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Why Should I Camp At The Ocean?

We all know that camping can be a great family experience. No matter if you’re camping in that local Campground in the mountains in the wild or at the beach.

Camping at the beach is always one of my family families favorite experiences. Throw the stuff in the car and head out for that long weekend and enjoy what the Ocean and Mother Nature have to offer.

For those of you who’ve never experienced camping at or near the Ocean, this is genuinely a location you need to experience while camping with the family.

Why is camping at the Ocean the perfect experience?

Well, camping in the Ocean you can experience sights and sounds, but you can’t find them anywhere else. Solve the best reasons to Camp Oceanside include:

  • Sight and Sounds

  • Rolling Surf

  • Family Bonding

  • Relaxation

  • Beach activities

  • Ocean Side Menu

The Sights and sounds while at the Ocean Is the perfect relaxing day. Enjoy fresh kinds of seafood and enjoying activities playing in the sand.

Visiting the Ocean is a unique experience. From the rolling surf to the Warm Sands to that Ocean Breeze, nowhere else will offer you this type of camping experience.

Most ocean areas will offer camping near or close to the ocean beach, offering you the site of the sights and sounds of Wildlife and the Rolling Thunder of the surf. Here you can take your shirt off, lay back on your towel, and take in the Rays.

What should I bring to the beach when camping? Many items come to mind to help you enjoy and relax in this fantastic location.

First and most important, don’t forget the sunscreen.

A good quality sport sunscreen 50 SPF will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays and allow you to enjoy an entire day out in the sun. Be sure that this is a waterproof sunscreen that will not rub off or wash off while playing in the ocean surf.

Bring a great Sun shelter tent.

These tents are small, lightweight, and easy to carry. Easily assembled on the beach, they provide you with the place to get out of the hot sun and lay back and relax. It’s also the perfect location to hide does family Essentials such as clothing bags and that all-important cooler

Yes, you need a cooler.

Make sure that it’s portable enough so that you can drag it around the sand. You can find coolers with wheels or find coolers that you can carry over your shoulder. No matter your Styler need, be sure you pack this essential item with snack sandwiches for lunch and lots of drinks. Water and lemonade, and teas will help you not to dehydrate while sitting and playing out in the sun at the Ocean.

Bring that perfect beach chair.

While on the beach, you’ll need a comfortable place to relax and take in the sights and sounds. The perfect beach chair will make your day in the sand and sun. Keep in mind that you may want to take your chair into the water so you can dip your feet in the surf.

A good choice from my experience is the short, low to the ground beach chairs. Be mindful of the fabrics. They should dry quickly in the sun.

Always remember to bring a battery pack for your cell phone.

If you’re like my family, you always need a little background music for the beach. Your cell phone and a set of Bluetooth earbuds are great for this. You can listen to your tunes while not disturbing your neighbors on the next blanket.

The only problem is our phone draws the battery down. It would help if you remembered to bring that backup power pack to keep your tunes charged up. Now your set to enjoy and relax.

A couple of small items round out the list of essential items to bring to the Ocean.

A hat with a visor to shade your face is worth its weight in gold. This item helps make walking the beach more enjoyable by providing shade on your face and keeping your hair under control.

Sunglasses are a must.

You will be dealing not only with the overhead sun but also its reflection off the Ocean. This light can be uncomfortable and cause you to squint your eyes. No fun at all.

What are the best things to do while I’m camping at the beach?

You can do so much with this one location that the day will be over before you know what.

Heading out into the water to do some surfing or if you’re like me, not that coordinated body surfing on a boogie board is a great way to pass the time.

Beach games are always a must. Bring a football, baseball, tennis ball, even a frisbee. These games are great to help everyone in the family get involved. Some beaches Opera a location for volleyball or you can bring your own. No matter your flavor, the perfect beach game activity, I hope you enjoy this fantastic location.

What are the top items to be aware of while at the beach?

First of all, if this is your first time on the beach, you should pick a beach that is staffed by lifeguards. Many public beaches offer this amenity, and it provides a layer of safety just in case something goes wrong while you’re enjoying your day in the sand.

With this in mind, lifeguard stands will offer you some information to consider during your Beach Adventure. They Post colored Flags little indicate areas of concern at the beach. Typically a blue flag means you’re good to go. After that, they have yellow, orange, and red, indicating a level of threat you need to be aware of.

Sometimes these threats can be ocean creatures such as jellyfish and sharks. Yes, it’s not a myth you do get shark warnings while at the beach.

While sharks tend to like warmer water are camping at the beach, it was typically in Maine, where the ocean water is usually cooler. However, there was many a season when they were shark warnings.

Another item that will be posted is if there’s a strong undertow. Undertow is when the current comes in and then rushes back into the Ocean, dragging your feet out from underneath you. Even in six inches of water, this can’t if you upside down and put you on your face.

Be careful with small children in this situation as they can be dragged out into the Ocean itself.

If this does happen and you or your loved one is caught in the undertow, swim parallel to the surf, slightly heading back to shore. This action will break the grip and allow you to get back safely.

The sun is always a concern. Even on a hazy or cloudy day, you can get a severe sunburn if you have not adequately applied your sunscreen.

There’s nothing worse than a sunburn all over your body. You can’t sleep, you can’t move, and there really isn’t much relief. Yes, aloe and creams can help, but in the end, you’ve damaged your top layer of skin, and you will pay the price.

In the end, camping at the beach has always been one of my family’s favorite activities. This adventure is an excellent time for everyone to get together and enjoy some games, share some thoughts and just relax.

Let the stress Ivar typical work weeks wash off you is the surf rolls over your body. There’s nothing quite like the feel of ocean saltwater rolling over your body. It truly is the perfect way to relax.

We are Family Tents Pro, and we’re offering this information as yet another excellent location for your to experience your camping adventure. Ocean camping is a fantastic adventure that can be enjoyed by all, young or old. Everyone in your party can find the activity that appeals to them.

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