC dipped UV resistant mesh to help you enjoy the beautiful views while still providing protection. The smoothly operating tension cord on the door entrance and rain flap enables you to keep water out and the cool in. Additional ventilation is provided by the 3 sizeable strategic roof vents with no-see-um mesh & hood to help ensure maximum ventilation while keeping the rain out.

  • This 4 meter Bell Tent provides excellent ventilation with the eight windows. All of the windows use heavy-duty vinyl mesh to keep mosquitoes out and canvas flap to be lowered during poor weather. Two large utility pockets are provided for you to keep your personal belongings organized and dry. All the tent seams are double-stitched, and corners are reinforced for added strength to improve durability. The tent is packed in a durable large canvas bag with a carrying strap. These keep your bell tent safe while in storage.

We’ve now illustrated three different options for your canvas bell tents. All of the units we have reviewed are all waterproof tents and can easily hold 6 to 8 adults on your next trip. The Bell Tent style is perfect for four-season camping, or glamping. This style is ideal for heavier winds as the canvas material weighs considerably more than most other tents. Also, the center pole design allows you amazing height within the tent, usually around 8 feet or more. This advantage will enable you to easily walk around the bell tent’s interior while putting your sleeping gear next to the side walls. This unique design has been around for centuries, so you should see why.

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