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What is the best way to charge my phone and electronics while camping?

Today we are all so dependent on our phones and electronics in every aspect of our daily lives. Unfortunately, this fact even applies to us while we are camping off-grid. Many of us will use our phones to tell the time, check the weather, and utilize GPS services and directions.

The main issue here is that our phones, tablets, and gadgets only offer us a limited amount of useability. The number of hours available for your phone can depend on the model and make of the phone and how many apps you have running at any given time.

What methods can I use to charge my phone while camping?

A few methods are available to us to keep our phones, tablets, and electronic gadgets charged while off-grid. These methods will offer you various degrees of efficiency and the ability to charge your devices fully. These methods include:

  • Battery Packs

  • Solar Charging

  • Thermoelectric Effect

  • Your Vehicle's USB charging Ports

  • Inverter coupled with your vehicles Battery and Charging System

All of these charging methods will offer you a varying degree of efficiency. This level will determine how long it will take you to charge your device to its full capacity. Some will take you only a few hours, while others will take a full day or many hours of continued connection.

Also, some of these methods are considered stand-alone and require no additional components. These items include battery packs and solar charging. These items connect directly to your device with no other connections.

Other charging means require external connections to perform the charging of your gadgets. These methods include your car's USB ports and an external inverter connected to your vehicle. From these items, the charging is provided via the vehicle through the USB or Inverter.

Now that we have some basics let's look a little deeper so that you can determine which methods will work best for you on your next camping trip.

Is a Battery Pack a Good way to Charge my phone while camping?

This question depends on how much you will be using your phone and what you will be using it for. Your battery pack's size will also determine how effective it will be to provide you with the proper level of power to recharge your phone.

Battery packs are rated by mAh. Now, the average phone will need approximately 2000mAh to be fully charged. In this case, if you want to recharge your phone once, you will need at least this amount of power in your battery pack.

Remember that if you are charging other items, you will need to calculate the battery requirements for each of the items and total them. Then you will need to determine how many times you will need to recharge. Keep in mind that the more power required, the larger the battery pack you will need to carry around in the woods while camping.

Another item to consider is your battery pack's age, as they lose efficiency every time you recharge them. Also, colder weather lowers their effectiveness and reduces the amount of power that will be stored.

Thinking about all of these items will help you determine if a battery pack is the best choice for your camping adventure. Sometimes you will couple your battery pack with another recharging method to help you achieve the level of recharging required.

You may find that to allow for four days of charging. You will need to recharge your battery pack using a solar charger, the USB port in your car, or an Inverter connected to your vehicle. All of these options will give you the flexibility to recharge your battery pack.

Will a Solar Charger be the best solution to charge my phone while camping?

Yes, today, we look at solar power as a possible solution to our clean energy needs. As a camper, you may want to utilize this clean energy to keep you connected while enjoying your camping adventure off-grid.

However, while it is s clean energy source, solar power has some drawbacks that can hinder it from being the perfect solution for your camping adventure.

First and foremost, you need to be aware of the amount of sun provided in your given area. If you are camping in an area of high sun, it may be a great solution to your power needs.

You should choose a solar panel system that is flexible so that it can be folded and placed in your backpack. These units are lightweight, so you will not have an issue carrying them to your campsite.

Another issue to consider is when you will be charging your unit. If you want to charge your phone, the best time is at noon while the sun's rays are at their strongest. However, this is typically when you will be using your phone on the trail or wherever you are. For this reason, you might want to set up your charging station to charge a battery pack while you are out enjoying your camping adventure. This method will allow you to charge your phone from the battery pack during the night.

Solar recharging can be a great alternative, but it relies on the amount of sunshine that you will receive on your camping adventure.

Is my car the best method to recharge my phone while camping?

Your car or truck can offer you a large amount of power to recharge your phone and gadgets while on your camping adventure. Here, you can utilize your vehicle's battery and recharging system to keep your electronic devices charged and ready to be used.

Most vehicles will offer you USB ports to charge your phone, headlamp, and pads to keep them fully charged. Also, you might want to include an inverter into the charging loop. This method offers you a more considerable ability to charge more items and offer you the highest level of mAh for your batteries.

Just one major caveat is for you to be concerned with draining your vehicle's battery beyond the point of starting your car. Here, you will need to run your vehicle regularly to keep the battery charged. From this point, you will be able to charge your phone, pad, computer, and whatever other gadgets.

Obviously, this method is only useful if you are camping near your vehicle. It will not be an efficient method if you are hiking or backpacking. There will be no use for your car on the hiking trail.

What is a Thermoelectric Effect Generator, and is it useful for charging your phone?

This charging concept takes the use of thermal dynamics into account. By creating heat transfer, you will make power to charge your electronic gadgets. You can boil water and charge your phone at the same time. Just note that to charge your phone fully, you would need to boil water for hours at a time.

At this point, in my opinion, this tech hasn't come to the end of efficiency but rather more of a novelty. The time taken to charge any of your items is considerable, and there are more efficient methods to provide you power on your camping adventure.

The above methods will help you keep your electronic gadgets and phone charges while on that next camping adventure. One method not mentioned is the most powerful option.

Portable Generators come in all sizes with varying electrical ratings. These generators are not portable when it comes to being considered for hiking and backpacking. However, if you are at one main campsite for a period of time, they can be a great alternative.

We will be providing you this information in a separate blog as the options here are so varied. From prices to sizes to fuel, you have options that can be tailored to your needs while on your camping adventure.

We are Family Tents Pro, and this information is provided so that you can help you find the best way to keep your essential electronics charged and ready to go. These options are all very portable and can be used almost anywhere at any time on your next camping adventure.

You will also find more information on our website at www.familytentspro.com. Here we provide you with educational camping articles, product reviews, and top lists so that you can make the best possible choice for your camping gear.

Additionally, we may earn a small commission should you purchase through any of our affiliate links.

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