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What Type of Tent Should I Buy For My Trip?

There are many different styles, sizes, and types of tents on the market today. There are Big Tents, Small Tents, Waterproof Tents, Cabin Tents, Bell Tents, and even Jeep Tents. These many different types all have different sizes to accompany them. You can find a one person tent or a two person tent, or you can find a 12 person tent. Some of these choices are a single room, and some are multi-room tents. No matter your need, you can find a tent's style and size for your particular type of camping.

What type of tent should I buy? These questions have many answers. One answer is if you are a 6 person family and you are camping for a week at the beach, you need an 8 person tent to make you stay comfortable. For the tent's style, Dome Tents or Cabin Tents would be an excellent fit for this application. Even a Bell Tent would work great for this camping excursion. All of the different types of camping have different tent styles that work best for your beginner camping trip into the wild.

So, lets put some definition to the process and start by looking at each of the styles of family tents so you can make the best decision possible.

Two Person Tent or the One Person Tent Dome Tent: These tents are small by design. They are typically used for hiking and backpacking. These waterproof tents keep you dry on the trail's edge while still being small enough to fit conveniently into your backpack. The design is simple enough that even the beginner camping enthusiast can pitch this design in minutes. This construction allows you to pick up and move this two person tent without taking it down. Besides hiking and backpacking, this type of tent is a great alternative for temporary shelter on your next fishing or hunting trip.

Inflatable Tents: This is one of the newest types of family tents on the market. This Dome Tent style uses inflated support columns versus the typical metal or fiberglass poles the provide the shape and structure of the Dome Tent. These Inflatable Tents are easily pitched. The beginner camping enthusiast can use these waterproof tents for many different types of camping. These inflatable tents are durable and an excellent choice for backpack and hiking. Usually, these small family tents are designed to be a four person tent. These small dome tents also work well for weekend camping, beach camping, and picnics. They are lightweight, durable, and waterproof, which helps to make your camping outing more enjoyable.

Truck Bed Pop Up Tent: The Truck Bed Pop Up Tent is just what the name states. It is a waterproof tent designed to instill in the bed of your truck. The design is quick and easy to construct and offers you a waterproof tent design. This design keeps you off the ground while still giving you access to your truck's interior through the back window. Typically, this dome tent makes a great 4 person tent that is durable and convenient. Truck Bed Camping is perfect for your hunting or fishing expedition into the great outdoors. Also, The Truck Bed Pop Up Tent is an easy alternative for a week at the beach or campground. So, if you have a pickup truck, then now you know that you can find a quality tent for Truck Bed Camping in the back of your vehicle.

Roof Top Tenting: This style of tenting is sometimes uses Jeep Tents or a 4Runner Tent that installs on the top of your vehicle. While Jeep Tents are typically purchased to be installed onto your Jeep, you can find Roof Top Tents installed on other types of SUVs and Trucks. The main area of consideration is that the roof of your vehicle can support your Jeep Tent. Usually, you will need a roof rack kit that can support around 750 pounds. A Jeep Tent can be purchase as an instant setup tent where all you do is pull a lever. You can also find these rooftop tents in a more traditional format similar to the dome tent or cabin tent. These tents stay installed on top of your vehicle but still offer a simple construction. This tent design works great for couples who want to get away for the weekend to the beach or wilderness. Fishing, Hunting, and weekend camping are the perfect application of these waterproof tents.

SUV Tents: This tent is a specific style of Dome Tents that connects to the back of your SUV or wagon. Unlike Jeep Tents and Truck Bed Camping, SUV Tents are stand-alone and can be disconnected from your vehicle and remain intact. These stand-alone dome tents offer you an excellent shelter for your week-long camping trip to the beach or ocean. Even camping in the woods is a great application for this style of the family tent. They are durable and work well as waterproof tents to keep you warm and dry throughout your vacation. Typically, these tents will be illustrated to shelter 4 to 6 adults, but you also can put 2 persons in the back of the SUV. In the end, this style of SUV Tenting is excellent for families of 4 to 6 people. These tents are simply attached to the back of the SUV with flaps from the tent that, once secured, make a tunnel.

A-Frame Tent: The A-Frame tent construction is just as the name states. The constructed tent resembles an "A." This structure is a small tent for 1 or 2 persons or a couple. They are small and lightweight. These tents are perfect tents for the beginner tenting enthusiast. The "A" Frame tent is a great starter tent for children to find the outdoors' love. These tents are durable and lightweight, as well as easy to set up. Use this style tent for picnics, backpacking, hiking, and overnight stays.

Dome Tent: The Dome Tent is one of the most popular styles of tents. You can find this version from a 2 or 4 person tent all the way up to a 10 or 12 person tent. The large version family dome tents, 8 person tent, and above offer lots of room with items to enhance your camping experience. They are an excellent alternative for the beginner camping enthusiast due to their ease of setup and their ability to be superior waterproof tents in any weather type. Smaller versions, two person tent, work well for hiking and backpacking, while larger versions make great large camping tents. These family dome tents can offer you multi rooms, awnings, lantern hooks, and pockets. These are all the items you need to make the perfect camping trip even better. If there is a need for a tent for three-season use, then dome tents are among the best choices.

Cabin Tents: Now, Large Camping Tents are usually Cabin Tents. The overall structure makes for the perfect combination of space and ceiling height. The 8 person tent's significant advantage is multiple doors, multiple windows, lantern hooks, multiple rooms, awnings, screen rooms, and even lights in some models. These spacious waterproof tents offer you room for the family to spread out. Standard models of the cabin tent require more work to set up, so maybe not the beginner's best choice. However, recently, Instant Cabin Tents have made construction very simple for the beginner camping enthusiast. All of the poles are already in place. You just need to pull them down and clip them into place. Most Instant Cabin Tents can be set up in under five minutes. These huge tents offer lots of room for the family with excellent ventilation. Keep in mind that if the weather is cold, you will have a hard time getting warm. Also, This model of the tent doesn't hold up well in strong winds. In all, they are one of the two most popular styles offering you great shelter while family camping at a campground, beach, or woods. They work best for larger groups or families or just want lots of space on your camping trip.

Canvas Bell Tent: The Canvas Bell Tent is the last style to look at. These large, round tents resemble a circus tent and come in either 4,5, or 6meter sizes. A six-meter diameter is equivalent to a 20' diameter tent. That is massive. They are made from Canvas, which makes these waterproof tents that breathe very well. Also, assembly is simple as you assemble the sidewalls, then one center pole. One person can complete this job. The Canvas Bell Tent is a four-season tent that will work even in winter. They typically have the stove jack included in the roof so you can easily add a wood burning tent stove to the interior to keep you warm on those cold nights. The Canvas Bell Tent is great for a large number of people. The best method is to put your sleeping equipment next to the sidewalls as the ceiling height there is under 4', while the tent's center is over 7'. This arrangement leaves lots of space in the center of the tent for the family to live. The sidewalls also offer your additional ventilation through the windows, as well as upper vents in the roof. These highly waterproof tents are a great choice if you are looking for long term camping or camping in winter months. These Canvas Bell Tents work great for parties, back yard bonus areas in addition to their everyday use as a vacation tent. These are 8 person tents or more due to all of the extra space they offer. You can make these tents homier with your personal touches like rope lights, table & Chairs, Futon, and a rough to make it very cozy.

Now, we've looked at all of the choices for the tent styles. Now you need to look at your family camping facts. What size is your party? Where and When are you camping? What type of vacation are you taking? When you have the answers to these questions, you can start to decide what tents will work best for your vacation. If you don't have a pickup or SUV, you can eliminate Truck Bed Tent Camping, SUV Tenting, or Roof Top Tenting. These three require a particular vehicle to be efficient.

Next, If you are hiking, then the two person tent is your choice. A small dome tent or "A" Frame tent are good strong choices. Also, to be considered for hiking and backpacking is the inflatable tent.

Suppose Hunting, fishing, or outdoor activity in the wilderness is your destination. In that case, the SUV tent, Truck Bed Tent Camping, Jeep Tent, or Roof Top Tenting might be the right choice with a self-contained tenting area that is concise yet comfortable.

Family Tenting on vacation is best suited to either larger dome tents or cabin style tents. These offer the most amount of room and amenities for your family camping trip. Whether to the wood, campground, or beach, these are durable waterproof tents that will allow you to sprawl out and enjoy the vacation.

Finally, for the large family tents, you need to consider the Canvas Bell Tents. These tents offer the most room, and you have the space to personalize your interior. They do weigh more, so you want these for longer trips or setups in your back yard. They also work well for parties and events. These Canvas Bell Tents are also very waterproof and winterproof. They make great four-season tents.

You now have the definitions of the tent styles and a few key questions to consider before making your choice on the perfect tent for your camping excursion. Take your time, read reviews of the products, and think about what you want to achieve on your tenting vacation. Some people spend little time in their tents, off enjoying activities and the wilderness. While other people spend lots of time inside the tent, enjoying family and bonding. Take this into account regarding the size needed so that you will all of the space that you require to enjoy your perfect tent camping vacation.

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