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What is the Easiest Set Up Tent for 2 People?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Camping has different meanings for different people. Some of us camp trailside, some camp in the woods, and some at the ocean, but we all love camping. All of these locations have one item in common, The Tent. This structure provides us with shelter, weather resistance, and safety. They come in small 1 or 2 person models up to massive waterproof tents to provide shelter up to 20 people.

The question we're looking at today is: "What is the Easiest Set Up Tent for 2 People?" The 4 person instant cabin tent is the answer. These 4 person Instant Tents from Coleman, Outdoor Products, QOMOTOP, and Kazoo all offer a fantastic cabin instant tents that you can set up in under 1 minute. Additionally, they all provide excellent water and weather protection and sleeping for up to 4 adults. Ultimately, this 4 man tent design is best suited for a couple of two.

The design of all four of these instant cabin tent options is basically the same. The waterproof tent structure is provided by the four telescoping tent legs that are already attached to the tent. Other components include the tub base floors, rainfly, and covered doors and windows for ventilation. These units are perfect for beginner camping in almost any location. The ability to pitch these tents in under 1 minute is one of this instant tent style's most essential features.

QOMOTOP Waterproof Camping Tents, 4/6/8/10 Person 60-Second Pop Up Tent, Instant Cabin Tent, Suit for Camping and Travels


The QOMOTOP Waterproof tent for 4 man tent is lightweight, durable, and set's up in under one minute on the trail's edge. The QOMOTOP Waterproof tent has a 4.6 out of 5 stars on the Amazon Platform. These best 4 person tents cost $99.99 on Amazon. This easy tent to set up will help you make the most out of your Instant Tent Camping adventure.

There are many advantages to this effortless set up tent from QOMOTOP. You can have this man tent ready to go in just 60 seconds. This precision is what the beginner camping needs on their camping trip. It is recommended that two campers build this instant tent together. This teamwork saves unneeded stress on the pole components. However, one person can certainly complete the build of this waterproof tent.

  • This easy tent provides you with a spacious interior floor plan which measures 8'x8' with a center height of just under 5'. This instant tent's interior will hold one queen-sized air mattress and all the gear you will need for your two-party. We may list this as a best 4 person tents, but it works best for two campers.

  • The E-Port system of these easy set up tents provides you with a waterproof and bug proof method to bring an electrical cord into the instant tent's interior to provide power to your electrical amenities.

  • These instant tents provide you with other great options to help improve the beginner camping experience. This cabin tent includes gear pockets that allow you to organize your essential items and a gear loft to keep your most crucial gear off the ground. QOMOTOP also consists of all of the needed items such as tent stakes, carry bag, and mud mat. The mud mat is excellent for your boots and shoes.

  • This durable, easy tent is 100% Waterproof and Windproof. QOMOTOP has included PU taping for both the rainfly seams and inner tent seams. Also, the PE Tube floor includes welded corners for strength and durability. These items combine genuinely make this a waterproof tent,

  • Another fantastic feature of this easy to set up tent is the upgraded ventilation that reduces condensation inside the tent, keeping you dry. The Mesh Rood and the Ground Vents work together to provide you with air circulation. The lower ground vents are adjustable so you can now adjust the temperature inside of your instant cabin tent, ensuring that you stay comfortable in any conditions.

  • One final feature that aids the easy tent set up is the Color Coding on the tent for the rainfly's correct positioning. This brilliant adder allows you to get the rainfly on correctly the first try, and thereby keep the rain out of the tent's interior.

All of these items together make this one of our choices for the Best 4 person tent. The QOMOTOP Instant Cabin Tent is durable and weatherproof. Just what the beginner camping enthusiast needs to pull off the perfect camping trip with your partner. These instant tents are also ideal for hiking and backpacking or hunting and fishing trips. The choice is up to you.

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Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds

Visit the Coleman Store

What would a camping tent list be without a product from Coleman? Here we are looking at the easy set up tents that are well known in the market. One of our Best 4 person Tents, the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Set up holds a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Platform. This easy set up tent costs just $136.79 and is an Amazon Choice. Even Amazon recognizes the quality and durability of this superior tenting product

I have to admit, I've used Coleman products for lots of years, from tents to sleeping bags, to stoves, and the one thing that always comes to the surface is their quality and ingenuity. This Instant Tent model is not only durable and a waterproof tent, but it is also a light-blocking tent. Yes, This easy tent blocks out the sunlight, so the interior is dark. Great for those of us who stay out after dark and sleep a little longer into the morning.

Now, obviously, the Coleman name provides you with other features, so let's look.

  • This product is a Weatherproof Tent, no doubt about it. Coleman provides Welded corners and inverted seams on the tent fabric and rainfly to ensure that the water stays outside the tent. Also, the integrated rainfly offers you excellent ventilation and extra weather protection.

  • This Instant tent is built to last as even the tent fabric is a double-thick layer. This quality means you can enjoy this easy to set up tent season after season.

  • I've set up many tents in my lifetime, and this model is truly an easy tent to set up. It will take you under 1 minute to get the tent laid out and then secure the poles. These simple designs allow a flawless set up for even the beginner camping couple. One person can build this tent; however, two persons make it that much easier.

  • The roomy interior of this tent measures out at 8'x7' with just under 5' height in the tent's center. This size will comfortably fit one queen size air mattress and all your gear.

  • Coleman supplies a convenient storage bag, so when the trips over, you can roll the tent and rainfly and put them in the bag to keep them safe and ready for the next trip. You will have everything in one place.

  • WeatherTec System helps keep the rain and moisture out. This outcome achieved using a tub style base with patented welded corners and covered seams so the water can't get in.

  • The quick and set is the cornerstone of this instant cabin tent. The preassembled poles allow you to cut tradition set up a time to a minimum as you simply lengthen the telescoping poles, clip to the tent walls, and clip into the base of the tent. Done.

  • Dark Room Technology is becoming more popular for tent camping, especially in family situations. Here this technology will block out 90% of the sunlight coming into the tent. This darkness means you don't need to be up when the sun rises. It will also help to keep the inside of the tent more manageable during the daylight hours. This dark design also reduces temperature buildup.

This Coleman instant set up camping tent takes the work out of building your shelter for the night. This design is excellent for backpacking and couple's camping as it will easily hold one queen-sized air mattress and your gear. The advanced WeatherTec system ensures your stay dry, and the Dark Room Technology improves that great night's sleep. Made from double-thick Polyguard material, this tent is durable and will last you season after season.

Outdoor Products 4 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Brand: Outdoor Products

Yet another entry into our list of Best 4 person tents is brought to us by Outdoor Products. This instant cabin tent is rated for 4 campers and holds a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon platform. It is also an Amazon Choice, so you know that it is durable and will last season after season. This fantastic instant tent is priced at $180.

  • This easy tent is an excellent alternative for the beginner camping enthusiast. The tent is rated for four people. However, 2 adults is a better fit for the 8'x7' interior footprint. Also, this Instant Cabin Tent has one of the highest ceiling heights in the grouping at 5.5'. You may not be able to stand up straight, but you will be able to stretch out.

  • The Instant Pole Design means that the tent poles are pre-attached to the top of the tent. This construction is the reason for the large savings in time. You simply pull down the telescoping poles and clip it to the tent. Under one minute, you're done.

  • The easy tent is a waterproof tent with generous ventilation, even in the rain. Ventilation is provided through the mesh ceiling and dual ground vents that create cross ventilation inside the tent. Additionally, you can leave the windows open due to the Extended Eave Technology. These eaves extend above the windows to help increase circulation. This ventilation helps to make your adventure dry and comfortable.

  • The No-See-Um-Mesh on the windows and door will help keep you dry and bite-free from all kings' insects. This feature is what you need when you're deep in the woods or at the beach.

This Instant Easy Tent from Outdoor Products is not flashy and doesn't have lots of amenities. It is a suitable Instant Cabin Tent that is the perfect choice for the beginner camping couple. The assembly makes this an easy tent to put up and takedown. It has a great height in the center of the tent. Additionally, It is a portable tent that you can use on your next hiking or backpacking trip.

KAZOO Family Camping Tent Large Waterproof Pop Up Tents 4/6/8 Person Room Cabin Tent Instant Setup with Sun Shade Automatic Aluminum Pole

Visit the KAZOO Store

Our final entry into the category of Best 4 Person Tents is the KAZOO Family Camping Tent. This instant tent is a great waterproof tent for time on the trail for a couple. The Instant Cabin Tent is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on the Amazon Platform and is priced at $189.90.

This reliable, user-friendly, easy tent uses an Aluminum Automatic Pole design that makes it possible to build this ten in 30 seconds. You basically open the tent like an umbrella. The spacious room is delivered by a cabin shaped design making the tent's interior feel large, with a large amount of volume. While this tent is rated for four adults, I recommend two adults as the interior will fit one queen air mattress and your gear.

  • The KAZOO Tent is waterproof and Sturdy. It utilizes a double layer design for the tent construction. The Tent liner is made of no-see-um mesh netting 190T breathable Polyester. The rainfly is made of 210T Ripstop Polyester, one of the best materials to provide you with high performance and make this a superior waterproof tent. This 4 person instant cabin tent has passed the waterproof test with a rating above 3000mm. To provide you with an excellent instant tent, we use ultra-lightweight premium 19mm aluminum tent poles to build a strong but light frame. This frame is durable and will hold up in stronger winds.

  • Large Tent Porch included with the KAZOO Instant Cabin Tent not only gives you views and a place to sit outside away from insects. This porch, with the mesh walls and ceilings, provide this instant tent the perfect ventilation. The interior includes two large zippered doors that allow for smooth operation. The zippered doors can be suspended when not in use to make the sunshade, which will also increase your comfort. Additionally, there are two mesh-covered windows for a great view and ventilation.

  • KAZOO has provided details and amenities that will help you experience the best possible tenting adventure. They have included reliable SBS Dual Zipper, Interior Mesh Pockets, Full Coverage Rainfly, and the perfect durable, lightweight structure covered by durable rip-stop fabric materials. To back this up, Kazoo provides a 2-year warranty.

  • Interior Measurements of this 4 person tent are 8'x7' wither a center height of 5'. This instant tent is designed with nearly vertical walls giving you more useable space and a larger expansive interior volume. The Two-doors and two vestibules provide great entry and a room to store your boots to keep the dirt to a minimum inside the easy tent. The front door can also be supported to make a nice sunshade, and one pair of support poles are included.

This instant tent is another excellent choice for your two-person camping trip. It offers you a genuinely waterproof tent with ample ventilation to keep you dry and cool. The interior provides ample space for your queen size air mattress and will easily stow your camping gear. The very durable aluminum frame will handle what every weather is thrown it's way. Not to mention the easy set up tent is perfect for the beginner camping couple.

Now, we've given you three genuinely unique choices for your instant cabin tent trip. These units will offer you a tremendous waterproof tent experience, under one minute set up time, and ample room for the camping couple on the go. These instant tents will work at the beach, mountains, or woods. Their quick set up and take down also make them an excellent choice for hiking and backpacking. It would be best if you decided which one, and head on out.

We are Family Tents Pro, and our goal is to help you make the perfect choice for your tenting and camping needs. We read the customer comments and do the product reviews so you can have the most pertinent information to base your decision. We may earn a small commission should you choose to purchase through one of our links. This commission allows us to continue to bring you this up to date information on these fantastic products. We also have additional information available on our website at familytentspro.com. You will find articles on product reviews, top lists, and education that all offer you information to help you make the perfect choice of products for your next camping equipment purchase. Please go to the site and see how we can help you.

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