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Why Should I Consider an Instant Cabin Tent For My Next Family Camping Trip?

Tent camping can be a fantastic Adventure. It allows you to reconnect with your family and nature and get the relaxing time that you desperately need and a great way to relax in these stressful times. There are many ways to enjoy tent camping in many different styles of tents.

Each style of tent has its own advantages and disadvantages. For some, a dome tent may be the perfect choice for that family outing, while for others, a cabin tent will offer you essential items such as headroom and room dividers.

Today we're going to take a closer look at the instant cabin tent. The Instant Cabin Tent is a new and improved version of the cabin tent, which has been an essential part of camping for years. This style of tent is not only easy to set up but can also offer you the most amount of usable space for your family and pets.

Why should you choose an instant cabin tent? There are many reasons, such as ease of setup. With flexible pricing and so many amenities, let's look at this flexible, easy setup tent's top features.

  • Easy Set up under 5 minutes

  • Greatest Amount of Useable Space

  • Improved headroom over other styles of Tents

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Many Amenities to Consider.

These topics combined help make the Instant Set Up Cabin Tent the perfect choice for you and your family on your first or next camping adventure. With this in mind, let's tackle each of these topics so you can understand why they might apply to you and your family.

Is the Instant Cabin Tent truly easy to setup?

The answer is yes. It will take only 5 minutes to set up this large family tent. One person can perform it. However, two persons will put less stress on the tent components. The easy to assemble design includes a structure where the tent poles are pre-installed so that you only need to slide them up and into a locked position.

This setup is easily performed instantly will, therefore, significantly reduces the stress of setting your campsite up no matter the time of day or the weather. This tent format may weigh slightly more than other tents' styles, but the instant set up design outweighs this fact.

Are Room Dividers in the Tent really that useful?

Room dividers are the perfect method to make efficient use of all space within the tent.

These dividers are usually a thin sheet of material that is hung from the ceiling of the tent. Some cabin tents will range from 1 to 3 dividers giving you a maximum number of four rooms in your tent.

From this point, you can use this space for many different functions. You can set them up bedrooms for you and the children, create a children's playroom or a special place for your pet. You may even want one of these rooms to be a dining room with a table and chairs, a place to eat and relax when the weather is terrible.

Is the headroom in an Instant Set Up Cabin Tent worth the price?

Increased headroom can undoubtedly have a positive effect on your time inside your tent. The Instant Cabin Tent allows 6 feet or more of ceiling height. This height can be beneficial to any who is over 6 feet tall or especially campers with back issues.

You are no more hunching over when you are inside your tent. Now you can stand up straight and stretch that back. The added comfort is a definite plus, even if you are under 6 feet.

Flexible pricing may be higher than some tents' styles, but you gain a lot of amenities and space.

Yes, the ability to set your cabin tent up in under 5 Minutes will cost you extra. In my opinion, you can still find an Instant Cabin Tent that provides you with quality and durability, but even at an affordable price.

Prices can range from $150 up to over $400, depending on the size and amenities that are included with your new Instant Cabin Tent.

Our top pick in this category is the Core 12 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tent. This tent is not only an easy setup Instant Tent, but it also provides you lighting and a fan to keep you cool. This tent is also rated for 12 persons so that you can fit a party of ten comfortably inside this massive tent.

What amenities can I expect in my Instant Cabin Tent?

These cabin tents will not only be able to be set up in under 5 minutes but offer you a slew of perks and features to improve your comfort inside your tent.

Items such as room dividers can break the tent's interior space into efficient, usable areas for you and your family to enjoy your time in the tent.

Other perks include gear lofts and pockets to help you stay organized. These pockets allow you to organize your essential gear and keep them dry and away from water.

You will even see Instant Cabin Tents that supply you with interior lighting and a fan for ventilation. These items even offer a switch at the entrance to the tent for your convenience.

Please go through the amenities for any of the tents you are considering and compare them. This comparison will help you to decide which tent is to your liking.

Again, our choice is the Core 12 Lighted Instant Cabin Tent. Here, you will get three-room dividers that allow you four separate areas inside your tent. Additionally, you get gear lofts, gear pockets, two entry doors, and even a central light with the main entry switch.

As you can see, with all these features, the instant setup tent it's a great option for that family camping Adventure. You not only have space, but you also have the ability to divide the space up for multiple uses. Having that particular area to play games or eat lunch while it's raining outside is not always available and some other tents' styles.

To my family, this was the most significant perk to the Cabin Tent. The ability to spread out when you are stuck inside the tent during poor weather is a perfect advantage. Then, the ability to set your tent up in under five minutes is frosting on the cake.

While the instant set up tent might be slightly more expensive than other cabin tents or Dome tents, you certainly gain a lot of usable space and headroom, not to mention the flexibility of specific areas within the tent. This design can lead you and your family to the best camping experience you've ever had while reconnecting with each other and nature.

We are Family Tents Pro. Our goal here is to give you the knowledge and insight to purchase the best tent for your family tenting adventure. The Instant Set Up Cabin Tent is a great choice and will offer your years of enjoyment.

Also, we have more information on our website at www.familytentspro.com. Here you will find top lists, product reviews, and even educational articles to improve your tenting adventures. Head over and see what information can help.

Finally, we may earn a small commission when you purchase through any of our affiliate links.

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