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What is the Best Beginner Tent?

Tent Camping is an adventure that is a perfect way for you and your family to enjoy a new and exciting experience. Whether you are camping at the beach, mountains, or lake, these locations will offer you a large variety of sports and activities to bring you closer to nature.

To ensure the best tent camping experience, you must first choose the perfect first tent. Many factors should be taken into account.

Our Choice for Best Beginner Tent is the Core 6 Person Dome Tent.

Here is how and why we made our choice.

What is the best beginner Tent? In order to determine the best beginner tent, we must consider the most critical aspects of the beginner tent. These topics include the following:

  • Price

  • Style or Design – Dome, Cabin or Other

  • Size or Rating For Number of Occupants

  • Ease of Setup

  • Tent Amenities

All of these items combined will help give the beginner camper the best opportunity for a fantastic adventure. This adventure will bring you closer to nature and get you and your family closer.

This new hobby can be as involved or relaxed as you would like. You have the opportunity to camp totally off the grid or a more passive style of camping. This second style will take you to a resort, offering you an entire list of amenities that will give you all the comfort of your home.

No matter location or amenities of your camping destination, your choice of a tent is an essential item to be considered. This item is where you will be sleeping and living for the entirety of your vacation and camping adventure. For this reason, it needs to be comfortable and reliable. The above list of items will help you determine which tent and size style will work best for you on your next Family Tenting Vacation.

What Can I Expect To Pay For A Great Beginners Tent?

This question takes into account several factors of your beginner tent. It looks at the size, style, and quality of your beginner tent. Remember, you don't need to have the best name in the business to get a quality tent for your first trip out.

To be honest, when I started camping, my wife and I chose a reasonably inexpensive dome tent. To be honest, it was an Ozark Trail Dome Tent for four persons. At that time, we needed space for the two of us and our two dogs. Yes, we started camping with our pets as they were are children at the time.

This tent was simple, durable, and easy to assemble, which is a significant consideration as we knew nothing about tenting, so simplicity was the key. This simplicity also kept the price down.

Over the years, we've purchased many tents. Some were inexpensive, while others were on the pricier end of the scale.

We've owned names such as Ozark Trail, Coleman, and Columbia, all in various sizes, shapes, and styles, so it is hard to compare. However, I will say that our most comfortable tent to assemble and the one that lasted the longest was our first Ozark Trail Dome Tent.

The price for your first simplistic tent will most likely range from $75 to $150, depending on size. I would lean towards the Dome Tent for its ease of setup and dependable construction. These tents are easily assembled by two persons, even in the dark at your campsite.

More detailed tents such as Cabin Tents, Extended Dome Tents, and Instant Cabin Tents will cost you more, depending on the size. The setup becomes a little more involved, and the pricing will most likely range from $150 to $250 for a good quality tent that will last you several seasons.

What Style of Beginner Tent Should I Choose?

Again, I would lean towards Traditional Dome Tent for your beginner tent. They are dependable yet straightforward and also are typically the least expensive option.

Dome tents also offer you a tremendous durable construction that is good in heavier winds and the best protection from rain and water.

By design, with the sloping walls and roof, the rain has a difficult time penetrating the tent's interior. Typically the windows also have excellent protection from the rain and wind, making this an outstanding waterproof tent choice.

Now, there is also the Instant Cabin Tent to consider. Here, you can benefit from a cabin tent with ample space and high ceiling height. These tents have all the poles connected, so all you do is pull the tent up and secure the poles at the base. One person can complete them, but two persons are still best for you and the tent during construction.

The only real downside is that they will cost you more money to get started. If you've never been camping are unsure if this sport is to your liking, then cost, or investment may be an issue.

Also, these larger tents come with a different set of needs. They are not as good in the wind so you will need to know how to locate your tent on your campsite correctly.

They may not be waterproof, so you will need to know additional methods of preparing your tent for wet weather camping.

In all, both the Family Dome Tent and the Instant Cabin Tent are excellent choices for your beginner tent. However, I still lean toward the Dome Tent as it is the most affordable and most durable of all the options.

What size tent should I choose For my First Tenting Trip?

Size matters, especially when camping. Too small of a tent, and you will be cramped for the entire adventure. Too large of a tent and you may not be comfortable setting up your campsite. The best rule to adhere to is to look at the rating for the number of people on the tent and then reduce that by two.

This rule will give you a great benchmark of how many people will fit in the tent comfortably.

A tent rated for six persons only houses four adults comfortably. However, when doing your sizing, please don't forget to include your children or pets. It would help if you considered any of these individuals as adults for the count of persons in the tent. This number will allow you the perfect amount of interior space to be comfortable and unwind on your first tenting adventure.

Why is the Ease Of Setup of your first camping tent important?

You never know what weather you will be setting your tent up in. Also, things happen, even when you have the best plan. You may end up arriving at your destination late and then have to set your tent up in the dark of the night. Setting up in the dark is never fun, even for the experienced camping. For a first time camper, This setup situation can be very stressful and start your first camping experience off on the wrong foot.

For these reasons, I advise using the most straightforward tent for your first few trips into this new camping world. For me, This means that you should choose a suitable Family Dome Tent for your first outing.

These Dome Tents are simple to set up. All you need to do is slide the tent poles through the sleeves outside the dome tent, crossing each other in the middle of the ceiling. The tent is then constructed by inserting the poles into the grommets at each of the tent's four corners in an "X" pattern.

If the weather is good, you can install the rainfly in the morning. If not, you put it over and attach it to your Family Dome Tent with strings and clips as instructed.

While the Dome Tent is simple to set up, you should undoubtedly take the time to perform a couple of setup dry runs in your back yard. This practice will give you the confidence to construct your beginner tent in the dark and in any weather.

What amenities can I expect in my Beginner Tent?

Amenities will vary by tent, by manufacturer, by tent size, and by the tent's price. All these factors will mean a variety of items that can be offered.

The most common item you will see on your beginner dome tent are storage pockets and ceiling storage. These items offer you a great place to store valuable items such as wallets, phones, tablets, and other essential electronics. Here they will stay safe up and out of the water and are easily accessible.

The next item is a construction option. This option is the bathtub style base of the tent. Here as tarp-like material is used to make the tent's floor and then comes up six inches around the tent's sidewalls. This medium helps to keep running water outside the tent and to keep you and your belongings dry.

Another set of amenities are the windows and doors. Some tents will have two entries making it very easy to get in and out of your beginner tent.

Other tents will have windows on all sides or some on only two sides. This number of windows will vary. No Matter what, you need to make sure you will have ample ventilation while inside the tent. This item is typically no and issue as most dome tents offer a screen mesh ceiling portion at the center ceiling for ventilation. Here the wary air can ventilate between the tent and the rainfly.

Another amenity is the method of weatherproofing the windows and doors. Pay attention to the method. Some window and door covers are secured with ties, while others use zippers. It would help if you tried to have zippers whenever possible as they will provide you the most secure method to increase your beginner tent's weatherproof rating.

With all of these items, from price to size to style to ease of assembly, you can now decide which tent will be the best choice for your beginner camping tent. You will see many options and brands that will all offer similar items. Be sure to inspect the tent thoroughly before purchasing or asking about replacing missing or broken parts on your new tent.

In some fashions, purchasing your first tent locally at big box stores like Walmart or Target or Sporting Stores like Dick's will offer you contact should you need to replace a part or if you have a question.

Over the years, I have purchased many tents online, but by this point, I had a great idea of what I was looking for in my new tent. I had also experienced many different tents' styles by this point, so I had no concern about construction designs and setup procedures. Once you gain this knowledge, you can take advantage of stores such as Amazon, which offers you a wide variety of style options.

We are Family Tents Pro, and we're trying to help you purchase that first beginner camping tent. With the correct purchase, you will open up yourself and your family to a new world of adventure and relaxation.

We have additional information on our website at www.familytentspro.com to help you enjoy and plan that first tenting adventure. You will find educational articles such as the best gear to consider and tent and product reviews to make the best purchase for your family's needs.

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